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Where has everybody gone?Doesnt anyone use WA's Site Comments anymore? I ran out of credits the other day and went to do some Site Comments for people and to my dismay there were no sites to comment on. After dropping in one of my own recent articles to get comments added I just got the same people (thank you to you ). Great stuff but, it looks a little weird having the same people dropping comments on all your posts. (Unless they were reall true followers, Lol)Comments on your posts = more con
December 06, 2018
Back to Basics Paying Off. I have been pumping a bit of content into my sites of late. I added this particular post to my website about 3 days ago. I received notification that it had been indexed yesterday. I did a random search on Google and, Boom ! .. page one, position 7! Not my focus keyword either but another targeted keyword, non the less. And it is happening more often now than before, so traffic is building up. So.. now spending more time and focus on getting the post optimised f
November 13, 2018
So, it is time to start setting some goals and targets for 2019. Do you do this? I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. I know it works because it has worked in my life. Setting goals and targets is just like setting things you want to attract in your life.So whether you believe it works or not, you are subconsciously doing it anyway by setting goals. Anyway... I digress! I have decided this coming year I am going to set more specific goals than I have previously. So normally I look at
November 06, 2018
I opened my Wealthy Affiliate page this morning to the news that I have cracked the top 200 Rank! Awesome news for me. having been involved with WA and Affiliate Marketing for a number of years now, it is great to know that slow and steady work will eventually lead to success. It is also heralding a change in my business as it moves forward and upwards.I actively promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform to anyone who wants to listen to me. I honestly believe that Kylie and Carson and the team hav
November 05, 2018
Im feeling inspired, so it is time to create some momentum. Niche Hunting I am currently researching some new niche ideas for my new lease on life. I am keen to kick of the coming year with a couple of new niche websites that I can develop and bring to life. So I have started looking firstly at some of the things that I have a real affinity for. There are a bunch of things that I am really passionate about and a few that I know a bit about, so these are the basis of my research. Using the WA
October 28, 2018
I'm going to make this short but sweet. For a couple of years now I have been dabbling around the edges of my Affiliiate Marketing business.I am over it! I have pressure from my day work, stuck with contracts that I hate and dealing with people who I do not want to deal with. No one seems to respect the efforts I put in and they are never satisfied. So I am totally over it! The choice has been made. It is time to take on my affiliate marketing business head on and start working it full time.
I think I have a karmic lesson to learn in life. Its about assuming control of my life and not being controlled. Sometimes the best thing in life is right in front of you. I have been doing my internet business for a while now and frankly I haven't really put in the effort recently that I needed for it to really take off. Sure I earn some money, but Im not where I want to be. So, I started a new 'job' recently in an area that I thought I was passionate about, thinking I could earn better mon
February 18, 2018
Hi Guys, I guess you have all heard the expression "burning the candle at both ends". It's all about juggling your work load, and you play, family, social activities and avoiding burn out. If you are burning the candle at both ends trying to get your affiliate marketing work done whilst working a full time job, or maintaining a household wiht kids etc, you could be on your way to burn out. So pace yourself. Burn out is not fun, if you have never experienced it. Understand your fixed c
January 31, 2018
FINDING NICHE IDEASI was at work today - (I have the second best job in the world at the moment as a Yacht Sales Broker ) - and I was reading an industry magazine. Flipping through the pages I came across a super new niche idea. Sorry I cant tell you what it is because I am too excited about it and want it all to myself, lol. But think DOGS and BOATS .... and you might get the gist. I guess the point of this post is for anyone who is stuck with ideas for a new niche, or even your first niche id
January 21, 2018
One of My Favourite Emails One of my favourite emails is the "Congrats ...." email letting me know another person has connected with WA through one of my websites/ links. But did you know that you earn affiliate credit when your referral completes their profile and sets some goals? Credits add up and can be used towards "comments" and "feedback" and can also be cashed in when you get enough. To cash in your credits they need to qualify - meaning a percentage of your referrals need to have bee