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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I was sitting by the fireplace listening to the K-State football team last night, and my team lost in the final minutes, but it was still incredible! They will go to a bowl game this year, so that is good!

After the loss, I hit the bed, and let kitty crawl under to covers to warm me up a bit!

I slept in this Sunday morning until about 10 am. I was watching Christmas movies on Amazon Prime, and I was warm, so that was Great!

When I finally got up, I was able to restoke the fire in short order, so that was a blessing too! I then put food down for Kitty, and then it was straight to the computer from there, and into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

This has always been for me the best way to start each new day!

Kitty went in and eventually ate, but she did not come into the office. The eBay house still has a bit of chill in it!

I found her in the bed later! Again, smart cat!

A lot more things still needed to be accomplished today though!

That included stoking the fire, along with finishing the afternoon foray into the WAC, as well!

When that was finally accomplished, I ventured outside to capture images of this new Sunday, including the title image! Even with the snow, which was a lot more than forecast, it was a beautiful day!

I definitely cannot complain! The last image was of me making sure the truck start before my locksmith jobs tomorrow!

Then it was back into the eBay house to take care of some more tasks! One of those tasks was keeping the fire burning!

Time was flying today. so I did not get any real writing done except on the blog! I am glad that the fire is still burning though!

Next week, I'll reach out to my buddy for more wood! I did give him a truck after all!

Since Sunday is a day of rest, I have just been doing the things that I always do to get ready for the new work week!

I did manage to talk to Monica for a little while on her lunch break, so that was Great too!

Another positive development was that I garnered TWO eBay sales!

They are packaged up and ready to go! YAY! Depending on when I go to do my jobs tomorrow, they will either be picked up at the eBay house, or I will drop them off at the post office.

I also went back outside, started the truck one more time and let it run for a few minutes. and captured another image of the darkening evening!

The thought was that this would just be a relaxing day, but it turned out to be far from that!

I was very glad about that! I have been very busy today with all sorts of tasks, and for that, I was very thankful! I have been listening to the Chief's game, so that was nice too.

We never know from day to day how our days will be! This one turned out to be quite good.

I am also listening to the Chief's game too! It has been touch and go, but I hope that they can win!

And they did!

I will publish this post soon, and then will be on the computer for a while longer.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Oh, wow! Those are beautiful photos and views of snow in your place, my friend Jeff! This is the first time I have seen this in your blog.
I could not imagine the cold you've had there...right now.
When I was in Paris(that was long ago), I couldn't smile anymore because of the cold. Keep on smiling, my friend:-)))

Take care, my friend. Have a happy week ahead!


Thanks, Joyce! I could not imagine the bitter cold that we experienced so early! Well, unfortunately, yes I can, but it never makes it any better. It is beautiful though!

I will keep smiling as long as I can! You do the same! Enjoy your week too!


Is it cold outside there, Jeff

We are not having any snow as of yet, but it is bitterly cold outside today. I took my mom shopping today. I broke down and got out my winter coat finally. Even the doggies prefer to stay indoors today.

Your fireplace gives me a very warm feeling


It was 19 degrees this morning, warmed up to 40, and will be dropping to 17 degrees tonight, Jeff

As long as I am right in front of it, it keeps me warm, but basically it attempts to keep the house temps stable.

Happy Monday!


Photo 6 is a great photo Jeff. Full of winter character. Almost xmas cardy.
Yes, hurtlinh through the new work week while all you sleepy heads are still in bed.
I’ve paid my HMRC tax bill today. Not due just yet, but with xmas and new year, get it done and avoid a fine. So thats me back to beans on toast for a few weeks.
Just looked at the BF offers with WA. No advantage for me, stay where I am.
Enjoy your Monday madness.

I completely understand, Bux! Taxes are a scourge for sure!

Hope you have a Great start to this new week!


A very smart move on paying taxes ahead, as you don’t want the money to get mixed with your spending money, and worst get penalized!

With your P+, you already got the good deal by paying less, even less than a price of a cup of coffee a day, and you own your business with no overhead, you own your time, and it can zoom any moment!

It's started better this week. Last week was like walking in treacle.
Hey ho and onwards.

That's right Maria. I've not taken the offer up, what I'm already on is the same.
A good read of your blog though. Thanks.

Glad to hear that, Bux! My truck is frozen shut right now, so there will be delays on the locksmith jobs this morning! I have contacted the people, and they understand!

