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Memorial Day weekend is here once again, so how much do you know about this holiday celebrated in the USA? I am going to share what I found out about this holiday, feel free to comment if you desire to.

Memorial Day celebration in the US

Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday of May, is a federal holiday in the USA to honor and remember those who died while serving in the U.S. military. It originated after the Civil War and was originally called Decoration Day, a day for decorating the graves of soldiers with flowers and wreaths.

Here are some of the traditions associated with Memorial Day

  • People visit the graves of fallen soldiers to pay their respects. Many volunteers also place American flags on the graves of veterans in national cemeteries.
  • There are parades and other ceremonies held across the country, often featuring military personnel and veterans organizations. The largest parades take place in places like Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.
  • A silent moment of remembrance is observed at 3:00 pm on Memorial Day.
  • Memorial Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of summer for many Americans. People often travel, attend barbecues, and enjoy outdoor activities.

Although Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, it also unofficially marks the beginning of the summer season. Many schools and universities are closed for the summer and the weather is typically warm, making it a popular time for people to travel and hold gatherings.

How Barbecues Became a Tradition

The tradition of barbecues and picnics on Memorial Day in the USA stems from a confluence of factors

  • Barbecue has a long association with the American military. Soldiers in the Revolutionary War and Civil War often ate barbecued meats, as it was a practical and delicious way to prepare food
  • After the Civil War, there were "peace barbecues" where Union and Confederate soldiers came together. This tradition of community gatherings around food likely carried over to Memorial Day observances.
  • In the 1950s, suburban life boomed in the USA. Grilling outdoors became a popular activity, coinciding with the growing availability of backyard space and barbecue grills.
  • Memorial Day falling on a Monday creates a three-day weekend. This long weekend naturally led people to spend time outdoors, often with friends and family, with grilling becoming a convenient and festive way to celebrate.

While these factors all contributed, it's important to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. While enjoying picnics and barbecues, it's a good idea to take some time to remember the sacrifices of fallen soldiers.

How Memorial Day Has Become Commercialized

Memorial Day has indeed become somewhat commercialized in the USA today.

Here's how

  • Many stores have sales and promotions around Memorial Day weekend, similar to other holidays like Labor Day. This encourages shopping and spending over remembering the true meaning of the day.
  • Memorial Day weekend is often seen as the unofficial start of summer. Advertising and marketing heavily promote summer activities, travel deals, and outdoor products, overshadowing the original purpose of the holiday.
  • Sales and discounts are sometimes framed around "supporting the troops" or "military appreciation," which can blur the lines between honoring the fallen and commercial gain.

However, there are still efforts to maintain the original meaning of Memorial Day

  • The 3:00 pm silent moment of remembrance on Memorial Day is a nationwide effort to ensure solemnity and reflection.
  • Many veteran organizations hold events and ceremonies to specifically honor those who died serving the country.
  • Placing flags on graves and visiting memorials continues to be a tradition for many families.

So, while commercialization exists, there are ways to still celebrate Memorial Day in a respectful and meaningful way.

Memorial Day & the Younger Generation

There's a concern that the true meaning of Memorial Day is fading with the younger generation, but it's not a clear-cut issue.

Here's a breakdown

  • With fewer direct connections to wars and military service in recent generations, some young people might not fully grasp the significance of the day.
  • The commercialization of Memorial Day weekend as the summer kickoff can overshadow the somber purpose for younger people exposed to marketing and social media.
  • Schools might not dedicate enough time to teaching the history and meaning of Memorial Day, leading to a knowledge gap.

However, there are also reasons to be optimistic

  • There are efforts to raise awareness about the true meaning of Memorial Day through social media campaigns and educational initiatives.
  • Many families still visit cemeteries, attend ceremonies, or participate in meaningful ways, passing down traditions to younger generations.
  • The spirit of service and sacrifice can resonate with young people through volunteer work or supporting veterans' causes.

Here's the key takeaway, It's important to have a conversation about Memorial Day's true meaning.

Encourage young people to

  • Research wars and the sacrifices made by soldiers.
  • Attend local events or watch national broadcasts.
  • Support veterans' organizations or help at cemeteries.

By engaging with the true meaning of the day, younger generations can ensure Memorial Day remains a time for remembrance and honoring fallen heroes.

Final Thoughts

  • Memorial Day can be a day of both remembrance and celebration. While enjoying barbecues and summer activities, it's important to take time to reflect on the sacrifices of those who died serving the country.
  • Teaching younger generations about the history and meaning of Memorial Day is crucial to ensure its continued significance.
  • Traditions may change over time, but the core meaning of honoring fallen soldiers should remain.
  • Memorial Day is a day for all Americans to come together, regardless of background or beliefs, to honor those who gave their lives for our nation.

Ultimately, Memorial Day is what we make of it. By striking a balance between remembrance and celebration, we can ensure this day continues to hold meaning for future generations.

Happy Memorial Day USA,


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It is very good to have this short overview of American history and culture.
Thanks Jeff ... We are with our thoughts with you at 3.00 pm
I visited last January Chain Bridge Village at the Potomac River connecting the District of Colombia with Arlington Virginia were Unionists were one side and Confederate the other. I hope America stays united and in peace.

Thank you, Andre

I appreciate you reading and sharing on my Memorial Day post


Although I'm not American, I have family who have served in other country's forces and think it so important to remember the sacrifice.

As for commercialism, when I lived in New Zealand, their remembrance day is the 25th of April. They have dawn services and businesses must be closed until midday so everyone can attend the dawn services and meet veterans afterwards.

When I lived in France, their remembrance day is 15th August - they have the remembrance ceremonies in the morning and the afternoon is a celebration of freedom with events and parties that run until the evening.

Every country has a different way to remember and celebrate.

Happy Memorial Day, Jeff

Thank you, Newydd

I appreciate you sharing what you know about Memorial Day. I feel in my country we are not as appreciative of the men and women who have served and protected us.


This is a great patriotic post, Jeff. I come from a long line of military families, with my dad, uncles, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers all serving in each war, dating back to the Revolution. While I only have two family members who died in any wars, a great-great-great grandfather during the Revolution and a great uncle during WWI, we still celebrate. Our celebration is more for all those who served instead of those who died. I am very proud of our military lineage.

Thanks for sharing, and happy Memorial Day weekend.


God bless them all Jeff.

Thank you, Dave

I thank you for reading about Memorial Day in the USA.

I hope you are doing well

Top form Jeff.
A good result from my checkup at the hospital last week. Just keeping myself healthy.
Look after yourself.

Nicely done, Jeff!

Happy Memorial Day!


Thank you, Jeff

I hope you have a great weekend planned


Now most of it is done besides the Holiday, Jeff

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