happy clients make me happy

Last Update: June 09, 2013
Cheers family, I hope your summer is awesome so far.

One of the many things I've learned here at WA is to go above & beyond adding value.

My day started with this nice message from a client in London ...

"I would just like to say.... I love ya Jamie Smith thank you for everything xx"

when a client is happy with my marketing skills, it makes all the hard work worth while!

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kaliinozarks Premium
When we had our computer repair service, we were constantly getting plates of cookies and brownies because of the something extra we provided.

The downside, I put on way too much weight.

Shawn Martin Premium
Gotta love it!
Steve Sharp Premium
It's always nice to hear nice things from clients. Getting them to write a testimonial is another story. Seems my best clients are most resistant to write a testimonial so I've given up on asking. Guess they don't want anyone else to know.
jatdebeaune Premium
I love you already and haven't bought anything from you yet. That's nice Jamie. Means a lot when people express appreciation.
Jamie Smith Premium
Thanks Joan, yep, it sure means a lot for the nice words from my client in London and from you.
Carson Premium
I couldn't agree more Jamie! When someone gives you a compliment or says a few nice words about your efforts, it's very encouraging and motivating. Sounds like your clients love what you're doing, nice :)

Jamie Smith Premium
Thanks again for everything Carson, you might as well take a bow, these moves are all yours, Jay's, and Kyle's moves.