Notes from Kyle's Live Briefing Today

Last Update: December 23, 2017

I noted down a number of points for myself from Kyle's briefing today, its not complete and no doubt there's more. But I thought I would share it as it is. Feel free to edit use it in anyway you like. I know I will use every point I can to help me in my efforts.

Hope it helps

Kind Regards and Merry Christmas


Key points:

Think you are going to be the very best in your niche that you can be

  • Your audience is world-wide you will never run out of potential
  • You only need a minute slice of the pie to make a good business
  • Know your public
  • Keep current be engaged in your niche
  • Learn all about your niche
  • Consume information regards your niche
  • Become enthralled in your niche
  • Build Trust
  • Relevance...if something is not relevant to your site don’t put it there.

Keep Current

  • Joining communities in your niche
  • Gather information by keeping up with what’s current
  • Google alert one means of keeping current THIS WILL KEEP YOU UP TO DATE WITH LATEST INFO
  • It will give you more keyword ideas, headline

Keep notes regards your niche

  • Record on an endless basis you may never use all the ideas but you have them
  • Write down ideas
  • Product ideas
  • Structures for the website
  • Tools you may be able to use

Dig down into your niche

  • Find different avenues to pursue within your niche
  • Solve peoples problems
  • Build an independent authoritive website within your niche
  • Important events and dates regards your niche
  • Product reviews, help people buy things.
  • Do your research

Gather knowledge

  • Look deeply into the product how it interacts with people
  • You could get to the point of creating your own product

Affiliate Marketing

  • Companies are looking for ways to expand their online presence
  • It is more efficient to buy online
  • Become an authority in your niche
  • It’s not that other people are better or different than you
  • What’s an expert?
  • Someone who can help me/you do something, solve a problem, recommendations on something that has made a difference
  • Help people from a degree of confidence
  • Provide advice to solve a problem
  • You can be an expert in the way you help somebody
  • This also happens over time and by helping people
  • Never stop learning
  • Jump in and do things learning all the way

You can learn alot from someone who has spent 10 years in doing what you don’t know.

You can become an expert, time does not define an expert, learn from those who have the experience...WA is an example of this.

Kyle goes into a bookstore

  • Finds something (magazines) looks at their ads I get ideas
  • How to idea
  • Content ideas
  • Headlines expert editors know how to place these GREAT IDEas
  • Go to local bookstores find magazines related to your niche
  • You can do the same online
  • Establish yourself as an authority

Leave a legacy ( Work on your business as though you are leaving a legacy)

  • Give yourself time, be patient
  • The easiest way out is to not do something or learn about it.
  • Things will go wrong once in a while
  • Have confidence in WA
  • They will continue to give you more tools and efficiency

Watch the replay.

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terrycarroll Premium
Thanks so much James; a great summary and will be really useful as a check when watching the replay.

JamesAnders1 Premium
Hi Terry
The list is by no means will Im sure be able to add more as you watch the replay.
Cheers James
DaveSw Premium
Great synopsis of the training, useful for me and I am sure others.Good session from what you have notes on! Cheers, and enjoy the holidays...Dave : )
JamesAnders1 Premium
No problem as I was looking over the notes I decided they may help others too...There was so much content in what Kyle said I was pushed to get down what I did. Watching the replay is vital. Thanks for following me i followed you back. Have a good Xmas Dave and a great New Year
sukumarth Premium
I could watch the webinar only in parts as I was involved with other personal things. The webinar timing was 6:30 in the morning for me and to sit down for one hour then was difficult as I had to hurry for office too. But I have seen that the recording is available now and I'm going to watch it soon. In fact, this post of yours has made me all the more eager to watch the recording. Thanks for sharing.
JamesAnders1 Premium
Great to hear...Kyle never disappoints. James
front9agency Premium
Thanks for this James - super helpful as I re-watch some parts.
,- Jason
JamesAnders1 Premium
I am pleased to have helped you.
Regards James
Fleeky Premium Plus
Thank you!

That saved me a lot of time and says it all
JamesAnders1 Premium
No problem Fleeky.