T4T - What is it?

Last Update: Dec 11, 2014


I would like to apologize that we are so cryptic when we send you 3VBs, the reason for this is that we really want to pique your interest. 3VB is a tool that a member of the T4T team has just used to generate 3 visits to your posted website.

We have a team page, which can be found on my posted site. it will break down the whole thing. If you have received a 3VB its because we want you. We want you too, to use the tit 4 tat system that generates huge traffic (according to my Jetpack stats anyway).

Thank you for your time and consideration, and keep trying to find your shibumi.


Jay Shaw

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I got very little caz I am not good at such things maybe I will be explained a bit more, what i read seems good, I got traffic generation I know it is good lols, :)

I'm confused Jay, did i miss something?

What's a shibumi?

Shibumi is an ancient Japanese word. It roughly translates 'achieving an effortless perfection in a certain task' It is the thing that 'go' masters strive to attain.

really wow I like it :)

Don't understand your team page. I get that you are encouraging us to leave 3 comments a day on others websites in our network. Beyond that, I don't know.

That's really about it, but three for one specific member each day. It is no more complicated than that at this point, A group of people deciding to take the traffic of the team in their own hands. For the few off us who are already doing it, we have noticed the difference.

Jay , you are going to have to explain it all over again .........im not so quick on the uptake, Johan.

No idea what they are talking about

I got a post about this and had to ask what it was. Then I went to the video and it didn't work. So not sure what to do. :)

The link was broken the problem has since been rectified.

The link on the team page works perfectly now, sorry about the tardiness of my reply.

You could have written this in Greek as well??

Curiosity is something to behold, for however subtle it may be, a hint is a powerful thing.

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