The final countdown

Last Update: April 12, 2014

Hello all!

I've been keeping up with you all via email (you know, the notifications when someone has posted a new blog or training)! It looks like you're all doing well, and moving right along! So exciting!

So, I'm in the final countdown.. One more month before the big release of a new online shopping experience like nothing else.. Im so psyched!

I am here to say thank you to all of you here at WA!

Not only have I learned valuable lessons in affiliate marketing and building a website, but I've also learned networking as well. The networking skills I've learned here (and many of you have taught me, whether you know it or not, ;)) are a priceless tool that I've been able to implement in my new venture!

For any newbies out there wondering if this is the right place to be- IT IS! You gain knowledge of website structure, affiliate marketing, networking.. but moreso you gain a family. A community like no other where the support is endless.. literally endless. I am a woman of many questions.. double and triple checking.. and the answers here are more abundant than the air we breath. Truly remarkable!

So thank you again, to my WA family!! Thank you for your advice and support, for paying it forward, for picking us up and brushing us off when we need it. And thanks to Kyle and Carson for this amazing opportunity for all of us to come together, learn together, and teach us how to follow our passion and truly paying it forward to anyone who visits our websites looking for that "special something".

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Gordi Premium
Good luck on your launch, Jeannette
nomda ploom Premium
looking forward to the launch and seeing more- good luck, Andy
bap0304 Premium
Good luck as the countdown approaches. Looking forward to the unveiling if that is a possibility.
Bill67 Premium
Glad it is working for you keep up the good work
Drawshot Premium
Hi Jeannette, glad to hear still doing well and things are progressing for you. Best wishes n your new endeavor, and stay in touch.