Decide and Don't Stop Until You Get There

Last Update: Apr 17, 2019

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Decide Where You Want To Go and Don't Stop Until You Get There

Hello All

When I saw this quote it got me thinking about my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate and how excited I was when I joined.

I am still excited and find myself getting more excited the more I learn and the more I am able to build my business.

I am really realising the meaning of Anything is Possible.

I mean where else can you get all this.

Being here at Wealthy Affiliate we have a support system like no other, I would go as far to say that this is the best customer support system for small and growing online businesses.

The great thing is that you can start from scratch and build a solid foundation for your new online business


You can bring your exciting online business over to this amazing platform and learn how to make it more successful.


Because there are so many experts here that the only way that you can fail is if you, yourself give up.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member we get 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, wall to wall help.

This applies to everyone anywhere in the world. How great is that.

Get Your Questions Answered 24/7

We can get our questions and queries answered in record time so no waiting around for hours to get your questions answered so that you can continued to build your business and a nice steady flow that suits you. This included technical questions to.

Live and Instant Support

We have instant help within the live chat and there are experts at hand throughout the day and night.

With the help of senior members and ambassadors that are available to give us feedback to our questions and any concerns that we may have.

Website and Hosting Support in 5 Minutes or Less

With the amazing help from Site Support we are able to get assistance in 5 minutes or less and this help will come from experts and not a 3rd party. This means that it will save a lot of time in getting things done without having to wait for an expert, technical response which other hosting platform offer. So no more waiting around to get things done. YAY

Mentoring From The Founders

Where else can you get in contact with the owners / founders of a company and get there personal help if you need to.

Well here at Wealthy Affiliate we got this. I have been helped by Kyle a good few times now and find this amazing because I have never experienced this anywhere else before, well not easily anyway.

This is available to all Premium members, now if that is not value for money I don’t know what is. Lol

Direct Access to 10,000’s of industry Experts

Did you know that here at Wealthy Affiliate we have Affiliate Marketing experts right here in our community. Yes we have people that are at the top of their game right here within this community and this means that we have the ability to connect with 10,000’s of industry experts. Now is that amazing or what?

Website / WordPress Support

Not only do we get the state of the art technology here at Wealthy Affiliate with our WordPress websites within the SiteRubix platform, we also have a community of website and technical help at the palm of our hands, well at a click.

Did you know that we also have a lot of the top WordPress plugin and theme owners that are frequently within Wealthy Affiliate and they are also available to answer any queries we have.

So with All This How Can You Fail

The only thing that you have to add to all this is YOU.

Decide Where You Want To Go and Don’t Stop Until You Get There

I say all this to share my excitement with you and to encourage you to know that with all this help You GOT THIS.

Thank you for reading

Now go make this happen

Please show some love by liking and sharing and leaving me a comment. I would love to hear from you.


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Recent Comments


Great energy Jennifer, and I have to agree that the community here + the ‘owners participation’ in their business goes above and beyond *anything* I initially expected. I keep wondering ‘when does the hype fade away and they (owners) disappear’? Lol. Everyone still here, participating, contributing, and like the Great Canadian Geese (I’m a Canuck ;)), cheering everyone on in the meantime.

And Jennifer, you have posted 61 times since you started a little over a year ago; that’s a LOT of reading I have to do with the objective to learn as much as I can from you. Thank you :) I hope to pay it forward one day too.

Continued success, and happiness :)

Hello Steve and nice to meet you.

Thank you so much for your encouraging and supportive post I really appreciate it.

I look forward to see your progress here at Wealthy Affiliate too.

Here's to making it happen


Thank you for the awesome information I am happy I joined WA because it has all the information, mentors and constant help that other platforms do not provide. The only way this could fail, like you say, is if I give up and I refuse to give up. Thank you.

Thank you Julian for your comment and support much appreciated.

Yes the only way to fail is to give up so here's to making it happen here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Have a brilliant week

What an inspirational post! You're so right when you say the only way we can fail here is if we, ourselves, actually give up. The constant support from awesome, like-minded individuals gives me a sense of community and belonging. Because not everyone believes in you when you say you want to abandon traditional work ideas & build your own.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Thank you Amoy for your comment, feedback and support much appreciated.

Yes this is a wonderful place to develop and grow your online business and the community here is second to none.

So many people are stuck in the Matrix and no matter what you tell them, they just won't get it.

So Do your Thang Girl.

Have a great week


Good Day, Jennifer.

What a beautiful message to offer the community.
This is without doubt, one of the secrets of LIFE!

First you need a direction, a plan, a purpose.
No one accomplishes very much without a plan.
Knowing what you want is this, to a "t".

All achievers begin here.
How can we reach a specific destination without knowing where it is?

Topping off, a plan or purpose with GRATITUDE is surely the icing on the cake.
Success means something different for everyone, but there is no doubt that applied knowledge and effort are part of the equation.

Gratitude is often in short supply, yet, here we have so much offered to us that this is often not fully understood.

The list of "goodies" offered here are too numerous to mention in any single post or blog. Many members craft long, well-written, and well-researched descriptions of what is available, but it is very difficult to include it all.

