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I just watched a review video by Kyle of the 4 basic steps to creating an online business, it was refreshing to review these step in this new moment in time. As we move forward with we can (as I did) get caught up in the process steps. Theme decisions, what plugins to use, which pictures should I insert, how many words makes for good content and so on. And, lose sight of just how simple we ought to keep it. Without Traffic I'll not have a business. Things I am able to control. I'm able to contr
March 06, 2018
I Just completed some incomplete tasks, getting through Level 4 in the Certification Course. This has been so near completion for a while now and it was bugging me. So It's now done. I'm moving ahead with the next course. Which is aptly named "Content is my business". I've had a number of realizations while being here at Wealthy Affiliate. One of which is "this is actually hard work" it's not easy and it requires one endures. Don't give up even when it seemingly goes wrong, there's alway somet
February 25, 2018
I just watched this training video, it's timely considering the journey I'm on here within Wealthy Affiliate. While watching Kyle go through the steps he takes when writing I'm reminded of a datum, learned many years ago when I was involved in a group that conducted intensive levels of training. Anyway, the datum is; Intention Is Cause. Without intention nothing happens.It's an empirical truth. Try to make something happen without intention! So, relating this back to the video training, I found
February 20, 2018
Being curious by nature, a couple of days back I was wondering just how Blogging got started, it wasn't long before I found an article by Cameron Chapman "Brief History Of Blogging".I had intended to do my own research and write some content about it, but, Chapman did a such a good job with his article, I doubt I could improve on it. So, I dropped the idea. However, there's a thought provoking comment at the very end of it, I thought I'd share it here. [Blogs are unlikely to go anywhere in the
I just watched, again, Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews and in the process created a small list of things to make sure I do when creating review content.Thought it may help some here.It's not fancy...CIAOCaptivatingInformativeAccurateOpinionatedYou'll want your reviews to tie into the overall theme of your site!At the top of your reviews you'll ALSO want to include:Target Search Term (Whatever term you use in the title of your post) always within the first couple of paragraph of your pos
January 18, 2018
I have decided to return to the beginning of Boot-Camp and do each of the steps again, although I am not too far off finishing it for the first time around I feel it would be a good action. And I think I can create a great long-term business promoting WA/Jaaxy. I doubt it will take long to go through them. There's benefit in going over things one has learnt before. "Many times of something equals certainty plus results." A datum from some high level training I went through within a group I was
December 29, 2017
What are you going through in relation to Keywords?What do you feel about the subject of Keywords?What runs through your mind regarding Keywords?I ask these three questions to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of what, if any, problems, feelings and thoughts we as content marketers run into when it comes to Keyword research and the use of keywords. Thank you in advance for your assistance.JamesI can kick it off.Q1. Knowing how best to place keywords in contentQ2. Sometimes I feel con
I noted down a number of points for myself from Kyle's briefing today, its not complete and no doubt there's more. But I thought I would share it as it is. Feel free to edit use it in anyway you like. I know I will use every point I can to help me in my efforts.Hope it helpsKind Regards and Merry ChristmasJamesKey points:Think you are going to be the very best in your niche that you can beYour audience is world-wide you will never run out of potentialYou only need a minute slice of the pie to m
December 07, 2017
Hi, I have just finished Certfication Course 3 now starting course 4. I've got a couple of sites underway, I'm learning much everyday. My intent is to get the Certification course finished soon and then return to the Bootcamp Course which I'm near halfway through. I now have certainty I can build business for myself and my family all thanks to the training here in WA.
I am doing both Boot-Camp and the Certification Course concurrently. It's interesting as there's some overlap between the two. I am learning a lot in a short time. My site is starting to build now with more content added each day. I work to post at least one if not two posts daily, and It's fast becoming a habit. And so, it goes for me I make some progress in building a business. Is it easy? Hell no, sometimes it's quite difficult!I find typing a challenge, writng good content is difficult but