What Going Green means to me

Last Update: September 25, 2017

I like to think that most people want to live in a nice home.

So what is "nice"? Attractively decorated, sweet smelling,

clean, cosy and inviting, and above all safe!

Going Green is realizing that our greater home, our lovely

blue planet, deserves to be treated the same way as we

treat our individual homes. For the sake of all the animals

and plants who share our greater home, and also for our

own sakes, we the people have to pool our resources and

work together to take much greater care of our world.

Every one of us, and that's called Going Green.

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N33 Premium
Great intention, great words and so nicely said.

What a beautiful Person.
Daystar17 Premium
I agree:)
Fleeky Premium Plus
Going green is the real future
MozMary Premium Plus
nice! :)