The courses, the classes, the videos, the 24/7, the VALUE for your hard earned dollar, perhaps have no equal.

ALL that remains, is for you and I, and anyone else so inclined, is to provide the EFFORT.

Thank you for posting this.

My day is already off to a great start, and I am only in its 5th hour!

Have a great day and keep walking towards the sun.


Thank you Paul for this wonderful comment / feedback I really appreciate you taking the time.

Have a wonderful day / week


Uhm! Decide where I want to go right from this moment and to not stop until I get there.
That is indeed the motivation I needed to keep on going and remain steadfast with this Super Affiliate Challenge.

How To You Get Back On Track, When You Feel Like You've Got No More Words To Write About?

Try these training modules. it is easy to say. (hard to do) Just look at from a different angle. Try asking new questions about your niche. Try to look at from your visitor perspective and ask the question they want to be answered.

Hoe this is some help.


One thing I've grown rather fond of when I feel like I need some extra ideas, is the Jaaxy dashboard. I don't know if you use Jaaxy to make your lists of keywords, but if you do, there's a 'related' and an 'alphabet soup' tool that are awesome for pushing out related topics. So, you can go back to something you really enjoyed writing, find a related keyword, do some new research, and write a different, but topic-related, post.

Hello Cris,
Thanks so much for taking the time to solve this problem of mine. I truly appreciate it.

Yes, I use Jaaxy a lot, from its Alphabet Soup, to it's keyword research. In fact, it is one of the tools I rely on and love most here in WA.

The problem is I get very excited doing my keyword research phase up to the point that have incorporated them into my titles.
I already have like 30 prepared keyword-rich article topics.
But now, the problem is actually writing down my ideas.

Even after lots of research, whenever I write I feel like I'm plagiarizing somebody's work.
With that, I have been finding it very difficult to proceed with my writings.

Then, I will be like oh no there's nothing else to write, and there comes the procrastination.

So sorry dear, it's like I've written down an article already!

Thank you so much, Dave.
I sincerely appreciate your time and effort.
Will definitely check them out, and hopefully they'll help.

That happens to me sometimes, too!

What I ended up doing was creating a process for myself. So after I have my Jaaxy title, if the words aren't flowing, I'll switch gears to the "eyes of the reader."

If I were going to read the article I'm about to write, what are 5 questions I would want answered? Come up with the 5 questions, and there you have your headlines, which will make the paragraphs flow!

Oh my God!
That sounds so much like a very good plan and idea.

That's what I will do, that way I will be able to help my audiences easily by putting myself in their shoes.
Also, with that I will be able to bring out my thoughts and write a hem out like I'm answering question that is directed to me.

Thanks so much, Cris. You just put a very beautiful smile on my face yet again!!...😍🙌🙏

Off I go, I guess have got a lot to do now.

"WA is indeed one of the best places one would ever be."

You're welcome! And your smile gave me a smile! :-)
Happy writing!


Uhn uhn, that's so sweet of you!

Thanks so much once again.

Thank you Hajrah for your comment and feedback much appreciated.

Right so you think that you have run out of words. Hope that these blog post help.

If they do not get back to me.

Have a great day


Thanks so much, Jennifer. Your time and effort are sincerely appreciated.

Although right now I am trying to follow Cris advise, which seems to be working fine (writing an article now), I will also check out the resources you provided to see if they could even make me become a lot more productive.

Will get back to you and give you my feedback. Please note that it may not be today.

I am so glad that you have got the help to keep you moving forward.

You have great advise from Cris and if it is working for you then go with that. YAY

This is how I write now and it makes it a lot easier.


Have a great day writing


Thank you, Jennifer. You too!

Just remember Hajrah You Got This.

It is all about mindset

This is a beautiful reminder, "Have Got This", like for real!
Thank you so much, sweet.😊😍

You are most welcome Princess

You are so right Jennifer. this kind of extensive support you don't see anywhere in the Building your own Business scene. I am so happy I joined and am learning so much.

thanks for the inspiration in my inbox. Hope to read more of your posts when we go along this path together. Love Nanda

Thank you for your comment and support I really appreciate your taking you time to give me feedback.

I am so glad that you found it inspirational.

Here's to making it happen here at Wealthy Affiliate

Have a great week


Jennifer u kno u r right on the $$$. Let's do THIS!!!

Thank you Josephine for your comment and support I really appreciate it.

All the best in making it happen


You know we are with you all the way on this!
We love WA and all it has to offer.
Making it happen...
C & P

Thank you C & P for your comment and support much appreciated.

Yes making it happen all the way to the bank. lol

Have a wonderful day


Very true! We have so many tools available, and the training and help are incredible. Yesterday I asked for support and the support team replied to me immediately. This is an amazing response time. We would be fools to waste the opportunity we have here at WA.

Thank you so much for your feedback Christine much appreciated.

Yes and this is an amazing example of what I am talking about.

Thank you for sharing Christine

Have a brilliant day


It's so true. Here we have all the tools
to make a good career in the affiliation's
world. It's up to us to provoke our luck to make
it happen.

Have a great day!

Thank you Ingrid for your lovely feedback and support much appreciated.

Yes we have the world at out finger tips. YAY.

Have a great day


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