Enjoy your day!


Same here, Bux! We actually have the better deal from before anyway!

That brings back painful memories Jeff.
I had a Hillman Imp back in black and white TV days.
It would never start in cold weather and all tghe roads were dead flat, no hills.
The only way was to put it in reverse gear and push it backwards, being sure to leave the drivers door open. (Forwards wouldn't work)
When it started chugging, run like hell to get in the car before it took off backwards at speed.
The good old days.

Haha, Bux! I must still be living those "good old days"!


At least the roads look clear in that last image, Jeff. I always worry about the low temperature making the roads slick after it snows!

Have a great start to your week, Jeff! ❄️ 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 🙂

Yes, the city trucks came through, which they seldom ever do, for the massive taxes that we pay, Isaiah!

Hope you had a Great day! Have a Great start to the new week, as well!

Happy Monday! 😎🐶😹🐶

Jeff 🥶🤠

That’s a fair bit of snow, Jeff! Wow what a surprise. Have you adjusted to the time yet? It gets dark so early now. The Chiefs won so you must be happy! Xmas movies and rest sound just about right for a Sunday. I hope you have a pleasant evening! Stay warm with Kitty.

Susan 🐶😹🐶

I would say so too, Susan! I never adjust to the time change right away. I wish it could be abolished because nature does that automatically! I was so happy after their victory that I finished up the blog post and retired to bed for a long relaxation period and sleep! I love all the Christmas movies too! I hope you had a pleasant evening too!

Happy Monday!

Jeff 🐶😹🐶

I totally agree with your assessments, Jeff! My evening was less than relaxing waiting at a busy airport, but such is life sometimes. Bring on the Xmas movies!

Happy cold Monday to you!
Susan 🐶😹🐶❄️

You are right, Susan! Things are rarely ideal! More Christmas movies tonight too!

Happy Monday to you, and I hope yours isn't cold!

Jeff 🥶🐶😹🐶

That is true, Jeff...definitely time for a holiday movie or three lol.

Stay warm,
Susan 🐶😹🐶🥶

Agreed, Susan! That will be most of my evening before I nod off! Have a pleasant evening too!

Jeff 🔥🐶😹🐶

How much snow did you get Jeffoi?
We have flurries everyday, but the sun melts them out, so no whites on the ground yet for us!
Good that you are getting more wood ???? for the fire 🔥 as you will need a lot, as your winter started early!

Have a warm relaxing evening Jeffoi!

Maria 🌹

Marioi, we got about 4 inches! Hopefully much of it is still melting away, though we are at 19 degrees on this Monday morning!

I have a very warm and relaxing evening in bed, my friend!

Happy Monday!


Cool Jeffoi! Hopefully it warms up on the beginning of the week, but who knows, Kansas weather is unpredictable!


I hope so too, Marioi! We are now at 22 degrees here!

Jeffoi 🥶

We are on the high 20’s but is predicted to go higher, we’ll see Jeffoi!

We shall see, Marioi! It would be better if we get higher temps for sure!


Looks like you had a sunny, snowy Sunday. Enjoy your week.

Thanks, Stanley! I hope all is going well with you and yours! Have a GREAT new week!

Love the look of a snowy vista. And doubly good if you can have a sleep in.
How cold does it get Kansas. I think I’d freeze. Cold in HCMC are the mid 20’s. lol, Celsius of course…
Sorry to hear about your team.. next time….

Thanks, Stevoi! We normally hit freezing a lot! The worst temps I recall in recent years was a whopping 20 below zero, and those weren't figuring n the wind chill factor! That was a tough winter for sure!

My Kansas City Chiefs won today, so that balanced out the football weekend! Hope you are starting to feel better, my friend!


20 below, OMG… I would be below 20 blankets.
Off to hospital today, feeling pretty tired but suffering insomnia at the same time…ah “ the joy of life…” lol

Love the pacifier, Stevoi! I hope you get better after the hospital, my friend!


Well I’ve had Pneumonia for the last month and one lung stuffed up. On meds now, should be better in a few days.

I hope you get better soon, Stevoi!

Jeffoi 🙏

Snowy Sunday! We didn't get any snow. It was sunny and warmer here today. Wow. Nice weather. Good thing you kept the fire going.

It was, Brenda! I'm glad I had enough wood inside to keep that fire going too!

Enjoy your new week!


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