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January 04, 2014
Wishing the WA family worldwide a great 1st Quarter 2014 and beyond! US mobile internet traffic nearly doubled in 2013 and the future looks bright thanks to Kyle, Carson, and Jay you will continue to see an already awesome WA become even better with each passing week. cheers to your success! One Love Jamie
October 11, 2013
I joined the WA family 4 years ago today on October 11th 2009. I want to send a shout to the WA family worldwide, you truly are amazing people. Sending a special shout to Jay, Kyle, and Carson; every morning I wake up to conversions, I always tip my hat to you, these are all your moves. I believe in WA, you will find me here 20 years from now.
October 01, 2013
4th Quarter 2013 starts TODAY! Wishing the WA family worldwide great success during Q4 2013 and beyond.
June 27, 2013
Cheers family,I hope the WA family worldwide is enjoying a wonderful summer so far. I have not posted on my blog in a minute, so I wanted to stop by today for a few reasons. July starts on Monday, which in turn means that 3rd Quarter 2013 also starts on Monday. I want to take a moment to give SERIOUS props to all of you who are busy taking action. I wish you great success during Q3 and beyond. I will be enjoying some nice wine with dinner this evening, and I plan to raise my glass to you.For tho
Cheers family, I hope your summer is awesome so far.One of the many things I've learned here at WA is to go above & beyond adding value.My day started with this nice message from a client in London ..."I would just like to say.... I love ya Jamie Smith thank you for everything xx"when a client is happy with my marketing skills, it makes all the hard work worth while!
June 01, 2013
Cheers to everyone in the WA family worldwide celebrating a June birthday!
May 22, 2013
I want to share this current information from Matt CuttsPenguin 2.0 rolled out
May 14, 2013
As 2nd Quarter continues to fly by quickly with Summer right around the corner, I want to share this resource from Matt Cutts at google.
Wishing you & your family a nice Mother's Day today!
May 01, 2013
Cheers to everyone in the WA family worldwide celebrating a May birthday!