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Hi,, I'm Jeff Ball,
I am glad to be apart of such an awesome program.. I have been a marketer in the past, but for the last 45 years I've been tied down to a Job. Yuck!! I had some horrible experiences online in the past so I quit trying to have a laptop lifestyle.

Just too many scams and liars that destroyed my passions to go on trying. I tried for years to build an online business, worked my tail off but I never found the right Training or Mentor as they call themselves. Liars who just took my money and then your pretty much on your own. I didn't have a training platform but just back offices from cookie cutter websites that everyone else was trying to make an income from by promoting the same WEBSITE. Those were the days I tell you. You pretty much had to learn everything on your own. Their was no WEALTHY AFFILIATE TRAINING to go to. After a year of struggling and trying this and that to make a dollar, I found myself involved with a HUGE SCAM that ruined myself and hundreds of other innocent people. I lost my home my pride my heart was in my stomach all the time. I believed in something that ruined me financially! Needless to say ONE man took millions of dollars and scammed his own company and many investors like myself. It took me years to recover from that one. He's in Federal Prison to this day thank god!

The incident turned me sour from perusing an internet business..I guess we all have horror story's from bad experiences online.. I am a very hard worker at everything I do in life. I taught myself to play drums with no help from anyone. No formal lessons of any kind just perseverance!

After years of practice playing drums, I joined many bands and had a blast playing local gigs and bars. I wanted to make my OWN BAND so I formed a ZZ Top Tribute band and played in many venues. So much FUN!! Do to circumstances out of my control the band broke up 2 years into it. I now practice in my man cave and play for fun on occasions with friends. Plan on getting back in a band when I retire or when my WEBSITES generate enough income to stop working!

In the JOB world, I am a UNION FOREMAN ELECTRICIAN here in Beautiful SAN DIEGO, Ca. I work at the SD Convention Center installing Trade Shows like COMIC CON.. I have been doing this for 12 years now and plan on retiring from the JOB no later than 65. Maybe sooner, all depends on the income I can generate now besides my pension. I am confident WA will give me the knowledge and skills to succeed at building many successful Websites and see my dreams come true as a true entrepreneur finally running my own business!

It took me some research into training platforms, and boy was I careful! I don't want another bad experience and my wife is skeptical as it is. Very doubtful in the INTERNET! Thinks everything is a SCAM!

We all want to be our own Boss, who really wants to work for someone else? Not me anymore! I have had it in the JOB world! Time to make my life better! MUCH BETTER! I trust WEALTHY AFFILIATES for I have heard nothing but great things about it. Its FREE to join and investigate. What more could you want?

I am 63 years young and in very good health.. My passions are SAFETY and SECURITY PRODUCTS, PLAYING MUSIC, HIGH TECH ELECTRONICS, HELPING PEOPLE with there problems, ROMANCE ( I proposed to my wife on one knee directly under the Eiffel Tower in Paris) and TRAVELING as much as possible.

MY GOALS ARE- I want to create a HUGE passive income that sustains me through the years so my wife and I can travel the world in FIRST CLASS! Tired of the hassles of COACH seating on a plane. I'm 6'4 and coach seating is very uncomfortable for me. I want to be able to travel in style and have the income to do anything we want when we travel. I've worked a JOB for too many years which was just trading time for money. Paycheck to paycheck. YUK!!

Having a LAPTOP business is the answer! I can make money from anywhere in the world! I Love the freedom it gives me to work when I want and not when I'm told too. Too many years of overtime and taking orders. Now its time for me to tell myself when to get busy!

My goals are simple.. Learn from the BEST here at Wealthy Affiliates so I can Generate a 6 figure income that grows to a 7 Figure or 8 Figure income who knows. Its all up to me! I have ideas for creating my own products down the road to market as well as the products available to me here in this program.. All in due time.. Time is a luxury we cant waist!! I know I've wasted 45 years working a JOB and putting up with a nasty BOSS for what?,, a weekly check? Please!!

I kick myself for not starting this business years ago! NEVER TOO LATE! Just takes hard work and the willing to buckle down and learn from WEALTHY AFFILIATES and its MEMBERS..

In closing.. I'm here in this program to learn and work hard to generate the income I need to live the lifestyle I want for myself and my wife.. I want to give her the best years I can!! Hope I can count on some of you besides the Coaching and Lessons here in this training camp I call it.. I'm here for the long haul and look forward to seeing my dreams become reality!!

UPDATE-- I've been a MEMBER with WEALTHY AFFILIATES now for 3 months. I've been working hard on building a WEBSITE Specializing in SAFETY, HOME SECURITY, PERSONAL SECURITY and FEAR Related Problems. My Goal is to help people conquer their FEARS no matter what form it comes in. So far, it is a beautiful WEBSITE if you ask me. I'm proud of my creation! Still a work in progress but well worth my time and effort! I see a great future down the road!

I want to give a special thanks to KYLE, CARSON and JAY (the Creators of WEALTHY AFFILIATE) along with thousands of other members in WEALTHY AFFILIATE be they NEW or LONG TERM members who take part in answering questions new and older members have, within hours, which is unheard of!

Believe me I've never experienced training in any WEALTH BUILDING course like this before! Theirs no other training platform on the Internet like WEALTHY AFFILIATES! I know, I've tried a BUNCH! I finally have found success and don't fear the worst happening!

Wow theirs another FEAR I can help people with..
Fear of being BROKE and working paycheck to paycheck.. The answer- WEALTHY AFFILIATE of course!

Jeff Ball
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Money I would be happy earning
6 Figures then 7 or 8
Money I would be ecstatic earning
500,000 year
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Aug 27, 2017
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Jeffball54 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
6 Figures then 7 or 8

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
500,000 year

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
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Hi, Jeff A big welcome to you. I wish you terrific success here at WA. A great choice.
Thank you for following me I will do the same.
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Thanks for the follow
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Hi Jeff, thanks for the follow. Best of luck in your online business.
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Congratulations on going Premium! Excellent decision!
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Great job on taking that next big step on going Premium. If you ever need help with anything, please feel free to ask and I would love to lend a helping hand. Take care and good luck to you with everything you do.