Tedious Tuesday Toils.

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Not much activity last night after I wearied on my computer time and prepared to go to bed,

It was after that I was in bed when Monica called me. We talked for about 30 minutes, and she sent me the image of Tig-Tig, who was was my WA writing assistant when I lived with her back in 2020, and a little in 2021.

Here is one of the older pictures of her when I did live at our house back in 2020.

She was something else, but Monica got rid of her when she got that German Shepherd puppy over 4 years ago for her petulant oldest daughter's whims. (That is Godtilla for people who have not read my earlier blog posts.)

I let her go soon after that, as I was quickly running out of steam for the evening. She agreed.

It took me a while to get back to sleep, but I finally managed too. No matter what, I still got some rest in the end.

When I woke up in the morning, I got right down to business on some of the new tasks today.

Before I got too far on the computer, I captured some images of the new day.

We were in high 60s at the time. Then it was back inside to get the show on the road, so to speak.

I worked on the computer for a couple of hours, in the news feeds, and also the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

When those tasks were accomplished for the morning, I then decided to take a nap.

That was also where I found Kitty waiting for me too.

I still have tasks out and about in town to attend to, as well.

Those include a trip to the bank, and a trip to the locksmith shop house too. There might be some unforeseen errands too, so I'll have t make the best of that time too.

The nap refreshed me enough to do that. Hopefully everything will progress smoothly this afternoon, so we shall see.

I captured a couple of images of the early afternoon overcast change. After that, it was time to leave.

First, I headed to the bank, because I needed to make certain there was more money in the bank.

After that, I was headed to the locksmith shop house to check on things.

Overcast everywhere, it seemed, as I drove through town at that time.

Everything mostly seemed in order over there, so that was very good.

Then there was the drive back into the business district. I had some things to pick up there, as well!

From there, I stopped at a couple of places before heading back home.

The trip back went smoothly. Once back there, I have been dealing with a few more issues on the phone, but another nap might be forthcoming.

I get so tired of being pulled in all directions these past few months. I contacted the insurance company, and that seems to be all good for right now too.

Tommy Williams showed up, and we will be occupied for a while at the guzzle table!

This post drops now, and I will be back later in the evening!

I will be on the computer for quite some time again, as usual!

Everyone please keep succeeding! That is the only way we can keep moving forward to our goals!

I will be back later!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Sounds like another very productive day in the end Jeff!!

Enjoy your HUMP day my friend!!!


The whole week has been so far, Nick!

Enjoy yours!


Great to hear buddy... mine has been well.... pretty relaxing, might knock out the last poolside barbie later or maybe I will just go to sleep!!

In a restaurant on the beach at the moment but back to the house soon!!


Keep enjoying it, Nick!


Back home tomorrow Jeff... where does three weeks go my friend??


Where do they go, Nick? FAST is where~ 😎🍺

Damn right it's FAST Jeff!!


Yep! That's why I don't do them! πŸ˜ŽπŸΊπŸ‘


It’s so nice to see Tig-Tig again, Jeff! She looks just like my cat. Sounds like you’ve had a busy day. There is always so much to do and so little time. I hope you’re having a great evening!

Susan 🐢😹🐢😴

I remember when I had one of the computers over there, and she would watch intently when I was writing or blogging, Susan!

I was at the Guzzle table for a good portion of the evening!

Jeff 😴🐢😹🐢

I forgot all about Tig! The third wheel to the blog dogs! I'm assuming you still have her on the payroll, Jeff.

Happy Hump Day Eve! 😎🐢😹🐢

Isaiah 😊

I will soon again, Isaiah!

I am just glad to see her back!

Enjoy your HUMP Day!🐫


Tig! Tig! Long time no see. :-)


I know that is crazy, Mel!


Ahh Guzzle table time is a good time. Enjoy my friend.

I was quite surprise by it, Chuck! We got a lot discussed, s that was GREAT! Hope you had a GREAT day!


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