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Last Update: April 02, 2015

Hey guys I just thought I'd give a little progress report.

Here is my site http://whatisinireland.com/

As I mentioned before I had the intention to create enough content to gain authority and traffic from Google before monetizing my site. I had set the bar at 30 posts.

Today I have reached that milestones. I have many posts up around the top five Google pages but only one so far on page one (I will get more there yet). I currently gain 40-70 visitors daily with only a small percent coming organically but I get a lot of returning visitors.

Anyway I feel this is sufficient enough to give me a good start being too greedy will get me nowhere. So let me tell you how I plan to proceed.

Firstly my site needs many affiliate programs to cover all aspects which will include Hotels, B&B's, car rental, ferries, flights, genealogy and possibly more. I know there are programs in all of these.

I will research all of these and pick the best ones on the factors of commissions, pay outs and return business. I will add adsense too but use it quite lightly.

I may use Amazon at a later date to promote some products such as books and DVD's but I am not a great fan of Amazon. They pay crap and it is hard (practically impossible) to get a good international reach due to shipping.

I will need to structure out my menus and add pages for the appropriate programs, I'm hoping some of them offer search widgets. I will also be writing reviews on some of these services.

I also need to get a social network campaign going and some fan pages. Some of you may know me as quite meticulous. I will not put this out on social media until it is fixed up right with the menus all done, I don't want to put out a half finished product on display in front of my friends and family. I wont even put a photo in my about page until things are done right. I kind of have a policy that I wont put my name to half finished or inferior quality work.

So its time to get clicking, wish me luck.


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Firekeeper Premium
It's good to see others who are holding back their marketing campain until the site has gained authority. It encourages me to stay to my principles too!
Electra-5150 Premium
Nice one!
It's good that you've held off emblazoning your site with affiliate links while in it's infancy.People often sign up to these before any content to their sites.
It's good to hear you had a goal in mind and stuck with it until you reached your milestone.
Now you've gained some good traction i can see -you're going see it pay off.
All the best
onlinejim Premium
Well done Jason.Your site is very impressive and has definite potential.As previously stated a monthly newsletter could provide some great possibilities. Keep up the good work. Jim
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Jason your site is looking fantastic it reflects the hard work and effort you have put into it. Don't forget as well when you start to make money use an autoresponder and send out a monthly newsletter with all the offers available plus a few Clickbank products. They are always easier to sell with a follow up communication
Well done and Good luck
Kathy331 Premium
Sounds like a good plan Jason, I know how hard you've worked on this. Good luck, keep us updated!