Make Working From Home Work For You

Last Update: March 07, 2016

I posted an article recently on my 'work smarter Australia' website that covered ways to help professionalise the home work environment.

I think it is an area that people can overlook when they start up an online business.

Something for Nothing?

There is a stigma attached to working on the internet - the perception that online work should be an easy way to get money, just plug in a system and watch the cash flow in.

And we wonder why people still fall for online scams and the 'get rich quick' schemes! Its because so many want something for nothing.

But, unfortunately for us all, It just doesn't work that way. You need to do some work to get some results,

And If you set up your work environment at home and treat it like a business, then you will probably be more motivated to get results.

Learning About Delayed Gratification

'Conventional' business owners expect some delayed gratification when they start up a new business. They put in the time to set up there business foundations - a shop, advertising, merchandise, services, staff and customer good will. Then they can expect to start making a profit. It doesn't always happen day one.

The same goes for affiliate marketing.

There needs to be a willingness to put in the effort required to build a business foundation (your website) and then, the business can start to make money.

Build It and They Will Come ( i love that quote, had to include it !)

Do the training provided here, set up an area in your house or office where you can dedicate time to working professionally on your website business, and then things will start fall into place.

:-) My two cents for today !

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DaleOdom Premium
Great job I agree with you James.
JulietAA Premium
Thanks for sharing this James
Lazyblogger Premium
Great post-James, I believe that delayed gratification is key. We often failed in our business because of this. Thank you for the reassurance.

ValerieJoy Premium
Thank you for this great post. It is invaluable :)
JamesBB Premium
Hi Valerie, you have been a long time in the business and Im sure have this all sorted. I appreciate your comment. James
TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome James & worth much more than 2 cents my Friend = Priceless Advice for sure.

Thank You for sharing & Yes when we build it they will most certainly come.

JamesBB Premium
Thanks Tony, I just read your earlier post on similar subject, All the best.

Hey .. also i just changed my username from Jimstar to JamesBB .... Does this filter through to followers ?
TonyHamilton Premium

All of your followers should still be with you. They may take a moment to realize that your username is different.

All the best to You as well my Friend,