Supremely Satisfying Sentient Saturday!

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I never got the information I reached out to Monica for, but I know that she has a LOT of stuff going on.

I did start a dish to eat a little bit enough last night, and tomorrow, I plan to more items to add additional ingredients to it tomorrow too.

After my job yesterday, I just got some more things done around the house before finally heading to bed a little later than usual.

I still managed to get up at 6 am this morning, and it felt chilly because it was! We were in the mid 30s at the time, indicative that Spring is still trying to gain some headway.

After my morning tasks were completed, I went into the office and got down to business on some of the news feeds, but also began the morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

The tone was being set for this Frisatsu Saturday. This is one where I just want to rest for the most part.

When I was essentially completed with the morning WAC run, I was planning to take a power nap.

I did capture two images of the gloomy weather though. It was in the low to mid 40s, but the wind was blowing too.

Then I added more ingredients to the dish from last night, and will let it slow cook while I am resting.

It should be ready to go by the time I wake up in a couple of hours.

A call and a text woke me up almost an hour later. The text was from Monica, and the call was from my website collaborator who I had not heard from for about 5-7 days. Both were welcome, though Kitty (above) did not seem enthused about.

Monica's text explained the injuries as she knows them right at the time:

Several broken ribs, a broken scapula, a fractured nose, a collapsed lung, and the blood clot in his head. I will continue praying for him! Thank all of you for your prayers too!

About 45 minutes later I went back to get on the computer!

There I got a little more work done.

It moves a little slower on a normal Frisatsu! Still, I can get some of it done, since the weather outside was still cloudy and chilly, and likely will be for the rest of the day too. It is a very good thing that I have all that I need so that I can remain home.

More than likely, the rest of my evening will be spent checking the evening news and the state of our world. Nevertheless, I still managed to get some other productive progress on getting a little organization done here in the house.

I also plan to enjoy some more of that meal that I put together, so that will keep the hunger pangs away.

Monica also finally called me to give me more information, and I am Happy to report that his kids got to go see him, riding with their step brother out to Topeka, Kansas which is where he had been life-flighted too. They are on their way back right now. As for their father, it will be touch and go.

I'll admit that the day has been going the way that I planned for it to be.

When this post drops soon, I will still be on the computer for a while.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Good to read about your day Jeff

I can see that you have some cooking skills.

Today is extremely cold here as well, we have freeze warnings all weekend. Next week it is supposed to warm up gradually again, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does.

Aussie my dog has been limping a little the past few days, so if he does not get over it I will need to make an appointment more likely with his vet.

Always something unexpected to take our money, (smile)


I'm very sorry to hear that, Jeff!

🀞🀞 That your dog will not need to go to the vet!


Sounds like a nice relaxing day Jeff, I didn't manage to get more than one nap in here today... but it did last for three hours!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday portion my friend!


My power nap lasted about two. The weather improved a bit, and then I ran quick errands and found out my one lawn was mowed last night, and the one and the house will be taken care of this afternoon.

Now back home for the duration of the day, that is fine by me!


Definitely can't argue with a quick two hour power nap Jeff!!

Your lawn was mowed at night??

Were you sleep-mowing?? 🀣🀣

Have a relaxing rest of the day buddy, I'm off to bed again soon for an early night!!


Three hours !!!!! That's a whole nights worth of sleep.
And you were hoping for two !!! Incredible.

In the evening, Nick, and even if it had been at night, there is a massive street light over there. What do I care, and moreover why do you care. It has been done.

I have a yard guy that handles all my properties!

Have a Great new week!


Send him over here Jeff, if he's cheaper than the one I use.

I would, Bux! If it was feasible!


Email him to me. I’ve got a lawnmower.
Enjoy the rest of Sunday

I will, Bux! Also the Post will be dropping soon too! Be on the lookout!


I can't complain Bux! I need to make the most of my free time while the wife is away!!



Have a great start to the new week as well Jeff!!


There is always something eating into our free time. Life is so unfair.
ha ha.
Have yourself a great week Nick. With or without loved one.

You too, Nick!


There is indeed Bux and it can be!!

I'm certainly having a great week so far buddy, I hope you do as well! :-)

Cheers Jeffrey!!


I’ll let you know tomorrow, the evening is early yet.

How did it go then Bux??

It didn't. Only one tea cup at the side of the bed this morning.
How are things in sunny Lyon. Good I hope.
Happy St Georges day.

But how many empty glasses/bottles of Champagne Bux??

All good here buddy, I am still enjoying my R&R time whilst I can!

Happy St Georges Day! :-)

In round figures, Nick, zero.
Compulsory R&R.
Lots of work done today and a couple of good walks. I might even burn the midnight oil for a while.
Look after yourself.

That is a very round figure Bux, but.... when burning the midnight oil I hope another better looking one shows up at your door though to share the Champagne!!

I've got a lot more done today than the last couple of days combined though!

R&R at its best!

Look after yourself as well buddy! :-)

Two teacups this morning, I had an evening visitor.

Righto, time to catch up now, before I run out of morning.
Hopefully I will have an hour or two in the Abbey park later.

Look after yourself Nick, keep that R&R level topped up.

That's great Bux, not a lady friend by chance?

Hope you had a nice time in the park and the wife should be back on Saturday so a bit more time to top up the R&R here!

Take care buddy! :-)

Yes, but I will be back to one tea cup tonight.
Enjoy your three or four days of doing as you please.
Meanwhile I will crack on with my stuff and catch up.

