Surprisingly Supremely Superb Saturday!

Last Update: Feb 5, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I did not wake up this morning until just shy of 9 am! Wow!

When I was invigorated, I immediately took care of all the furry assistants first and foremost. After that, I determine--after a phone call from Monica--that we were going to be having some very warm weather over the next couple of days.

That sure put a heightened "Spring" in my step. I continued to work within the Wealthy Affiliate Community afterwards, since that is how I roll!

Kitty even popped in for a brief moment too!

Even without any real help from the Furry assistants. They are entitled to a day off every once in a while!

I had already had a few phone calls throughout the morning, but I must admit that the best ones that I had were from Monica! (There have been several!)

This post might post a little later tonight than usual since I also have a couple of very important errands to run.

When I did venture outside, it was still overcast for the most part, but, there was no arguing that we were in the 50s temperature-wise. I decided to capture a few images of the day anyway. (This includes the cover image).

Even though the sun had sporadic ventures into the day, it was still quite warm for this time of year!

I was quite surprised by the turn of events here in the weather. I will take this for as long as I can.

Then it was time to go in and see what the Blog Dogs were doing. I have left the main door to the eBay house open for most of the day.

They were dancing around on their beloved ottoman. You can see that the main door to the house is open. That's how warm it was today, and it is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow!

I managed to FINISH my Kindle Vella Episode #10! Yay! All I have to do is proofread, and then I hope to have it published tomorrow!

I am racking my brain to figure out the next long overdue blog post on my book promotion website next. This will likely be the bulk of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day! What can I say? Sometimes, I am a turtle when it comes to doing some of this. Slow and easy wins the race though, in my book!

It wasn't long before my buddy, Kevin called me on his way to work at the railroad up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and we had a wonderful chat too!

He'll also call me on his way home from work, and that will be the precursor for me to go to bed!

Then it was time for me to feed the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day too.

They were more than ready for it this time around. Time has seemed to have gotten away from me today.

I did not get to go shop for a new cell phone today because an associate of mine called me and gave me a number to program into my phone of someone who might be interested in my warehouse property.

It wasn't long after that when the guy called, and I met he and his wife at the warehouse property.

The drive over there was quite pleasant since the sun decided to come fully out for a change.

We met shortly thereafter, and I gave them a tour of the main building. I discovered that the building had been broken into, and the guy I was meeting helped me fix the damage to the entryway.

We had a Great discussion and bounced some ideas off of each other. Further talks will be forthcoming in the Spring. They were some great people (He just retired from the Army, and they are both originally from Kansas.)

As I was leaving, I captured an image of the warehouse. There might be some back and forth on this in the future, so we shall see.

When I arrived back at the eBay house, I sat in the truck and talked to Monica some more. Then it was time to go inside and eat since I had not eaten all day!

The stew turned out to be truly delicious after I added some more ingredients to it earlier in the day!

The rest of the evening will be spent on various tasks on the computer, as usual!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


That stew looked good.......Monica didn't do least the leg can it was warmer than the last two days but it was still cold friend was running some errands and so I did some groceries on his path.......brrrr!!!! Now this week will be warmer after tomorrow......take care

Thanks, Antonietta! It tastes good too.

I guess her leg was tired, it is her decision! We have been experiencing some great weather for the moment, so I cannot complain. I'm glad to hear that warmer weather is headed your way! Take care!


Great to hear that some warm weather is heading your way, Jeff!

That stew looks like you might have added a little chilli to it.

I hope that you're still getting rested up for the Super Bowl next weekend! 🏈 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊

It started yesterday, Isaiah! I am glad to have a few days of it for sure!

Stoked for the Super Bowl, seven days away! 🐶😹🐶🏈

Better image of the dish today in my post--no chili this time!


I am glad that it has warmed up for you (yesterday), and that everything is going well. :D

What is that old red and white pickup four pictures up from here? Ford? Chevy? What? and is it yours? Are you holding out on me again, Jeff? 👿😁🤪

Good Luck on selling the warehouse property.

It is about 42 here this Sunday morning, the sun is shining. It is nice. 😁

Blessed Be


Me too, Jd! That is Sylvester's truck, and hopefully soon, it will be going away.

He is still squatting on the property after repeatedly being told not to.

We just had talks. The offer was not good enough considering I have a lot of stuff stored there. This was just an initial meeting, nothing more.

We are at 33 and Sunny right now, headed to the low 60s. We'll see if we make it there!

Have an excellent Sunday!


I hope yours was good, Jeff. :)

Clearing notifications then signing off.

Just finished supper. I made Meatloaf, heated up the potato soup, some green beans, and store-bought rolls. It was all good.

Goodnight my friend.

Blessed Be


It was, indeed, JD! Same to you, my friend! Your supper sounds GREAT!

Sleep well!


:) 😴


Now that does sound like a fantastic day Jeffrey!

And up into the 50's again?? Has OMW given up early this year???

Have a nice relaxing Sunday portion my friend!


I doubt that OMW has given up, but we are supposed to be in thew 60s to day and tomorrow, so I'll take everything that I can get!

