Supremely Superb & Super Saturday Sojourns Seemed So Satisfying!

Last Update: Mar 26, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept very well again last night, which was a Great thing! I knew Monica had to be at work at 6 am today, so I wasn't expecting an early call from her.

I brewed some coffee and then got right to work in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. This is almost always how I start each new day. I just feel that it sets the tone going forward!

Kitty seemed to agree with this assessment, since she wandered in to assist for a few moments. She was gone a few minutes later, of course.

Monica called me from work a few minutes before I was finishing up the morning foray in the WAC. We talked for the duration of her break, and I am sure she will call me later too.

I decided when I got done that it was time to capture some images of the new day, since, surprisingly, the sun decided to appear early today. This includes the title image.

We were approaching 50 degrees at that point.

The day was truly beautiful!

I truly could not ask for more.

If the day keeps progressing the way that it is, that will be totally Great.

When I went back inside the house, I knew that it was time to make myself some breakfast.

This is what I came up with--waffles and eggs. There is shredded cheese and bacon bit with seasoning on the inside of those omelet halves.

I do have a locksmith job to do in a little while, but I started Episode #2 in my Second Kindle Vella story anyway.

This will likely be all of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day, although, if time permits, I will write another post of my book promotion website too!

I plan on looking at the Kansas State Basketball game later too, depending on how the day continues.

I'll likely talk to my buddy, Kevin when he calls me on his way to the railroad, and then I'll capture some images of the day at that time too.

He ended up calling me while I was on the liquor store job.

I was glad to get that accomplished in short order!

We definitely had some wonderful weather today! I cannot complain! My mother was also trying to call me at this time! I did respond to her and told her that I would call her back! That took a while, but we finally got to converse for over half an hour.

I talked to Kevin for about half an hour, and then, I called my mother back and talked to her for half an hour too! All in all, I got most of the communication that I needed to get done.

I was very happy to have gotten this accomplished in short order!

All in all, it has been a very good day, indeed!

I spotted another Robin too! This was great too! It truly means that Spring has finally arrived!

I will get this post posted, and then I will work some more within the Wealthy Affiliate Community, as well as some other tasks today! I must admit that this has been an excellent Saturday! I could not expect anything more!

Of course, I will also get the second episode of my second Kindle Vella story launched too! I am quite excited with how this is all progressing.

I cannot believe that we have made it into the low 60s today! That really surprises me, but at the same time, reaffirms that Spring is here to stay!

I will soon be keeping track of Kansas State's run in the NCAA tournament, but I will also keep writing too!

I must admit that I am totally enjoying life right now, which is what we should all do!

The rest of the evening will be spent writing and floating around in the Wealthy Affiliate Community too!

Everyone keep enjoying the latest edition of Frisatsu



Jeff, the Blog Dogs, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hey Jeff,

It's better than the newspaper...Something that is real and true!

Mind you I don't read or listen to that garbage and haven't done for a number of years now.

If we managed to get 50 degrees in this country which incidentally is an impossibility we are "very luck" if it ever gets close to 30.

It looks like a very quiet neighbourhood.

Do you get Wrens over there?

Have a nice day.


I must agree with you, Mick! The news in many areas is so irrelevant now.

There are many things that I don't pay any attention to anymore either. Life is too short.

It is for the most part. There are certain times of the day where my street is congested with people going to and coming home form work, but other than that it remains peaceful.

I might have seen wren or two. Occasionally, there are Blue Jays, and a Cardinal once in a while. Then there are those pests, the Black Birds. I wish they would simply go away. I think they are the predominant ones here, even though the State Bird of Kansas is the Western Meadowlark.

Enjoy your day, my friend!


Morning Jeff.

It indeed looked like a lovely day in Kanus. It's the free things in life that make us happiest IMO. Nice weather and a walk-in-the-park sort of thing.

I too have a couple of Robins that I feed. They are both male and would usually fight but they get on well. They come and sit on my window ledge now waiting for me to feed them. A small bit of cheese is a feel treat for Robins and won't harm them as bread might.

Talking about cheese Jeff. I have TBH that your waffles didn't look very nice - I hope they tasted better than they looked ;-) The locksmith's job at the liquor sounds like a good one. I hope you kept a spare key so you can sneak back after dark and let yourself in to drink some free beer!


I thought they looked nice, Paul, and they tasted even better!😹

I don't feed the Robins anything. They seem to find all they need out there, but that would be a cool thing to do!

Haha, it's not worth the risk, Paul. Free beer does not sound too bad though! I've probably gotten a lot free from friends over the many years come to think of it.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Enjoy your Sunday too Jeff. Don't give up the chance of free beer though ;-)


Haha! Thanks, Paul, and I will never refuse free beer!


Hi, Jeff

I'm really happy that things are going your way these days! 👍👍😎

That's a great-looking breakfast! You made me hungry at almost 12:30 AM, so I'm heading to the fridge for my usual midnight snack! Lol! 🍗

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Haha! They seem to be, Frank! There are still many tasks that I will likely not accomplish this year, but that will catch up to me soon, but I tend to take life one day at time. It makes things much less overwhelming!

Enjoy the snack, my friend! Have an excellent Sunday!


Haha, Happy Sunday, Jeff!

Let’s enjoy our day of rest! 😎

Rock On!🤘
Frank 🎸

I certainly plan too, Frank!

Have a Rocking Sunday!


Great pictures! Good weather! Good breakfast! What a life Jeffoi!

Hope your mom is doing well! I miss my mom 😢

With the way things are going, you might be following the blog dogs and moving back with Monica, I think!

Enjoy the remainder of the day Jeffoi!

Maria 🌹

We shall see, Marioi! My mother is hanging in there!


How old is your mom Jeffoi?

She is 74, Marioi!

Oh ok! Thanks!

My mom passed at the age of 82, I think

Gosh, I miss her so! 🙏🏼

Take care of your mom Jeffoi!

I will do my best to do just that, Marioi!


Sounds like a fantastic day Jeffrey!

I do believe that OMW has gone back to his lair now...

Take care my friend and enjoy the rest of your Frisatsu!!


Hopefully, He has gone back to his lair, Nick!

I will definitely enjoy the rest of my Frisatsu!


I've no doubt that you will my friend!


Today has been slow, but I am getting a few things accomplished, so it is not bad! Hope your Sunday portion is going well!


There's nothing wrong with slow... especially on a Sunday Jeff!!

Another PSIL free weekend here, so all is going great my friend!


That is very surprising, and awesome, Nick! Keep enjoying it, you never know when that specter will raise it's head! 😳


Thanks buddy, but... I do know when the specter will raise it's head again...

That's why I have booked some flights to England hours before it arrives and I shall return just hours after its planned departure!!!


Haha! Well done, Nick!


Cheers buddy!!


Cheers, Nick!


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