Terrific Tuesday Travails Tended To Test The Temper!

Last Update: Mar 21, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Another good nights sleep, and then I woke up quite refreshed! As soon as I was up, I jumped right into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to get my new day started in the right direction.

Without starting the day in the proper way, it just not go as well as I wanted it too, it seems.

Kitty popped in for a moment to assist too! That is always appreciated! She did seem a bit stand-offish though.

Our weather is at 42 degrees right now, but it is quite cloudy. I decided that it was time to take some images of the new day too. This also includes the title image.

Hopefully, the weather will improve for the day. We shall see!

You never know about Kansas weather.

Then came one more shot of the new morning.

OOPS, along came Humphrey to photo-bomb the last image. Why am I not surprised?

We have temps in the mid-40s right now, but it is doubtful that the sun will show up today, but we shall see. Anything can happen with Kansas weather.

I have just caught a few rural firehouse to re-key for the county, so this will likely eat up the lion's share of my afternoon. There will be several miles driven, and it is unlikely that all of this will be accomplished today.

I will meet with the assistant fire chief at around 1 pm.

Throughout all of this, I have still managed to get some more writing done in my second story in Kindle Vella. I have also designed the cover for the second story, as well!

This will consist of the entirety of the Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day!

1 pm rolled around quickly, and the rest of this post will likely document my travels for these potential locksmith jobs.

Nevertheless, I am determined to make this a very productive day!

I finally left the eBay house on my way to the Emergency management center for Geary County.

The day was still overcast, but was nearing 60 degrees, so the drive was uneventful.

I arrived there on time, and a few minutes later, I was following the rural fire chief to one of two the new fire stations.

It was so new, there were no directions to it!

Here I was at the first two bay rural firehouse. That was done in short order, and then I knew my way back and the location of the second new, three bay firehouse.

About 20 minutes later, I was at the second of the new firehouses. This was just after 2 pm.

This was about the time that my buddy, Kevin called me on his way to work. I chatted with him while I was re-keying this door to their key.

When that was finished about 20 minutes later, I headed back into town.

That was accomplished without incident. I refueled in town, headed over to the locksmith shop house, so that I could see if I had a lever lock body for one of the old firehouses that has a malfunctioning lock.

Tomorrow, I will head out east to go look at that one, so we shall see how that goes.

Then, I finally arrived back at the eBay house to get this blog post posted, and then the rest of the evening will be spent on the phone, computer, and on writing.

Back at the eBay house, here is one final image of the day! There was no change in the weather, but the temps were still nice.

I also received another call form Enerprise Rental Car about installing a wall safe. I told the guy I would go take a look tomorrow and let him know yea or nay!

I must say that today was a very productive day!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Morning Jeff. I too like a good start to my day and a good finish. Having a coffee and reading your blog ensures a good start. Being a FIRST RESPONDER is not a good finish to my day as this gets me arrested for money laundering heheh.

I thought Humprey might photobomb you on Tuesday's blog. I don't why I thought this but I turned out to be right - strange that!

Have a great day.


I thought of a good niche for you Paul~ COMEDY!!!

I shall volunteer to be the one to prompt laughters with your every line (funny or NOT)


Heheh Maria. I tried the comedy and witty one-liners niche but it failed - no one laughed at my jokes and I was booed off stage.

However, things are moving with my chosen niche at a fast rate. I have paid a professional website company in the UK to design the site and it should be ready to launch in a few weeks. I have done my research and am very excited about this project - that's always a good sign to have that sense of excitement. It's a complete turnaround from my first idea of the eco niche and the time spent on that was wasted. I'm keeping the idea under wraps for now but watch this space ;-)


Oh yeah ! I remembered your niche, and we even had few battling ideas on interior design of some sort! πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Έ

We always are battling on ideas! 🀨🀨 I don’t know what’s wrong with you? You always have to say, β€œWow, that’s well thought of dear! Very nice dear”

That’s how to treat a lady! Let me give you some 101 sessions before you take your lady out for dinner date again!

