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Last Update: January 19, 2016

Hi All,

It's been a while since I posted anything here at WA.I've still been active keeping up to date with the community and working on my site. I took a break from the lessons to concentrate on putting what I had learned thus far into action, and am really pleased with the progress.The site has taken on a much more structured form that I think will help to monetise it going forward and am planning to continue building out the product reviews. I've finally got to grips with the social media side and have been posting regularly.

I'm back to the training now and am enjoying moving forward again.Stopping to build on what I had learned so far has been of great benefit and I'm feeling a lot more confident in what I am doing and the development of the site.

P.S. I hate plugin's. lol. Thanks to all WA member's for helping me with this what a headache.

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KatieMac Premium
sounds like you are happy with your progress well done
Sheila50 Premium
It is such a good feeling when you accomplish things, isn't it? It doesn't even have to be anything big, just an improvement!
Keep focused and moving forward!
paulgoodwin Premium
We Missed you man - well I did anyway but glad that you are still getting stuck in - plugins right!!!!
truered Premium
It's nice to know that other members take time off from the lessons to put what they learned into action before moving on. My goal this weekend was to put three days in and get to course 3 lesson 10, happened! It was one problem after the other and I found myself working on writing my first posting for my site when I could steal a minute instead of going through the lessons. I felt guilty, I felt like i wasn't making progress, I felt tired and worn down. Of course I start allowing those negative voices to hold me down but after reading your post I now realize that even though I have not uploaded my first post to my website yet I am almost done with writing it and I have accomplished a lot while I was dealing with issues all weekend. Now I am proud to say i did move forward! So thanks for letting me know that working on your site behind the scenes is still moving forward! Best of luck to you!
Buddle Premium
Thumbs up, James