Sublime Saturday's Supreme Sojourns!

Last Update: May 21, 2022

Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

My day started earlier than usual again. I was up at 5:30am, even before Kitty, diving into the Wealthy Affiliate Community! It was also considerably cooler today (we will have a high of 54 degrees Fahrenheit today), and it was quite windy, which caused me to put on a sweatshirt for most of the morning.

A pleasant surprise was that Monica called me around 6:30 this morning and we chatted until after 915 before she had to go to work. I guess she felt bad because last night I went over and did some work at the house.

I pushed mesh into the exhaust fan vent and installed a fake woodpecker there to deter the Sparrows from coming back. I also mowed her lawn, since the kids did not seem interested in doing it. I had ridden the motorcycle last night to do this.I had a good talk with Samantha (below) and Jacob, who remained inside. I also did some adjustments to the re-installed storm door so it would work better.

I had waited for Monica to get home from work, but finally left after it seemed like she would not be home soon. I texted Monica when I left, and got a quick response which had said "another time".

Anyhow, it was nice to converse with her so long today.

After that was done, I decided to make pancakes this morning for breakfast. I found that I was a little hungry for a change!

About this time, the Blog Dogs ate too.

No drippings for them this time, but I did split a deformed pancake with them! My Mom called shortly after and as I was working on my website, I was talking to her.

I've been working with some blog post title graphics, and having a little fun with them. My mom and I talked a good while too. I had to let her go early because I received a locksmith call that wasn't too far away to go and unlock a car for $50 from a repeat customer.

By this time the sun had come out and driven a lot of the clouds away.

Compare this image to the same image above of the tree:

The short drive over was equally nice. I was done in short order and got back to the eBay house to start this blog post, and also to write another one for the website, which is currently still in draft.

Kitty finally made a cameo appearance as I was working on these computer endeavors. I'm not sure if she was interested, or if this was telling me that she expected more cat food, but she did show up!

I've also started another stand-alone eBook manuscript about some of my personal thoughts over the years on certain subjects. I am compiling it as I go through various "ramblings", scribbled down and typewritten that I have made, and have yet to come up with a title for it. It was just something that popped into my mind as I have been progressing through this day.

The day was still chilly, but more beautiful than the dreary start we had to it. My mood was a lot better because of that, and especially after Monica called me at her lunchtime too. Who knows? She might stop by to actually see me this evening too. I'm not pushing my luck though.

Sylvester called and will be delivering more wood this evening, so my growing firewood supply for next winter is continuing to build. I also talked to him about some work needing to be done at the locksmith shop house too.

After I assist him with that when--and if-- he arrives, then I will be back on the computer doing my thing, which will be writing another post for my growing website.

I feel like today has been very rewarding in many ways.


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Dhind1 Premium Plus
Saturday sojourns scintillatingly sublime. Seriously? Ah, it sounded like a great start to the day and yet again you have accomplished a lot.

I hope that stack of pancakes satiated your hunger. It must have done, since you gave another to the blogdogs.

What does kitty get when the blog dogs get "human" treats?

That photo of her today, makes me think she is capable of being some king of feline "dark lord", so you better watch out.....

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It was a great day, indeed, Alex! Love the alliteration, by the way!

Yes, the pancakes satisfied for sure.

Kitty only gets the cat food. she always scarfs it down, and I'm not sure what any other treat would do to her. She has her feline ways, but knows who is truly in charge--"dark lord" or not!🙀

I hope you have an excellent new week!

antonietta1 Premium
I like the woodpecker and those pancakes!!! Yours always come out perfect!!! I just realxed this Sunday.....will do my groceries tomorrow morning and then go to the mall to take care of things. Then come back and mow some lawn.....then will read my book and relax........take care.....
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thank you, Antonietta! They don't always come out perfect, but I can hold my own. Sunday is an excellent day for relaxation, my friend!

A full day for you for sure!

Stay safe!
QiMindset Premium Plus
You had a great Saturday, Jeff!

Morning, noon and night conversation with Monica is more like it's supposed to be!

What a brilliant idea, to seal the vent and place a faux woodpecker there to ward off the invading sparrows. Nice work!

You're treating the property as if you still live there, that's taking the high road!

I'm happy to hear that you are writing another manuscript. You're a prolific writer, I wish I had your stamina.

Keep up the terrific work, Jeff, and of course, keep on thriving!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I certainly did, Al! Now, I'd simply like to see her once or twice. She always manages to avoid that lately. Still a long way to go.

