I've been here before

Last Update: August 27, 2016

It's a lot like dejavu,

To be where I have been.

Something so familiar,

Between my now and then.

Some pieces are so different,

I'm not sure of where I stand.

But memories come flooding back,

Of events from on this land.

I've been here in lifetime,

I've stood right here before.

This time I am smiling,

I'm ready for this war.

I look back and I see it,

The lesson I had missed.

Whether it was something big,

Or something like a kiss.

Every time I end up,

In places that I know.

I either have to grow,

Or learn to let it go.

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GlenPalo Premium
Awesome, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing this with us.
JDunyon Premium
Thank you so much for coming here and reading
JudeP Premium
As usual, beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing it with us :)
JDunyon Premium
Thank you Jude for reading and you're quite welcome
theresroth Premium
Wonderful piece, Jennifer.

I know that feeling of having been here before.......
JDunyon Premium
Thank you. I'm sure it's a common feeling but it doesn't make it less frustrating
trailhound Premium
That says a lot, Jennifer.
JDunyon Premium
Thank you so much
Steve1958 Premium
Hi Jennifer...
I can read between the lines that this has come deep from your heart!
Best wishes
JDunyon Premium
It is most certainly shared from my heart and experiences. Everytime I face things more than once I go "oh crap. What did I miss?"