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Last Update: April 04, 2016

Well, You people of WA, As I drove home last evening, from a friend's home, there was this juiced up BMW M-series that thundered around me , passing everyone to get ahead.

I caught up to him at the traffic light.

Lights went green, Thr car growled ,then left a bit of expensive Perelli rubber , I suppose, behind; made a gap of a half a mile in no time.

again, caught up to him at the nest traffic light , about a mile away.

At That traffic light, we both made a left turn on the green filter/ arrow.

The fellow, screamed off again.. only to make a right turn, about a 1/4 mile ahead of me.

If you know anything about West Los Angeles's streets, you cannot really enjoying driving such a car.

I have a 2003 ml350 which can easily cover distance in a short time rapidly; and I remained within the speed limit, and still , I arrived at the same place as that other fellow did.

my observations from this activity, is as follows:


Do not expend valuable energy to go nowhere fast.

one step at the time will get you there.

Now, if the thing had wings. BY ALL MEANS .. FLY.


On an open desert hi-way , out in the boonies, (middle of nowhere), on a 6 lane high way, yes, go there and floor the pedal safely.

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JulietAA Premium
The fast runner never runs past home.
He couldn't go past the red lights. What was the rush about!
It's not how fast but how well
joyweb Premium
Slow and steady, good advice.
JudeP Premium
Slow and steady wins the race :)
bjdluna Premium
This is a good one! I wish I could successfully practice the art of :

Do not expend valuable energy to go nowhere fast.

one step at the time will get you there.

These are both a good way to live and probably result in a longer happier life!
RobinHudson Premium
hahahaha... some drivers! good advice...