Online Internet Scams - Big Problem!

Last Update: October 22, 2016

Online Internet Scams are really a BIG problem.

There are more scams out there that I can count and more that will be created in the future.

It is estimated that over four million people get scammed each year online according to a 2014 report done on

With all these Internet scams around, where can people actually go to find a genuine shot at earning online?

Members here at Wealthy Affiliate already know the answer to that question, but what about the many billions of newbies online searching and searching for a real opportunity?

The sad truth is that most of these people will usually get burned before they actually find a real solution.

I am sure that it may have happened to you at least ONE time in your life, right?

I know it has happened to me before and I can tell you that it is one of the worst feeling that anyone can feel - it really creates a sour feeling inside the stomach.

All I can say is that people have to use applied common sense and do their due diligence before any money is invested into a system.

Google is a good source to investigate these online internet scams, but is somewhat also a danger...

Even at times when people decide to go to Google and do their research, they often times stumble upon review sites which says positive things about the same scam that they are doing a research on.

Because these sites are usually on the first 10 results on page one, many people actually puts their trust into them and eventually signs up through the same website.

I see this very often, especially with Binary Options Trading Software; these are some of the most lethal online internet scams that I see and believe me - they are released daily with an army of affiliates ready to promote them to the misinformed.

Online email scams are also in abundance. I know this because every single day - and I mean every single day I get emails from marketers with a scam link embedded in the message.

I do use this to my advantage and actually writes reviews on them from time to time.

If you are a newbie reading this post at this very minute, you can either go back and search for the next get rich scheme or you can make a smart decision now by building out your online business right here.

The tools are here for you to succeed and the community is here to help you if you ever get stuck with a problem.

This place called Wealthy Affiliate is actually ONE of the few places where you can really learn how to earn money online.

I do not blame you if you are skeptical, but you will eventually see for yourself. Be curious and never easily jump into something that you have not done you due diligence in.

Online Internet Scams are on a alarming rise and is actually an evergreen niche since people are always searching for ways to make money online.

As our co-founder Kyle puts it "the internet is the new wild west" and believe me it is quite so!

Be safe out there my friends and I wish you great success in whatever you do.

Reach out to me for help if needed.


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CaJe51 Premium
Unfortunately for every scam that gets shut down, several more pop up in its place. Desperate times.
drjec Premium
Thanks for the warning. These scams are what make people so skeptical about something like WA.
DennisD1 Premium
Thanks, Great post
JasonJF Premium
Thank you, Dennis.
SteveBlythe Premium
Totally agree with you Jason
JasonJF Premium
Glad you see my point, Steve.
MPollock Premium
Thanks, for sharing, there are way too many scams this year
JasonJF Premium
Yea, this year and many more years to come.

Lets be vigilant while online.