Not Enough Hours in the Day

Last Update: October 21, 2013

Is it me or do all Wealthy Affiliate folk have this problem?

I've just had my dinner - not too late really as it's 7.30 pm. But I did get up at 5 am this morning, have spent the day at work, came home, walked the dogs, fed the dogs, got my dinner prepared, did the house work, cooked dinner . . . ate my meal yum (lamb chops), washed the dishes, made a lovely cuppa tea ahhh. And breathe . . .

In between times I've been working on my website, trying to to keep up with the promise I made that I would write at least one post everyday. Admittedly today's post was a short one! I've also chatted with fellow WA'ers, having a bit of a laugh and learning even more new stuff (hooray).

Now, I am in no way complaining as I am loving every minute of my WA experience but I do feel a wee bit exhausted today. Feel a little bit like a juggler who keeps dropping the ball . . . that the information is not quite sinking in . . .

Anyone else out there feeling the same? Or have you felt like this before and found a way past it? Got any suggestions for relaxing a bit without taking my eye off the priorities I need to concentrate on to create my super, successful new business? Is this just the 'norm' when we become a part of this amazing community? I just can't seem to switch the thought processes off but need to still do the day job, eat, sleep and so on. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night with a brand new fabulous niche concept buzzing around in my head.

Thing is I slept on it and, for the life of me, couldn't remember what this amazing new idea was!

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Labman Premium
Segmenting yourself and finding time for this can be a challenge.

Keep a notepad by your bed for those late night inspirations, You may or may not be able to read your writing but at least it is there for you when you need it.

At work, I used to use the dictation app on my phone when I had a moment of inspiration(remember to transcribe them) Now I use notepad since I am home on my computer all the time.
I have a directory just for these sorts of things and I name them by date and a quick reminder so I can check back.
@RICH. Premium
Hey Jan. You have my sympathy, I had a full time job, often 8am-8pm, often weekends too when I first started here at WA. I decided to give up watching television completely to make some time to focus on WA, as the freedom from employment and meetings-about-meetings was more important to be than any career-based financial success. I just needed to earn about the same or preferably a little more. Now, 18 months later, I'm doing better financially than I was in my job and I rarely work more than a couple of hours a day, when and if I want. You might find it to be a huge struggle at the beginning, but stick with it, the outcome in my case has certainly been worth any sacrifice. I'd also recommend you read Muffin's piece on this :) Rich.
denysmoney57 Premium
It is a challenge and you know what if you just walk away from it for a few hours and unwind, then go to WA it will go off like a light'll see, we all experience that in the beginning, but, your on overload, try doing the dinner and feed your pets , then relax with a little tv or a good book, That what I do then I get to it! and promise myself 1 task at a time, and then it just seems to all click, good luck
jangee Premium
Such good advice - I know you are right. I would usually have a long walk with the dogs before and after work but the last few days here have been torrential rain. The walk is my chance to unwind and recoup. But I will get to grips with it an chill out more :0)
BIS Premium
Lots of people have experienced similar things.

1. Keep a notebook by your bed so you can right that idea when it comes to you and then go straight back to sleep.

2. Are your priorities clear - Have a look at your list and chop some if necessary.

3. Have you got a specific amount of time you're going to spend on your website - if not decide and stick to it.

4. Be realistic in your expectations. Doing this round work and life is not easy.

5. Make sure when you do have time, you use it effectively.

Boring list I know, but there's no other way.

Good luck
jangee Premium
Great list BIS - I just can't stick to number 3!! It seems to be any and every smidge of time I can spare. I am sure I will get a much more sustainable routine soon ;0)
jodymiller Premium
Hi Jan - I come up against this challenge everyday. And I'm working at this AS my day job! So I can't even imagine how challenging the time issue is if you're going to a separate day job. I think the small pieces concept of not choosing more to do each day than is realistic for you to get done is a great one. You then feel like you're accomplishing something each day and slowly but surely getting there. And I suggest keeping a notepad by your bed for those middle of the night great ideas, so they don't fly away by morning. :-) Wishing you much success and continued fun at WA!
jangee Premium
Thanks Jody - as I say I'm not really complaining but just wondered how others cope. Always good to get some help and advice :0) yes will definitely keep a pen and paper to hand.