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Last Update: Aug 5, 2019

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Am really thinking is this for me it's 6 months now and is not. Working. Because of a fall

But am I at the right place I try. Not to say anything but it's 6 months and. Paying for something that is not working for me is no good

Am having some problems with my ads the only thing that is making a $1 on and it's not working

Yes I know have asked for help left to right and center

And yes site support too and still nothing

This is getting to me. Am not happy with it

Am not blaming anyone

It's just that am mad at myself I guess

All the best to everyone on their success here


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As you get more content so you will get more visitors Janet. Don't be mad at yourself, instead focus that energy on writing some articles.


Thanks will do

Hi Janet, may I ask why are you buying ads rather than developing the organic approach? Isn’t it better to use ads to scale up your businesses once it gathers steam?

I’ve been here six and a half months and no sales. My goal is to grow my traffic and become an authority site. I consider myself still a student. Not expecting to get sales for another few months. I know until you have over 100 posts Google doesn’t consider your site an authority site.

Don’t give up. Just modify your attitude and recalculate your expectations. You can do it.



Hi Janet. Have you had a chance for Jay or WA team to actually look at your site? Just a thought?

Two weeks ago I contact site support

Hi Janet, being in business takes time, you could be closer than you think.
Darren :0

Don't give up Janet. Maybe rethink your strategy. It seems maybe you should hold off on paying for ads right now. Try searching around for free places to advertise. Advertise in you local area. This is what I'm doing.

I'm not making any money yet, but I know this works and with the learning curve it's going to take time.

Check out Tiffany (TDomena) she has some good teachings.


Hi Janet
It takes times loads of learning and really hard work consistently to grow any business and 6 months is nothing in the time you need to become truly successful.
Look at all the great business people all over the world and they will all tell you how hard you have to work to do anything well
All the best in whatever you do

I Janet before you give up read this blog by Benjis dad, I was so frustrated I wanted to quit, after reading this I became motivated and I continued working and did make some commission

Ok will do thank you

This site and platform isn't for everyone. It takes hard work to do this kind of business. Best of luck wherever it takes you.

Am not saying it's easy and we don't have to work hard
Am saying am having a problem with Adsense that’s all am saying
And I have reached out for help many times

Google Adsense is a whole different kind of platform. Its Google. Your site needs to be higher authority site to gain a lot of traffic before you can gain more Google adsense click throughs. Patience is a necessity when it comes to organic traffic and earnings in any niche including adsense. 6 months is too soon to reap its rewards. Im on this platform 7 months, nothing yet, But I know it takes time for a business to grow. I don't think anyone can do anything about Google. Google does what it does. Maybe try other ways to get traffic on your site like Bing. Some are doing well on Bing. Many other ways to gain traffic through your marketing efforts. Marketing is hard work. Sometimes we just have to work a little harder on gaining more traffic on our sites. Marketing efforts needs to be increased if you want to see more click throughs with Adsense. Hope that makes sense. Don't give up. It equals tp failure.

Hey Janet,
I'm only 3 months here so maybe I'm not qualified to speak on issues affecting you as it relates to earning.

I know, it can be very frustrating when you are investing into something and not getting in return. I am however, suggesting that you give yourself some more time.

Sometimes we give up when everything seems the darkest around us, but if we had only given ourselves one more go at it, we would have seen we were this close.

This is just my suggestion. I've read very positive blogs from you and I'm expecting us one day to share our success story.
You can do it Janet! If others do so can we.

Blessings up my sister.

Thank you
Really appreciate this

You are welcome. We are supposed to lift each other up.

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