3 Wasted Hours Caffeine Overdose

Last Update: February 09, 2016

I was slow to get started this morning. So made a huge pot of steaming hot coffee. My mission this week is to add more content before applying to affiliate networks. But I have a number of articles and posts which are "works in progress" and I couldn't decide which one to finish. I started "faffing around" (mild northern UK term for time wasting), I switched between articles, I searched for images. I failed to make any decisions. I drank coffee.

Then I made some more coffee.

Coffee. Didn't. Help. (But it WAS delish ...)

So I started farting around (stronger northern UK term for that moment when faffing around evolves into full-blown procrastination). Why oh why? (I don't know why) did I start exploring plugins. Lots of them. And made some more coffee whilst doing so.

And why didn't I put the name of each plugin that captured my fancy into the "Need Help" search bar here on WA?

I don't know why. If I had I would have saved three hours and much coffee. If I had only typed "Jetpack" into that search bar I would have reaped the benefit of some much of the experience that is available to me.

But I skipped blithely on in caffeine-fuelled happiness and installed the blasted thing.

Whilst drinking a cup of coffee I enjoyed a few minutes exploring all the wonderful features of Jetpack and imagining my website taking off into the affiliate marketing stratosphere. Member list growing. Visitors multiplying. Earnings pouring in each day.

Meanwhile, was I finishing any of my content?

Ha ha ha ha ha ..... hee hee, oh, I have to laugh ....

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Does the Moon orbit the Earth?

Does a one legged duck swim in circles?

Did Julie WASTE a WHOLE MORNING ???? ---- Yes she did. But I'm not talking to her until Gin and Tonic o'clock at 6pm .....

WAH ???? Jetpack somehow closed my site dashboard and I could not log in again. I had to do lots of little sums like 9 + 4 and 6 + 3 to prove that I'm not a robot. Even though I felt like one after all that coffee and the trauma of not being able to log in to my dashboard. But I failed, so maybe I am a robot.

Then, and far too late, I typed "Jetpack" into the WA "Need Help?" search bar and learned about the full horror of what I had done.

For the record - "Jetpack" is banned, or at least strongly NOT recommended by WA as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I made some coffee and started trawling te blogs here on WA that I found as a result of my search. I came across this blog : "Jetpack Broke My Site. Here's How I Fixed it." by David. He had done the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

Then I hit another snag. To do what he did to repair his error I needed to access my ftp. This time my laughter verged on hysteria.

"FTP" ????? - well, that sounded like a 3-Letter-Acronym for either a very rude phrase or an unmentionable disease.

I researched. I learned.

THEN I realised that I needed an FTP Program ...... OK, I could find that. Other useful blogs and training here on WA mentioned "FileZilla". This part of my research started fine - but I soon needed a pot of coffee. Something wasn't adding up .....

..... then it dawned on me. I use a Chromebook which runs on ChromeOS. Ah! OK! No Problemo! I went into my trusty ChromeOs App and Extensions Store and searched and found quite a few ftp programs for Chromebooks. I tried a couple - but one was slow and the other, which got great reviews, required a Masters in Nerdship.

But, it did lead me to an on-line program which did exactly what I needed to do. With the help of http://www.ftplive.com/ I found the plugin in my ftp files (sounds like I know what I'm talking about) ((I don't)).

I DELETED "Jetpack".

The list of files and little bits of technical doubries and other thingamajigs that related to JetPack was VERY VERY veryveryveryveryveryvery long. All THAT c**p had been on my lovely little site without me knowing it (even though it was my fault).

Anyway - within less than a minute I was able to log in to my dashboard again.

Thank you WA community and especially David.

I'm taking a coffee break.

I am pleased to announce that, to the best of my knowledge, I am not a robot.

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Maxiam59 Premium
Yes I have been there and got that Tshirt all the best Max
jastewart Premium
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one - a few others who made the same mistake have crawled out of the woodwork as a result of my telling of my tale!
JudeP Premium
I also do my fair share of faffing and farting about lol! :)
jastewart Premium
I KNEW that I wasn't alone ....... ;)
iAmDavid Premium
Glad I could help & well done on learning how to get ftp to work on your Chrome book :-)
jastewart Premium
Thank you once again. I hope that I never have to visit my FTP again - but at least I know how to!
RaeAnnePond Premium
LMBO!!! I'm so glad to hear you aren't a robot!, I tend to do a lot of time wasting myself. I start on something which leads to a question. I veer off to get the answer answered which leads me to a great training. But that training leads to another question which leads to another training and before I realize it, I've spiraled so far down the rabbit hole that I've plum forgot what I had started in the first place! Now I'm not sure if that is just being a woman, in which case it's NY perogitive to do such a thing. But if it isn't, then it has to be something else. My friends like to call it ADADD, Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder. In either case, I'm right there with you! Coffee and more coffee isn't the solution but I'll be darned if I know what is yet. Lol!

Have a beautiful day!
Rae Anne
jastewart Premium
It's our age - it's got to be! Happily I've just realised that it's Pancake Day - so I can have MORE coffee with pancakes for my lunch and then pancakes with champagne tonight.

Why not?
RayAleksandr Premium
Omg you're so brave going through all that, or did the caffeine that? But I know how you feel, especially in the morning with coffee, half of my brain's asleep, the other half in a hyper-mode, I do faff-around too lol!

Anyway I'm glad it's all sorted with you Julie.
jastewart Premium
Faffing around is very stylish!