May 26, 2016
I may see you all in about 4 or 5 months. My account ends tomorrow sometime.I have to fulfill my destiny. ..And I must keep my own word to myself.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Rebuilding and relearning everything regarding this affiliate marketing business.I deeply apologize to all who followed me, but, I have to make some major corrections.Many thanks to Kyle and Carson, and Jay.My account closes tomorrow some time.Keep on learning from the pro
Apologies to my followers.I am taking a time out.I will be gone for a spell. to regroup and rebuild.I will be inactive for a bit.So carry on with your good work. Help each other out.
Two peculiar incidents happened with me this past weekend.1. I was in a restaurant with a friend getting dinner.2. I w as in my usual internet WI-FI hotspot establishment, doing the busy.The first incident involved the observation of another guest, who was seated in the table just behind me and my long time college buddy.The Guest , in question, had chimed in on a comment, that My friend and I, made regarding the unusual rain we had last weekend in Los Angeles. After we finished our meal; Th
April 04, 2016
Well, You people of WA, As I drove home last evening, from a friend's home, there was this juiced up BMW M-series that thundered around me , passing everyone to get ahead.I caught up to him at the traffic light.Lights went green, Thr car growled ,then left a bit of expensive Perelli rubber , I suppose, behind; made a gap of a half a mile in no time.again, caught up to him at the nest traffic light , about a mile away.At That traffic light, we both made a left turn on the green filter/ arrow.Th
March 31, 2016
"It is better to live ready than to get ready!”
One thing I have learnt in this new social engineered econonomy is that you become a familiar face in certain establishments. the results ; You gain new acquaintances, business acquaintances, and UNFORTUNATELY, SOME WHO CANNOT recognize that when You have your head down with InkPen in one hand, and one hand on your laptop Keyboard, and your ears embraced by your favourite sound generator, that you are BUSY!How do you deal with this?Find a location; safe and unfamiliar to you. Make no friend
I recalled a phone call I had today with an old friend.We caught on some missing time, seeing that we meet about once in a blue moon.This is how us guys are; We pick up where we left off 3 years ago.. and move further forward, then break off another few months. Unfortunately, and even though we were friend in college,and are still good friends, he will not see the logic on how I do the insurance business. He , i guess did not notice the Starbucks model. Starbucks did not invent Coffee, but th
Now, I must remind my readers that all the powers of success did not originate from Mankind. They are from the Spiritual and Godly dimension..I had mentioned before that a person is the sum total of the 5 people they associate with.For example; Many of you, who still wear watches with the luminous hands, will have noted that when or f you shine an external light on your watch, and then observe your watch face in a dark area, you will note how much brighter your watch face will glow.Another exa
I am a StarTrekie, BattleStar Galactica, Star Gate SG-1, type of people. Dr. Who, (the early 1970's TV show that used to show on Public TV stations.I watch such things when Possible.I found these two powerful inspiring quotes just now.--------------------------------------"Once a month the sky falls on my head, I come to, and I see another movie I want to make."– Steven Spielberg --------------------------------------------------"If you can tune into the fantasy life of an 11-year-old gir
4 comments I was driving towards WEST Los angeles, this morning.As I drove by a certain street, this thought rose up out of "NO-WHERE', or so it seemed.''"A BAND-AID WILL NOT REPAIR THE DAMAGE DONE BY A BULLET:"That was weird. I suspected that this thought arose due me thinking of a person I personally know, who now sits at home and watches movies.Ever since the loss of a few family members and job, this person has not tried to enlighten their mind, or try to open up to new and out of the box th