Well... I am sure you had a pleasant evening!

I will my friend and all the very best with your catch up! :-)

Its going well Nick. Getting lots done, although I wouldn't mind being disturbed again.
No, better not. I really must finish this video.
Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Get it finished buddy and then relax!

I've done what I set out to do today for a change... now it is time for more R&R whilst I can!!


And breath ... all today's targets done.
Time for a sleep.

Great going Bux! I've been a bit slack here today work wise, but.... extremely productive when it comes to R&R! :-)


Ha ha. You need to move that big fat Z button just a little further away. It sounds like its too easy to reach.
Anyway, what are slack days for, to show us just how busy we could have been. We don't want to get all the work done on time, do we.
Go get a nap.

Damn right Bux! And I am off for another VERY long nap for the night here right now!

Take care buddy!


Rest well buddy.

Hi Jeff.
I'm just catching up on your news after a hectic week.

Sorry to learn about the accident Jason was involved with. My prayers are with him for his healing and recovery.

Thoughts also with Monica and the kids. Glad they got to see him.

I hope your Sunday is a good day to end another Frisatsu.

Have a great week ahead too

Tracy 😎

No worries, Tracy!

Appreciate the sentiments. Monica's kids got to see him. She was at work, and since they have been divorced for almost a decade, that was all she was worried about!

Enjoy your upcoming new week too!

Jeff πŸ™

Glad you got more information from Monica on the state of the injuries.

Glad you were able to get some organization done. Sometimes the weather is that way so we get to do stuff inside!

We had snow last night. Not enough to stick or anything, but it did make driving home at midnight a bit of a challenge. Then all the coffee I drank at Perkins kept me up until 4:30 a.m. I got a lot done during those several hours of wakefulness!

Unfortunately I slept quite a bit this afternoon and now I have to get my work done for the newspaper.

Take care and I hope you have a wonderful end to your Frisatsu!


Awesome, Karin!

Thank you! Even though I am currently up this Sunday, I can already see that I might be back in bed before all is said and done!

Therefore, that will make for a very slow and easy Sunday!

Enjoy the rest of your Frisatsu too!

Jeff πŸ™

So sorry to learn of the happenings there, Jeff. M and the kids must be having a rough time. Sending prayers and hope he pulls through! Glad to hear your meal was satisfactory and your Frisatsu is unfolding well. Have a good evening!

Susan 🐢😹🐢

Monica wasn't too affected by it, but at least the kids got to go see their father in Topeka!

Your prayers are much appreciated.

I have essentially relaxed most of the day, which was my ultimate goal!

Enjoy your evening too! I hope you had a Great day!

I'll be hitting the hay soon!

Jeff 🐢😹🐢😴

That's good to hear, Jeff...I followed suit and had a restful day too, which was much needed. Might even do it again tomorrow.

Thanks and have a great evening too!

Susan 🐢😹🐢😴

Thanks, Susan!

I will likely follow suit since we might have a freeze tonight!

Sleep well!

Jeff 😴🐢😹🐢

Yes, it's supposed to dip below freezing here too. Had to bring in a few new spring plants tonight. Enjoy your leisurely snooze! Sleep tight!

Susan 😴🐢😹🐢

Wow! The weather patterns have been terrible!

Sleep is the only way that I can escape some of this mayhem!


Yes, it's all over the hail, snow showers, sun, cloud...bonkers.

I agree with you. Sleep is the only solace these days to escape! It's getting to be too much.


Supposedly a hard freeze last night.

I might go back to sleep in a couple of hours after I have been up this Sunday!

Sleep is the only solace right now!


Did you get much frost, Jeff? Hopefully not.

I concur πŸ’―...and a nap is definitely on the agenda for today. Must be a full moon soon as my kitty's antics kept me awake most of the night lol.

It definitely is!


Not that I could see by the time I walked out this morning, so that was a good thing, Susan!

How did you fare?

Funny you should say that about the cat. Kitty came in the office 4 times this morning!

Hope your Sunday is going well!

Jeff 🌞😹

That's good! I couldn't see any real frost either, Jeff.

Haha, must be in the air for the cats then...go figure! Well, I guess at this age, we must be thankful they are active at all lol.

Hope your Sunday is going well too!

Susan 🌞😹

Yes, it did, Susan, and that post is up now too!

Let's hope our cats behave a bit better! Hope your weather today was better!


I may have made first responder today, Jeff! I saw the sun briefly and it was breezy and cool. I may even go for a short walk soon.

I hope so too! Does Kitty ever meow and run around at night while you're trying to sleep?

Looks like you had lots of sun...enjoy the rest of your day!

I am very happy about that, Susan!

Yes, Kitty occasionally does that, but this morning, it was incessant!

In the afternoon after my powernap was when the sun truly came out, so that was Great !

In the next few hours or so, I will hit the rack to get ready for the new week!

Enjoy yours, as well, and have a Great evening.


Too funny...bless her heart. Powernaps are the best. Always wonderful to see that sun! I plan to do the same.

Thanks, Jeff! You too :-) πŸ‘πŸΆπŸ˜ΉπŸΆ

Thanks, Susan!

I hope you got some Sun today!

Jeff 🌞🀞

I did see it for a few brief moments...but I'll still take it, Jeff! Maybe this week will see some more. I hope you get that too! Sleep tight.

Susan πŸ˜΄πŸŒžπŸ‘

I certainly hope so, Susan!

We all need to see the sun at this point!

Sleep well! πŸŒžπŸ‘

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