Monday Monica Morning Meant More Motivation & Moil!

Last Update: Dec 6, 2021

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I went to bed early last night and woke up a bit later than usual this morning! I immediately jumped on the computer and began the task of getting caught-up in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Right on cue, Kitty was assisting me at the start from her position in my lap!

Here is Tig-Tig at the same time last year!

Things were rolling along, when there was a sudden knock on my door around 8:45 am!

Lo and behold, when I opened it, Monica was standing there!

I invited her and while we chatted about mundane things since we have not seen or talked to each other for almost SEVEN days, I took her downstairs to view the progress on the room, hallway, and other room, I have been slaving in for the last week!

She dropped off some fence clips that I needed for a small section of kennel panels to be installed! (These had originally been part of the 6-foot kennel system that my associate had gone to the trouble to deliver to the PSD when she lived at another friends house!) They were supposed to have been used for Godtilla, but that never happened!

We then chatted in her car where it was warmer! The temp is 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so it is a bit brisk! She was on her way to work when she stopped by! The eBay house is only a tad warmer, but I am used to that--she is NOT!

I'll likely do another blog post which will further explain all of this, but in the meantime, I will continue with the current day's activities!

Of course, I also got some more Wealthy Affiliate research done!

This is another MUST DO activity that comprises each of my days!

Shortly after that, I got the first of two locksmith calls! I know the guy, as I installed his electronic deadbolts about five years ago!

The drive over there was overcast! I think we reached highs today of only 39 degrees Fahrenheit! The sun was still trying to shine through, though!

A small drive onto a wooded lane was next! That job only took around 20 minutes, and he tipped me $20 too! What had happened is he was trying to change the batter and thought he ripped the connections out! I did a quick fix, and Walked away with $80 (including the tip!)

Then I switched vehicles when I got back to the eBay house and went over to the locksmith shop house! The second call, ironically, was to replace a malfunctioning deadbolt that I installed almost five years ago!

I'll look at that one tomorrow afternoon, but I wanted to make sure that I had a replacement one in case it was needed!

The drive over there was okay! When I got there and unloaded some garbage from the basement clean-up at the eBay house, I stopped and took a picture of the sun!

I finished packing the trash, took a quick shower since I have running water and heat over there, and found the replacement deadbolt in case I needed it tomorrow afternoon, and then got ready to leave!

The above is a picture of the sun getting ready to set! The temperature at this time was 32 degrees Fahrenheit--back at freezing!

Now it was time to go back to the eBay house for the evening! There are a lot of things still to do! Driving back it was starting to get dark! (I abhor daylight savings time!)

For the rest of the evening, it will be more of the same!

The Monica saga is not over, but I will include snippets of the rest of the story here in the next few blog posts! In closing, here is another one from the archives of the Blog Dogs as puppies! They sure were cuties!


Recent Comments


So happy to hear that you managed to have a little chat with Monica there my friend!

It's a start to getting things back on track anyway!

Throw in a couple of jobs and no snow yet for the freezing temperatures it was all in all a successful day I would say!

I hope that your Tuesday is going even better Jeffrey!


I certainly cannot complain, Nick!

I hope your new week started very well, my friend!


Thanks Jeff! I can't complain too much, but maybe a little!🀣


I know exactly what you mean, Nick!


I'm sure you do my friend!


Sadly, I do, Nick!


Glad to see you had a good day Jeff.
It's great that Monica stopped by to talk too.

I know you work at the eBay house, but why stay there if the other place has heat and water?

I guess all the stuff you do online is probably a factor.
This is a tad late so have a great Tuesday.


Yes, John! All of my internet, inventory and everything else is at the eBay house! Neither place was intended for me to have to stay in long term again! Plus there is a bed at the eBay house too.

Have an excellent Tuesday as well, my friend!


Well, at least you and Monica are talking. That must mean there is some kind of progress between you.

Got my footer done today on the store...still quite a few things to do. Wanted to have it up before Christmas, but decided I'd better just take my time and get it up after the first of the year.

