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Last Update: May 27, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

A yesterday evening update first: Monica did come and get me, and took me over to the house to fix her front door, which was done in short order.

I stayed over there for about three hours. While I was there, I also chatted on the phone with a regular customer and scheduled a job well out of town, that if it is still required, he will come and get me in the late afternoon on Saturday to do it.

It is an ignition install for a 1970 Catalina. After he and I set up tentative plans to do it. I chatted with Monica and the kids and enjoyed the Blog Dogs' company for about another hour.

It was very relaxing and GREAT fun.

The Blog Dogs enjoyed it.

Then, when she took me home, we stopped and had a Sonic Blast first.

They were really good!

Before I went to bed last night after Monica dropped me off after our Sonic adventure, I also chatted with my buddy Kevin, and was dismayed to hear that his van had been broken into again, but this time, the alarm did its job. He let me go when he had to reach out to the Lincoln, Nebraska PD.

Then it was finally time to go to bed.

I slept well, and then woke up at round 6:30am, which actually surprised me.

I jumped into the Wealthy Affiliate Community right away to see what had been going on overnight.

Kitty declined to join me though.

She remained in bed.

I was about an hour and a half into this when Monica called me, and we talked for about 45 minutes before she had to let me go.

My buddy Kevin posted some images on his Facebook last night. I looked at them today.

These are stills.

He also had three videos that showed this guy checking vehicles all over the parking lot just after 7:30 pm last night. The second still was when he started trucking out of the area when he somehow got into Kevin's van and the alarm, blew him out of the water. One of the videos saw him running out of the complex and into some nearby woods.

I then decided that it was time to capture some images of the new day, to include the title image.

We will likely make it into the 80s today.

I'm satisfied that it will be a good day whether I get the locksmith job tonight or not.

If I do get it, then images of that will be posted tomorrow.

I edited some more on my KV1 Story that is being converted to an eBook. It seems to be halfway to becoming one soon.

This will be the bulk of the time I can spend today in my Wealthy Affiliate research. If I manage to get more done, then I will write a book promotion website post on that, and after that, it could be published as soon as Monday.

Kevin called, and we discussed what happened last night with the police, and then he had to report in to work.

It wasn't too long after that when Monica called and I chatted with her for a while too! She was at the store earlier, but back at the store again for her mother.

We made tentative plans yesterday for another Sonic Blast, or perhaps Pizza Hut if my job does materialize and I get back in time for something like that! We shall see.

I am packed up and ready to go to that job if the call comes though, He will pick me up and take me out there and bring me back too.

Since that time, I have been editing some more and also working on and off in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

When I publish this post, I will shut down the computer and I might or might not be back later, depending upon how the rest of the day goes!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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I always try to keep one foot in the door at Jeff's.
I was 12 days in hospital, and so far 20 days in assisted living, gained almost 30 pounds in fluid weight in the 20 days. Diagnosed with fatty liver cirrhosis of the liver.
At Kingman Hospital I'd asked why my belly was so hard and seemed to be getting bigger.
So they ultrasounded my belly and told me that it was so hard it probably wasn't reversible. But if it's 25 % functional it's reversible but not by medical allopathic medicine but by supplements and yet another dietary change. Landing the plane through all these dietary changes adds challenges.
First this is the 2nd round of congestive heart failure gluten free , and now fatty liver to combine 3 dietary limits.
Still better to live a deepeer more grateful life within limits.
Things at your place are no dull moments and some momentum. Kitty looks gorgeous.
And Sonic dates put a little sweetness at the end of a visit. It's a blessing, Jeff!
The Blogg dogs are alert and tuned in.
Your friend is smart to have video to protect his livelihood and collect damming evidence against a crooked lazy thief, trying to ripoff anyone "it "can.
All thieves are liars and anti our God.
So With laziness don't expect redeemability over
recidivism, this creep likes jail.
Best wishes and blessings dear friend, Jeff,

God Bless you and keep you, Suzay! You are going through a lot, my friend!

You are continually in my prayers, my friend! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Yes, with the world we live in you see a lot more thievery as well as other crimes. Not sure when the Lord comes back, I just know that he will!

Take care, my friend!


Do take care, Suzay! So sorry to learn of this. I hope with some lifestyle changes things will turn around for you. Blessings to you.

Love and appreciate you, Jeff. You are a treasure!

Thank you so much for your concern and well wishes,I have always appreciated you, just unable to keep up with a lot of things. Thank you again!!
Suzay πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ™

Thank you, Suzay! I hope that you are doing well, my friend!


Continued prayers for you, Suzay! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Likewise, Suzay. It’s my pleasure and I sincerely hope you start to turn a corner and feel better soon! Best wishes to you always. πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ€ž

Sounds like a great evening with Monica, the kids and blog dogs Jeff but sorry to hear about your buddy again!

I hope the job materialised in the end and you are enjoying a fabulous Sunday portion my friend!

The poolside barbies are in full swing here and so far the LS's haven't really been called into action.... yet!!


It was a Great evening. I'm sorry for Kevin's plight too!

They found the key, so that job did not materialize, which is fine.

I know you will keep the LS on standby, my friend!


Yeah.... that's pretty rough on the lad.. is it a particularly dangerous place he lives in or just bad luck??

Sorry to hear the job didn't transpire but we win some and we lose some!

I had a whole suitcase full of mirrors and LS's on the way down yesterday... thankfully the contents made it one piece..... unfortunately the suitcase did not because of the weight!!!

One of the main wheels broke so I was basically dragging all the weight around train stations and town streets in the Spanish heat with very little assistance!!

