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Last Update: Sep 20, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Last evening, I relaxed after working some in the yard at the locksmith shop house, while also cutting keys for a possible impending job this week. The evening turned out nice, and we never got the storm that looked like it was going to hit us.

I do believe that we got a little rain overnight though. Monica and I never talked yesterday, so I don't know what is going on there. Nevertheless, I slept very well, and then woke up quite refreshed and ready for action on this new HUMP Day!

Of course, the first thing I did was get on the computer and perform the normal morning ritual of diving into the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

As I was working on that, Kitty sauntered in to for a few minutes.

She has been a big help these last several days! She is the only blog companion still residing at the eBay storage house--that is essentially what it has been since it was never meant to be resided in after I bought the newer house for all of us several years back.

When I finished with the venture into the WAC, it was time to head outside and catch some images of the early morning day, including the title image.

It was in the very low 60s when I did this.

We should be in the mid-eighties for the high today!

I must admit that it will be a beautiful day though.

There will be no complaints.

When I finished with that, I went back inside, and for a couple of times, I tried to log in to my book promotion website, but there have been a couple of issues, so I will try again later.

GOOD NEWS! I finally was able to log in and now I was working on the post. I managed to get it completed though, and for that, I am quite happy!

This was about the time that Monica had called me and was getting me caught up on the last couple of days. We chatted for almost an hour, getting caught up on the past couple of days.

She had to go help her aunt with something, and right at the same time, my buddy Kevin up in Nebraska called while he was heading to do one of is own locksmith jobs too before heading to work at the railroad up there.

I captured a couple of images of the early afternoon day while we were talking.

We were just shy of the mid 80s at this time.

He is planning on sending me a couple of thousand key blanks to help my situation down here in Kansas! He got to the job site and had to let me go, but I might be able to talk to him on his way to work.

Until then, I am still doing more work on the computer! That is the best way to use my time while waiting to see what continues to go on during the approaching late afternoon.

The Realtor called me and decided on the lower cost option for the pending job. I will be going over there in the morning to get that accomplished. At any time after that, they can opt for the additional things that I had suggested.

I will make certain that I have everything that I need when I head over in the morning.

Kevin did not call back, so he likely ran into a few issues on the car that he was trying to program. He'll call when he gets off at 11pm, so more on that tomorrow.

I am putting the finishing touches on this blog post, and then will publish it. There likely will be some more tasks to take care of in the evening. When I get those accomplished, I most likely will be back on the computer at that time!

There will be some more computer tasks being accomplished before I leave on those too!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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That’s great that work has picked up again, Jeff and it seems you are making nice progress on your writing. Kitty is your constant support and helper. Thank goodness for the love of pets! You must have been relieved that the storm bypassed you. Looks like a beautiful day there. Have a super evening!

Susan 🐢😹🐢

Thanks, Susan! I am on the book promotion site! Waiting for cooler temps so I can use the other computer to write on. Can't load the software that I need on the newer computer right now. I was relieved actually. Most times it seems like one extreme to the other! I plan on having a nice evening, and I wish the same for you!


Thanks, Jeff! Good to hear. Soon the cool will be in your area. I’ll send you some if you like lol. The evenings are getting chilly. But then imagine how much writing you’ll do! It really is one extreme or the other, I agree. Keep on keeping on!

Susan 🐢😹🐢🐫

You are right, Susan! The cooler temps will arrive soon. The evenings are getting chillier! I will get a lot of writing done soon, and for the rest f the year! Have a Great evening!


Thanks, Jeff! Happy Thursday! 🐢😹🐢

You're very welcome, Susan, and Thank you!


Well, Hump Day again. Last week it was baking hot, this week its rained ALL day.
I couldn't get on the computer last night, lost the router. All fixed now, maybe Humphrey sorted it. The KFC was not up to standard, maybe next time I should take her to a fancy restaurant.
2000 key blanks Jeff ... crikey mate that is going to be a lot of lock outs. How long will they last. as it happens, someone local to me has locked themselves out. Do you fancy a long distance job. The beers good over here.
And then Miss M. glad you're talking, though a quick text might have stopped you worrying. But, as Slavka says, you can make out-going calls on your phone too.
Anyway, glad you are ok. Keep posting those photos, it all seems quite flat over there.
Take care, I will keep saving up for the fancy restaurant.
More rain tomorrow.

