WA Site Comments A Smash Hit

Last Update: August 09, 2019

I started using the Site Comments feature of WA pretty quickly after becoming a member. Initially I figured checking out other members articles would help when creating my own content.

Then I learned we could actually earn cash and be paid just for leaving quality comments ... lightbulb went on!

I knew it would be some time before the website I was building would generate any income. I figured this little option might at least bring in something to help cover my membership fees in the meantime.

I was a bit intimidated by the 50 comment threshold to become a 'certified commenter' however, I was excited by the prospect of having the ability to make some money by commenting - even if it was only 50 cents. Heck some survey sites don't even pay that for 30 minutes or more of your time!

Long story short, eventually I hit certified commenter status and began accumulating a cash credit balance.

Those that follow me know that I recently started from scratch and began building a new website on a new domain.

My cash credits not only paid for that domain for the first year, but it paid for my premium membership this month!

This is great for me since I'm super short on cash this month with all the kids needing back to school essentials. I may not have been able to keep up with my membership otherwise! All I had to do was go inside my memebership payment details and switch payment source to WA cash credits.

I wanted to tell others, who might be struggling to make their membership payment - the Site Comments function within WA is an option that can help supplement the fees while your website picks up traction :)

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mmussehl Premium
Good to know. Does it leave you any time to work on your own website?
Jaz333 Premium
I really don't spend a whole lot of time each day - maybe 20 to 30 minutes. I try to do 2-5 of them a day; Sometimes when I encounter a particularly long article though, I may just have time for that 1.

Usually the credits will just pay for a return on comments to my own articles but this month enough had accumulated to help with my membership so it helped a ton :)
Dave07 Premium
Yes - it can be a handy wee earner - and as you say, with a little bit of time and effort it can pay for your membership!
lesabre Premium
Hi Shannon,
That is a great way of paying for your memberships. 50 comments you say.

Congratulations on becoming a certified commenter, and earning an income through WA. Awesome.

All the best,
Jaz333 Premium
Hi Michael,
I wouldn't exactly call it an income lol, but it's helping to maintain my membership while I learn, and build.

I've learned quite a bit from reading other's articles too so it's a win-win!
firstlearn Premium
I often find it hard to get to know about quality posts needing comments. I get notified of a few but that is because I have such a wide interest listed.

PMindra Premium
Hi, Shannon.

Paul Mindra here.

Thank you for sharing this post as it is very important especially for those that are sometimes challenged with their membership payments.

I found training here from February 2019 that explains the Wealthy Affiliate Credit System very, very, well.

The Wealthy Affiliate Credit System: Wealthy Affiliate Cash Credits: Wealthy Affiliate Community Credits: Ways in which you can use Cash Credits: Thank you Henry II for the above.

Wishing you a glorious day, Shannon.

Kindest regards,

Jaz333 Premium
Wow, thanks for taking the time to find all these links to training! That really helps! I will have a look at them :)

All the best to you Paul,
PMindra Premium
Hi, Shannon.
The credit system here can be a game-changer for many.
Spread the words and you are welcome.

Henry writes very effectively with all the facts covered.
Share your thoughts after you have gone through his material.

Glorious weekend to you and your loved ones.