I'm glad you liked that, my friend! It is a temporary fix until she gets what she needs to fix it. Though we are married now, I got the house for her while I was still in a divorce because circumstances warranted that, so it is completely in her name, therefore, if I no longer live there, I will not spend money on it as long as the PSD and that dog of hers continue to live there and do essentially nothing to help her with things. (and most of the time she stays with her boyfriend leaving only the dog to be cared for by her mother)

I have my own properties to take care of and am behind on that, even though I will occasionally help her on things, until her younger kids get with the program. That's the only high road I can travel, but I draw the line at spending additional money on it. She has plenty and squanders it on other things.

Thanks for the compliment. I am adding daily to the current manuscript, my website, and, of course here too. It helps keep me focused.

Much appreciated. I'll keep thriving as long as you will too!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Doesn't sound like a bad Saturday portion Jeffrey!

Love the look of Woody there and great news on catching the quick job!

I wish we had a bit of weather here that requires the use of a sweater, but... unfortunately I just find myself sweating! I hope that the predicted thunderstorm rolls in a bit later, but I am not holding my breath!

Have a super Sunday portion my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It wasn't bad, but it could always be better, Nick!

I had him, so I thought, what would be the harm? The sparrows saw and avoided, while I was there.

I'd love to not have the sweatshirt on right now, but it is what it is, and when the heat comes back, I will feel just like you do.

I hope your Sunday portion is progressing well!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Things could always be better Jeff, but they could also be a hell of a lot worse as well!

No harm at all and by the sounds of things the youngster is doing a great job already!

I have honestly had enough of the heat though, but things look like improving in the next few days and we are heading down to Spain for the start of the poolside barbie season!

With "you know who" around my Sunday portion will not be a late one, but I have survived the last two days... only another 3 weeks to go now my friend!!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You are so right about that, Nick!

Yes, he seems to be quite effective, so far.

I'll bet. Our Sun is out now, and it is still mild, so I'll likely be on the bike later in the day too. Enjoy the poolside barbie season.🍺🥩

I thought "it" would be gone by now! 😳 Enjoy what you can of the rest of the Sunday portion. A new week awaits!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Always a bonus when you can take the piglet out for a quick spin Jeff!

"It" will be around for at least another 3 weeks😪 I can't remember the last time I had a vacation without "It" being present my friend..

Have a great start to the week yourself!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
What id you do, Nick? Marry BOTH of them??🙀😹🤣

Yes, always excitement on the "Piglet"! 🐷

TRY to enjoy your new week!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Thankfully not... but that is a question I have been asked on numerous occasions over the years Jeff!

Good to get a bit of excitement in when one can!

I'll try my best my friend, you do the same as well!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Well, it just seemed to me that "it" might be her twin!

Yes, excitement is the spice of Life!

I know you will, and I am too.

Jessiefido Premium Plus
If only things were that simple my friend!

I could do with a bit of excitement right now I have to admit!

Keep on keeping on Jeffrey!!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Yes, Nick! If only!

I try to dig out excitement for everything that I do, though it is, many times, a difficult feat to achieve!

You keep doing the same, Nick! I always try to do that.

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Totally agree there Jeffrey... not an easy feat to achieve at all!

And I am trying my best to over here my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Especially not in this day and age, my friend.

We just keep striving!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
That's all we can do my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Ever forward and damn the PStorpedoes!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
🤣🤣I do agree Jeff, but only wish it were that easy!!

The PStorpedoes have a canny way of always hitting the target my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Don't I know it, my friend! 🙄 I just put it out there!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
IamTracy Premium
Saturday sounded a great day Jeff. So glad you had good conversations with Monica. The work you did at the house was productive too and I'm sure the kids were happy to have you around.
Pancakes are always a nice treat.

Hope you have a super Sunday too Jeff 😎

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
For the most part, it was, indeed, Tracy!

I was happy--as I always am to have had a long conversation with Monica! Any time that she allows me is always so appreciated, and becomes the best part of my day!

I believe the work was productive, but I am not certain that the kids liked me telling them to get some work done instead of goofing off, and leaving it for their over-worked mother to have to do when she gets home from a long day at work. They, after all, are the ones who created the mess, and thus, they sould be the ones who clean it up!

Pancakes are always the best, but sometimes, I am not motivated to make them. This time I was, and I was glad that I did it!

I plan to have a Super Sunday, and I hope that you are having one like that right now!