Not to worry though, I got to where I wanted to be and a much sturdier bag will be bought before we head home!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday portion my friend!


No, it is actually a nice complex, but bad people float around everywhere.

Yep, no worries on the job. There will be others.

Haha--sorry the suitcase could not hold up!

Hope you get that better bag, my friend!

Sunday has been very sleepy and slow.


Enjoy your trip, Nick! Hope you get a new bag. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

Very true Jeff!

I will certainly get a better suitcase my friend, I need to get all my LS's and mirrors home again!!


Very much appreciated Susan and so far so good!

And don't worry, a decent suitcase will be purchased!

Have a wonderful start to the new week my friend!


Remember. Nick--Bad luck if you break those mirrors! πŸ˜²πŸ™€


Great to hear, Nick! Take care and enjoy your holiday my friend! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»

I know my friend, but the consequences could be much worse with a certain someone here!!


Thanks a lot my friend!!


You're very welcome!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

I totally agree, Nick!



I thought you would my friend!!


But of course, Nick! 😎🍺🐫πŸͺ😹🐢


Hope your day is going well! Alot of mayhem here for the most part, but nothing I can't handle!


The poolside barbie was great as always and the PSIL is behaving herself for a change so a great day here Jeff!!

Sorry to hear about the mayhem buddy....

I'm sure you have it all under control though!!


Well, I at least think that I do! Glad to hear the PSIL is behaving herself!



Thanks my friend!!


You're very welcome, my friend! Enjoy!




Why is that suspect or would-be thief wearing that thick winter cap in the middle of spring?

It's still daylight too. Thieves must be getting bolder nowadays.

Is that a Chocolate chip flavored sonic blast in that image, Jeff?

Hope you're enjoying your FriSatSuMo! 😎🐢🐱🐢

Isaiah 😊

I would suspect that he was trying to obscure his identity a little, Isaiah!

Look around the country, my friend! This seems to be happening everywhere, sadly.

No, it has a lot of chocolate in it though.

Have an excellent rest of your Frisatsumo! 🐢😹🐢😎


Hi Jeff,

I suspect if you and Monica ever get tired of the Sonic they'll have to lay some folks off, hah hah.

It's nice you two have been spending so much time together of late that is more relaxing than her therapy. It was obvious the toll it was taking on her, and by extension I'm sure yourself as well.

It's awesome that you potentially have a job lined up where the client will pick you up.

I'm sure the man in the stills your friends camera caught was just innocently letting himself into vehicles. He was likely confused and forgot which of the many vehicles he was letting himself into was his, forgetting none of them were his. An innocent mistake we all probably made at one time or another, hah hah.

I did laugh when I saw the pics, like is that his "breaking into vehicles good luck hat" or what? He's lucky I didn't live there back in the day. I used to tape razors under the radio just for folks who thought they would help themselves to it. Had one guy try it, but I learned my lesson when I came out to broken windows and blood on the carpet under the radio.

Maybe one of these times Kevin will catch the guy in the act and can take him to work and put him on one of the outgoing trains. Then he can use the old saying "ride him out on a rail" as a fabulous story to tell at parties. :)

I hope you have a great day Jeff.



They are always packed over there. Jason! I think they would survive! We only go occasionally.

That job was canceled since they found the key, so it was no worries.

I like your explanation of the thief, Jason. πŸ€ͺ

His remains likely would never be found if he was ridden out on the rail.

I hope you have a good day too! I am feeling a bit peaked today, so I am just taking it easy pretty much. I will continue with my editing today, and hopefully get it completed!


Morning Jeff.

It's nice to see Kitty with her eyes open this morning. She normally seems to be asleep on the job. I think my threat of taking her to court under the Employment Rights Act has had an effect and will ensure she stays awake during working hours. Mind you be aware! We lawyers follow the $$$$$ and if she pays me enough I'll switch sides and take you to court for Constructive Dismissal heheh.

That Sonic Bast looks nice.

You have a good image of the thief. Put a few 'shares' on FB and he shouldn't be that hard to find. Maybe he should get off his lazy azz and earn a living like everyone else instead of stealing other people's property.

Send my regards to the Blog Dogs and Monica - not forgetting Kitty of course.



Haha, Paul! No worries, I have been a S$%T house lawyer for decades. Bring it on, my friend!

The Sonic Blast was nice, but now I'm not hungry today at all.

Kevin has that on his facebook page, including the three videos from his van's alarm system. The guy likely won't be back any time soon, unless he is more of an idiot than we thought.

I will give everyone your regards, my friend!

Enjoy your day!


Super sojourning Sonic Saturdays. Hope the driving licence situation solves itself. And Kevin’s van. Not again. We’re turning into whole nations of disrespectful citizens from the top to the bottom. Where is all the respect we had for another’s property, or feelings, gone.
Fingers crossed that you get some more work coming in, and that you have a great evening.
Its after 1am here, this old tomcat has only just crawled home. Excellent day and time to find my hammock.
Good luck buddy.

Love that illiteration, Bux!

I hope the DL situation comes to an end soon too, Bux. I also hope that they catch the guy in the video! The Police have reviewed everything as well. We are turning into a disrespectful world altogether, I'm afraid. Something needs to change soon.

I didn't get the job yesterday since they found their keys, so that is alright. Work will be picking up, which further stresses the need for my DL to be reinstated.

Hope you slept well, and today is another day now!

Thanks for wishing me luck! I need all of it that I can get!


There will be light Jeff.

Thanks, Bux! I have faith in that, my friend!


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