I'm going to take a vacation from the internet from Dec. 24 to Jan.2. Will be in Juneau for Christmas, and the way the weather looks, I may be stuck there for a few days. It's a real hassle taking everything over there to publish, so will put up a notice on my sites and take some time away from the internet.

Actually, will still be working on the shop, but not writing for a few days. I need a bit of time to get everything done! It's not a good policy to leave your business like that, but with mine I don't think it will make much difference. A break will do me a lot of good.

see everyone ... a wee bit of hibernation like the Bears is the WAy to go ... lol ...

good show, Fran ... go for it! ... do as you wish as it sounds like a super plan over the holiday season ...

cheerio ... :))

Total Hibernation will get nothing accomplished, says the man who just "hibernated" for a couple of hours! 🐻🐻

nah ... true hibernation is being in the 'den' or 'cave' for weeks and months at a stretch without waking or eating ...

didn't you just enjoy a 'power nap?' ...

Yes, Fran! It is definitely a start, but there is a long, long way to go!

I think that you are doing the right thing taking a break like that! You'll still be working behind the scenes but you can also have a very nice vacation!

Gosh, that sounds really good! I'm glad to hear of all your progress so far! You'll end up being a true trailblazer before you know it!

Have a very pleasant evening, my friend!


Well, you're right, and yes, let's call it a power rest--I'm not sure there was any napping involved, Keishaoi!

In Alaska, I probably wouldn't get much done what with all of the hunting, fishing, and gold-digging I'd be doing every

Have a nice holiday break, it will be there when you get back.
Oh and I thought I'd mention that I made a cauliflower crust pizza.

Actually, I made 4 crusts and 2 pizzas so I can make 2 more later. The pizzas had everything on them and were excellent. Thanks!

Enjoy the festivities, Fran.


I'll bet you would love that though, John!


Wow -- made your own! I'm impressed. I do really like the cauliflower crust.

Jeff, you and Monica need some quality time together; minus the PSD.
She looks stressed out and wore out in that photo and I am sure does not know to do at this point. "Tough love" is what PSD needs but that is always harder for a mother to administer even when they know they should.

Thanks, Archie! You are absolutely right that we do, but the PSD seems to be at every turn! Moreover, that has been the crux of the problem from the start! She gives me no say whatsoever regarding her kids! My hands are tied! I've been waiting patiently for her to finally say, "Release The Kraken!" Until then, we remain at an impasse!


I have been there Jeff and it isn't any fun. Surely when the PSD gets 18 things should change some. Meanwhile just keep praying for wisdom to know how to handle it.

How many "kids" goat children is this? All hell can breakthrough in a 12-hour workday when no oversight is happening.

What is PSD? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, triggered by...chaos.

In this case, Suzay, it stands for Petulant Step Daughter--the one that is causing my PTSD! πŸ™„

Petulant is "highly fed " or modern day is spoiled rotten little pick of the litter once upon a time, but now is probably man"I"pulative narcissistic monster.
Wonder if the description is close or not. Boy I hope not! That would be codependent entrencheded mess.
You can never win against a narcissist. They are soul hunters as well on demonic assignment. That's why the victim must go no contact.
We stay away from them.
TMI, too much info.
OK Jeff,
Suzay πŸŒΊπŸ™β—

I got lost in your story, I know I miss out on other previous blogs that is why I am lost, however, hope all will be fine soon. I see your rig- tig holding uo p her side of the bargain to keep you going.

God bless you with that energy you maintained daily, you are so good at it.

Stay blessed my friend.


Thanks, Elizabeth! Tig-Tig isn't where I'm at! I have another cat named Kitty who is holding up things right now! I'm sure that if Tig-Tig was here she would be though!

Thanks for your kindness! God gives me strength every single day, even when I don't particularly feel like going on, I am able to because of His Grace!

God bless You, and I hope you had an excellent start to the new week, my friend!


Yes, I am, and bless you. πŸ™

I'm very glad to hear that, Elizabeth! Thank you very much!


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