But hey , you can’t! You’re in jail!! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Heheh Maria. I'll need more than 101 sessions before I take my Princess out for dinner again to get it 100% right. You know what us men are like!

I'll make a start straight away. That's a very good idea dear.


Very well now! What a quick learner!🀭

You better do everything right this time, as I can’t wait to go to another friend’s wedding, as it has been awhile!

Got my outfit ready ! πŸ‘’πŸ‘—πŸ‘’

He almost never fasils to show up, but there has been a time ot two, Paul!

Have another Great day! I will be busy with more locksmith work today too!


Have a great day to Jeff.

Lunchtime soon then an hour off the computer to chill. 5 am start for me today - so much to do!


I will, Paul--you too!

There is never a dull moment.


Happy you're getting some work. That is always helpful. Send some Spring weather out here wouldya? 48f now with 50 mph + winds and rain! And they said it wouldn't be so bad. Fibbers!

Blew down a dead orange tree we used to tie up prayer flags to. My yard is a disaster. Normally we are planting all the seeds, seedlings, and starter plants. This rain won't give me a break to clear out last year's vegetables.

Oh well. This weekend they say all sunny high 57 so you know where I will be. Albeit, a late start but not too late. We are still under a flood watch... again.

The wind is the main problem. I had to throw away another umbrella that was supposedly windproof. They just don't make stuff like they used to. What happened to made in the USA?

Happy Hump days eve.

I've sent some to you, David, but not sure if it will be delivered, my friend! I'm certain that you guys would like some relief though!

Hopefully the weather will improve for you all soon, otherwise, it might set you back a bit on the scheduling! Hopefully, the flood will be kept at bay!

No, sadly, they don't make anything like they used to, and sadly it costs double and triple what it used to cost.

Enjoy your Hump Day's Eve, and your Hump day tomorrow!


sounds like a very good day for you Jeff. keep well my friend

It certainly was, Dale! I hope all is well, my friend!


Hi Jeff, yes getting better. Monday, bed. Tuesday, working from home but very inactive day for me. Today, starting to eat again which is brilliant. I haven't been for a ride in 3 days, so my body (and back) is not liking it. I'll go for a ride tomorrow and really just enjoy the exercise and getting some fresh air. Bless you my friend!

I am very glad to hear that you are getting better, Dale! Soon you'll be riding again! God Bless you!




Great to hear that you picked up a few paying jobs Jeffrey!

Can't complain about the weather there either, it looks like OMW has backed off into his lair...

He certainly has here.. we were sunny for the most part and probably hit the mid 70's!!

Take care buddy and enjoy the rest of your day!


I feel the same way, Nick! Spring is here now--with a few hiccuups!


Lets just hope that OWS doesn't arrive too soon now with all of her vengeance and potency my friend!!


I know because she always wreaks havoc at the beginning, Nick!


She wreaks havoc for three straight months here Jeffrey!

Enjoy the rest of your HUMP day my friend!


I can't even imagine, Nick!

I will enjoy the rest of my Hump day to the fullest!


It's even worse when there are two of them at it Jeff!!

I'm happy to hear that my friend!!


I can only imagine, Nick! πŸ™„

Have a pleasant evening!


OWS and the PSIL together for months on end, you CAN only imagine buddy!!

You too Jeffrey!


It certainly does not sound very pleasant. Nick! 😫


Certainly not my friend...

But it is what it is!!


Yes, indeed!


Sounds good. Sounds like it got better for you. How are the dogs? I miss them is it a hard adjustment for you being without them? Kids enjoying them back. I hope to hear from Monica today.

I don't have any new images of them from Samantha yet, Brenda, but the way Monica talks, all is well for them over there! I am quite pleased!

I talked to Monica a few times this morning, and I will likely hear from her again this evening!


Good night.

Sleep well, Brenda!


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