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday portion, as well!


Me either buddy, but 60's!!

We have managed to hit the low 40 mark the last few days and I certainly take that!

Not so much a relaxing day here, but an early night will definitely be taken my friend!

I am very happy, indeed, Nick! Believe it or not, we are at 68 degrees right now!


68?? That is summer temperatures my friend!

Long may it last!


I know, right, Nick!

I hope it lasts the rest of the way, but I know that it won't!


I hope it does as well my friend, but....!!


Me too, Nick! I know it won't though! You DID see that I got some real bacon, right?


I think OMW is just toying with us right now Jeff!

And I did indeed on your latest blog buddy!

What are you going to do with it is my question.... and don't just say "eat it"!!!


I believe so too, Nick! 🥶

I will use it on burgers, etc., Nick!


That's a great plan Jeff, I was going to advise you to save some for when you whip up another of your waffle burgers!


I have plenty now, Nick! There will be some for the next waffle burger!

Good things come to those who wait!


They do indeed my friend!!


No argument here, Nick!




Hi Jeff,
I have no idea what the weather is like in your place anymore, some write about spring and that it has warmed up.
I am freezing, a cold wind is blowing, it seems to me that it will still be winter for at least another month.
In addition to all that, I got a message this morning that I'm lazy for not getting out of bed before nine. It's not fair, I'm not lazy, I just didn't feel like getting out of a warm bed. I guess I can also relax and rest a bit?

Everything sounds right with you.
You finish everything on time, great!
It is wonderful that there is regular communication with Monika.
The dish you pictured looks nice, yum yum.

Enjoy, best regards, Slavka 👋 🐾🐾🐈‍⬛🐾🐾

Who sent you that message Slavka?

Saying you are lazy is not right ;-)


You're not lazy, Slavka! It's a Sunday and the weather is chilly, besides, it's a day of rest!

I was happy with how the stew came out and got a few thigs done. I'd always love to get more done though. We shall see what today brings! You have a Great day too!


Hey Jeff
I think the blog dogs are on a permanent frisatsu😅
So glad it’s getting warmer for you guys I have seen these hectic winter you having on the global news reports. Sounds like your day was restful yet productive and wish the rest of your frisatsu follows suit🌺

I hope that it says warm, Janine, but I am sure that there will be more cold weather coming!


I say “Love is in the air” my friend, with the more frequent conversations💕 happening!
What do you think? ????

You still got a lot done considering!
I think we both woke up at the same time! And just like you, WA is the first thing I check after my morning routines, and I was totally surprised with the shuffle that transpired in the WA structure! And now I am in rank #16!
Was not expecting that. Was not even expecting my self to be in the ambassador line up at this early part of my WA membership. But I am honored and grateful!
My main focus right now is doubling up my post production in my website and monetizing them. I wanted to qualify to be in the Mediavine, but I know it’s a long time for me to get there!
I was just doing my response to you at work as I am on my break right now! Things had been really crazy busy!
But it’s good! It gets my blood warmed up and am getting my workout with so much walking to and fro!

Haha! I have taken so much space in your blog! I thought I was doing my WA blog! Oops! ????????

Anyway, have a pleasant evening, which I guess you must be 😴 by now!

Goodnight Jeff 💤

Maria 🌹

I'm only thinking that we are still friends, Maria! I am not going to get my hopes up for anything. Just taking things one day at a time.

That is the only way to stay caught up is by making it a routine. It seems you have that habit figured out, my friend!

Good on you for the new rank. You are definitely active within the community.

I've got to get busy on my site again too. There has simply been too many things hitting me from all sides lately, so I just do what I enjoy right now.

It definitely sounds like you are on the right track, my friend.

Keep succeeding!

Sleep well, my friend!


Hey Jeff, I can’t sleep! Am at work! 😂

Alright, don’t get your hopes too high, but I see some encouraging signs! But we’ll let time be the one to sort it out!

I keep doing it (keep writing, as Kyle advised us to do), not wanting the momentum to go.

Well, you seem to have a lot in your plate right now!

Are you planning to do “Always an ambassador, Never a millionaire!” book?
That will be a best seller!!!

Go to sleep Jeff! This will cause you to wake up late again!

Goodnight 💤😴

Oh okay! Well don't weork too hard, Maria! I am in bed now,

Take care of yourself and don't lose momentum. I have the title for that book written down.--Catchy one you came up with!

I will very soon, I think!


I have the feeling it will be a bestseller!!!

Don’t worry about my commission, I’ll get it later! 😂

Go to sleep 😴💤

Let's hope so, Maria! I am thinking on it!

I slept very well, thank you!



I trust that you are having a GREAT day, Maria!


Ahahaha 😂 I am not working tonight Jeff! We had a chaotic evening last night! Was able to save lives! But boy , that’s a challenge last night ! I had a six hour workout 🏋️‍♀️ !!!!

I am off tonight, and will be writing later on!

How’s your day going Jeff?

I'm very glad to hear that, Maria! For all that you do, you definitely deserve a day off!

I hope you write some great stuff, my friend!

My day flew by, but I cannot complain about it!


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