Wow, Bux! From one extreme to the other! I feel your pain though.
You could always complain about KFC, they might give you some free coupons, it has worked for me before.
The key blanks will last quite a while, Bux. He is in a major city, I am in a much smaller town. These are Hardware store keys with their logo, but Kevin knows that I use those keys all the time! It'll work out.
No, she blows the calls off. She knows where I am and SHE can call!
Even though we are in the Flint Hills of Kansas, I must admit that it is essentially flat.
What fancy restaurants over there do you have?

Have a pleasant evening!


Expensive ones Jeff. we are surrounded by eating places here but the prices are shockingly high. easily looking at Β£100/$120 for a meal for two. A simple breakfast in a local cafe will set you back $20 plus per person. Its a tourist city so they capitalize on folks not giving a damn about money and every third person is a millionaire - I'm number 4 in the running order, but never mind.

I'm not tight, I just don't like to throw hard earned money away. Well, some say I'm tighter than a duck's bottom, and have you seen the price of duck nowadays. It's better in my bank account than someone else's. I never skimp on charity donations for the homeless though or for Veteran societies.

I know where you're coming from with the phone calls now, old fruit, and I must say that I have a similar response to being messed about.

Time for a read. I can't make any sense of this novel I'm reading but I can't put it down either.

Ciao for now.

Wow, Bux! That sounds like our inflation, but not quite on a grand scale as yours! Any Taco Bells there, per chance?

I feel the same way that you do. I AM tight, so I always try to get the best deal! I donate too, but I don't want to donate to a Corporate Restaurant's Greed! (of course, the governments are responsible for that!)

Thanks for that, Bux! She knows where I am--nuff said!

Enjoy your reading, my friend!


I am glad some businesses is picking up for you to do tomorrow. It sounds like it is a great writing day for almost all of us here.

Thanks, Brenda, and today has been an excellent day for us to write!


Hi Jeff.

Why YOU don't πŸ€™πŸ“² Monica? Don't waiting to much, maybe she expects your πŸ€™πŸ“²
Just my πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­

Happy work - much success!

Slavka πŸ‘‹

She doesn't like when I call, Slavka! She knows where I am! Every time I used to call her I was bleeped off!


Well, that's not fair on her part.
Have you ever told her that, tell her it's not fair.

More times than I can count, Slavka!


Turn off yourπŸ“±for some time, day or two example. And wait. You must be smart - make it known that you exist.

Can't Slavka! That is how I get business calls!


Hm, just don't answer when She call.
Try, tell her you thinking.
Maybe She will start thinking about you.

I have done that once or twice, Slavka, but I will try it again too!


Good luck 🀞
I'm sorry when some stupid things broke relationship.

But I now.
She will call you.
Because, She now - You are real friend.

Thanks, Slavka! I am too, but it is what it is, and I will continue to move forward!

She called today, and she might call again! Either way, I will still do what I do!


I know and I wish you all success my friend πŸ€—

Good night, Jeff.
My fingers are numb and need to relax for tonight.
Tomorrow I want to dance with πŸ•Ί

Slavka πŸ‘‹ πŸ’€ πŸ’€ πŸ’€ 😴

Sleep well , Slavka!

Jeff 😴

Thank you, Jeff.
Enjoy your evening.

Good luck with your πŸ” jobs 😴

Thank you, Slavka!

Sleep well!


Another productive day and some wonderful autumnal photography

Thank you, Catherine! I hope your day went well too!


A pretty relaxing but productive HUMP day nonetheless Jeff!

The weather doesn't seem too bad even without the storm yesterday!

Enjoy the rest of your day my friend and all the very best for the job tomorrow morning!


I must admit that it has been, Nick! I hope that your temps are good too!


That's great Jeff!

It was a little warmer today than the last couple of days but...

It looks like the third night in a row I won't need the aircon on to be able to sleep!!


Well that is quite positive! I get by with a ceiling fan now, so I know what you mean, Nick!


Positive indeed Jeff!

Just an open window is quite adequate right now thankfully!!


Sounds awesome. I am not running air either. It has been very nice!


Perfect for me Jeff!

Looking at the forecast (and using my magical mystical forecasting powers as well of course)!!

It looks like we will struggle to hit mid 60's during the day and could get down to low 40's at night during Frisatsu...

Pure bliss for me buddy!!




Quite a bit going on there JB. Sounded like a very organised productive day. πŸ˜‰

For the most part it was, Michael! The money work begins tomorrow! Hope all is going well down there! Happy HUMP Day!🐫


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