This Made Me Sad Today


Let me start out by saying that I am a nurse by profession and was one for 20+ years. I love helping people and I want to see them succeed.

I have been helping a member here for a few days through PM with a problem they were having with their website. We figured out a few things and today there was more problems.

All good, we can handle it! But, during her conversation with me, they felt they were spending too much time on this problem and their rank here at WA was falling...WHAT? They felt that they were juggling too much and couldn't keep up with WA ranking and their website.

They had family commitments to attend to and would have to put our conversation on hold for a few hours.

PEOPLE!!!!! Your rank here at WA is not making you money! Your rank on google will!!! Please do not confuse the two.

You are here to build a business. It's a bonus if you can help others, but until you have the luxury to do that, concentrate on building your business. PERIOD!

Please, build your business! That is what we are here for. We aren't here to read the endless posts by people that have nothing to do with building a business. I click off those faster than you can even believe!

I just think it is sad that people believe that WA ranking is more important or just as important than their website ranking.....

Thanks for reading my rant. I just had to get this off my chest!

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Thanks for the post and that is why we must move on to different phases of WA. There is a time to soak it in and learn the ropes and a time to spread your wings and fly. You will still learn once you take flight but what a feeling of accomplishment right. Jay

Thanks, Jay!

You hit the nail on the head... hope this is what you told those members. :)

I did! Don't know if it got through, but I think she is a pretty smart lady!

This has been a problem, I think, for quite some time; members think that ranking means something that it doesn't.

Sorry, but I notice that there are many members here with a higher rank than mine and they can't think through a simple issue they are having; Questions that are ill-formed and go, actually, nowhere!


Couldn't agree more! Don't be sorry, I think this is a problem and I see it affecting people and their ability to focus on their business.

I have seen people with high rank giving very wrong answers and I just cringe. How did you get to that rank? What is rank really?

The ranking you get here, at WA is simply a reflection of your activities on this website; This is a cumulation, based on an algorithm developed by the Big Kids (Kyle and Carson) of your interaction with others, hopefully in a helpful way, your blogging on this platform and the creation of training lessons.. The comments/feedback you provide on that system is also included in the equation...

You are right. I love the idea of ranking. I love the idea of while you are building your business, you can help others / be helped by others who are also building businesses. There is something holistic about that. That said, building your business should drive your rank. In other words, rank is a by-product of doing WA the WA way. Rank should not be an end in itself.


Sorry, Dave, what do you find funny?

All of it. Its all funny....the whole blog. Lol

Glad you find it funny. The person I was helping isn't finding the whole thing amusing. They are truly stressed.

This is a great point. Interaction here at WA should be to help and be helpful not to build rank.


Absolutely Jean, this past fiasco that we had with ranking and ambassadorship has left a numbness in some of the new folks minds. Unfortunately it's going to take a bit more of a process to get normalcy back in a lot of folks minds.

Pride really sucks canal water!!!

Lol, it sure does! I just don't understand how some people think it's okay to post nonsense for the sake of ranking....beyond me

I"m so with ya' Jean. It just gets monotonous going through all these supposed "motivational" posts! Well meant... maybe... effective... only in annihilating my inbox...)-:

PLEASE, my friends... give me stuff I can get my teeth into... I'm hungry for learnin', I wanna get this thing done!

Dang soap box got away from me.. (-;

Love it!!

Ranking has a minor part in the formulation and inciting necessary to jump start a business Jean. It's not the whole thing but cant be completely ignored!

What? How is WA ranking needed to jump start a business? I understand interaction as needed, but to concentrate on it? NO

Competition which is an inherent part of it is present in the survival of any business Jean! I see this as being designed for a reason or it wouldn't be here in the first place!

Ahhh, Michael my friend... During this past boondoggle of Ambassador and rank spanking, rank became that shiny object that we had for at least 2 years constantly talked about avoiding.

Even now some of the remaining ambassadors give out faulty answers to questions ... answers that are results of a Google search but yet when clicked on and opened up many times don't even have anything to do with the question asked... just pure laziness.

Earlier today I saw a guy asking a genuine question. He desired an answer from someone that was factual, a solution that would take care of his problem then. Instead someone gave him a link to something from Google which required him to go and do more research on something that didn't even begin to pan out.

I was so frustrated and upset for this guy that I couldn't even see straight.

Sometimes we get too comfortable being unreachable in the privacy of our homes. But if we're going to help these guys, especially the noobs, we need to imagine that we're talking to these guys face to face and we need to give responsible answers, we need to put a little genuine effort into it.

And above all things we need to direct the noobs to the training and help them get blinders on and help them go straight forward, help keep them from going side to side.

So, still not understanding. How is competition in WA associated with your business? Please explain.

For the time being I'm happy hanging in just outside the heated kitchen at rank 26. The idea behind an institution doesn't always work out ideally. But I'm convinced Kyle and Carson do their best!

Amen, Jean! It's what I've been saying ever since Kyle/Carson implemented the new ranking system. A percentage of members here at WA simply have completely forgotten exactly WHAT caused them to join this community and training program in the first place.

If a person has become so focused on his/her ranking to the detriment of what could be put into developing an incredibly profitable online business then all I can say is that I truly feel sorry for that individual.

Exactly what you stated in your outstanding article, Jean. Now if only these members will just listen. But, you know we're all adults here, not kids age 10 and under. We should be responsible enough to make our own decisions as to what is important and what is not. Everyone is the captain of his/her own ship!

Make the wrong decisions and suffer the consequences!

We are all adults and we can make our own decisions! I just don't understand posts like "You can't trust anyone" and open it up to a bunch of Memes.

Sorry, but I came here to learn and not look at crap like that.

Striking that balance can be so very helpful, sound advice Jean something that we should all keep in mind.

Thanks, Alex, we should all keep it in mind, indeed!

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