Tepid Thursday Toil

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Another long evening on the computer, and a long conversation with my mother was followed up with some very good sleep for the rest of the evening, even though, for some reason I was having a severe backache.

Once I finally got up to face the new rainy day, I was able to stretch and get some of the kinks out of my back. I truly hope that continues. Anyone who experiences backaches knows what I am talking about.

Any way, I got the morning tasks taken care of, and then it was into the morning news feeds, as well as the morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

That definitely spurs the new day onto bigger and better things, as well. Kitty decided to remain in bed for the time being. (Smart Cat!)

Since I got that foray done in short order, I ventured outside, and captured some images of the rainy day too.

It was in the low 60s at the time. It looks like another wet Frisatsu is coming up again. I suppose that I am growing accustomed to this for the moment.

I have been waiting for the locks I ordered to arrive today, instead of next week, so I am keeping an eye out for those too,

When I ventured back outside, the weather was suddenly like night and day! The Sun had broken through the cloud veil surprisingly! Welcome to Kansas weather again. There is never a dull moment with that. (It could start raining in the afternoon too, so we never know.)

I was totally not surprised though. It was 66 degrees at that time. Who knows? It might rain again, as well. All in all, it will be a good day no matter what!

With the weather's improvement, I might venture out later and see what I can get done.

I just dove into more work, and when I ventured outside again, I was quite surprised by the sudden change in the weather, although, I shouldn't have been! It still seemed to be holding fast.

Then, I was now waiting for the lock order that I had placed the other day. That one has still not been delivered yet!

About that time, Monica called me, and her and I have been been talking to her for a little while. We have been on the phone for quite some time--I absolutely loved it! (over 2 hours and counting!) I finally let her go for the time being since there were still things that I needed to do.

I enjoyed talking to her though!

Finally, a couple of hours late, I got the locks that I had ordered! Better late than never!

I was glad to have those in hand. Since they arrived later in the day, depending upon the weather tomorrow, I will go finish up that job that I have been planning to finished. That was definitely a positive development for sure.

Once I had those in my possession, I also tried to take a look at one of my websites, as well.

I think that it went alright, all things considered. There is still much more that I need to do though. I will get there eventually though.

The rest of the day will be spent putting the post together, and then, once, it is dropped, I will still be on the computer for quite some time! It has been one of those kinds of days! We all have those!

The sun has still been out, and everything is still looking GREAT!

There has been a lot of exciting days going on today! We need to always celebrate those days!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS and Kitty

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Haaa! Made it back to planet earth, Jeff. I've not been to good this week with this damned cancer. Sorry I've missed some of your posts.
Those doorknobs reminded me of when I've been trying to fix a problem knowing I've got just the thing in the lock-up --- somewhere. And its always the last place to look.
I'm guessing 66 degrees is warm. nick did tell me how to convert it, but I've lost the plot again.
Those trees look really good now. I'm a real fan of May as everything bursts into life.
Take care old pal.

Thanks, Bux! I hope that cancer thing can take a break for you pretty soon. You will be in my continued prayers, my friend!

Just keep enjoying the show for as long as you can, my friend!

Jeff ๐Ÿ™

Oh yes indeed Jeff. Iโ€™m not lying down yet.

We never know when any of us will lie down never to get up again! One day at a time, Bux!


Every day is a bonus.
Look after yourself Jeff.

You are right, Bux!

I will look after myself!


Yet another non-stop day full of productivity Jeff!

It's actually been nice and sunny here all day and no rain for a change!

It's another Frisatsumo here again... May is a great month, there are about five public holidays in it!!

Enjoy the start to your Frisatsu my friend!


Glad you get those holidays, Nick! Not so much ere, but enjoy it anyway!


France is pretty good on public holidays all in all Jeff....

Just a shame about everything else here!!

I'll enjoy it to the fullest my friend... no worries there!!


What I like about French holidays is that they stick to the date. None of this moving celebration days three weeks this way, or adding May holidays to the August ones.
Hope you are well my friend.

Sounds awesome, Nick!


Great to hear from you again Bux... I was wondering where you have been actually... I hope all is well??

I love that about the holidays here as well and May is generally the best month for them!!

Especially this year as they all fall on weekdays I believe!

Take care buddy and enjoy the rest of your Saturday! :-)

Indeed Jeffrey!!


Thanks for the thoughts Nick.
Had a little slide back health wise last week, but these things happen. just needed a few days to fight back and now back in top form and feeling really good. This little c is not beating me,. Personally, I think I did a tad too much exercise that week, too ambitious, and just burnt myself out. Live and learn, as they say.
Saturday was a good day, as was Friday. Some good company, always nice.
Make the most of your holidays and I haven't forgotten about Nice hints.

Happy to hear you are back on top form Bux, but take things easy ok!

Just the three days of work this week then we head down to Spain for three weeks on Saturday for the first poolside barbie vacation of the season!

I'll need those Nice hints by the start of August!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend buddy! :-)

They will be done this week Nick. Promise. The previous two weeks were a wipe out for me. Feeling good now and a reminder is in my diary to sort you out this week.
A great day out today, I was hoping I might be making two cups of tea in the morning but its going to be just the one. Oh well.
Look after yourself.

No rush Bux, plenty of time left yet!

Happy to hear that you are feeling much better now, but.... what have I told you before about attracting lady friends??

Go for the Champagne route and not the mug of tea!!!

Maybe next time buddy!!


Champagne it will be then. I'll bin the Typhoo.
Keep me on track, buddy.
Have yourself a super week.

Keep the Typhoo for the mornings Bux, but... I always found having a nice chilled bottle of Bollinger or a Dom Pรฉrignon handy, improved the chances considerably of seeing two glasses in the morning!!!

I'll keep you on track buddy!!


That's what friends are for, thank you.
Will a John Smith's cut it or do I need to up my game.

just putting some notes together for you.

They are indeed Bux and you're most welcome!

Mmmm??? Personally, I recommend upping your game a bit buddy!!


Okey dokey. No expence spared this weekend.
Hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

Go for it Bux!!

And I am actually as it's not too hot, low to mid 70's F is fine for me!!


That champagne will be in the fridge by Friday.
Musgrove again on Friday, too, just for a check-up.
Cooler today with very light rain. Its good for the plants.

Hope the check up goes well buddy and all of us need water in order to survive!! :-)

So true Nick.
I'm feeling good about the check-up - and the champagne.

Happy to hear that Bux! :-)

Hope your back feels better soon, Jeff! That's certainly no fun indeed. Glad you were able to have some great conversation with M. How's your mom doing these days. Enjoy the rest of your evening! You know what time it is...lol.

Susan ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ˜ด

I feel a lot better, Susan! I don't know what happened!

I talked to both Monica, and my Mother. so I guess it was better at the end of the day!

I will sleep very well tonight!

Sleep well tonight!


That's good, Jeff on all fronts! Hope you slept well. Have a great day!

I did, indeed, Susan!

Happy Frisatsu!


Hello and Good Evening my friend. Sounds like your Thursday turned out ok. Mine was very good. I took today and tomorrow off as "Mental Health" days from work so I can spend some time with my wife which is always a good thing.
Enjoy the night and Have a Great Friday Sir!

Enjoy yourself to the fullest, Chuck! We will catch you on the other side!


Ah, yes, the good old backache. I had one of those last week too, but fortunately it's gone.

Glad you had such a quality talk with Monica. I had a good talk, today, as well. Went to visit my son. He and a friend are building a shelter for some other family members who will be arriving in a couple of weeks. I was surprised and delighted to notice the difference in David's attitude since he's now officially retired. He's so much more light-hearted, and the good-natured happy guy he used to be. Glad he's been able to shed that high-tension-producing job at last. He'll live longer.

Me, I've had a good day. Had to get a Medicare yearly medical exam and am delighted at how well I did...I'm doing very well for 85! So pleased...

That is totally awesome, Fran,

My mom is slowly but surely settling into Alaska! She lives in Wasilla!

I hope you keep doing quite well there.

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