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Three Years and still going strong here at Wealthy AffiliateAnother year and so much still to learn.Help me Celebrate This milestone.I have learned so much here at Wealthy Affiliate and would NEVER have grown this much is such a short period of time without this platform and community.Moved from a puddle, to a goldfish bowl, to a pond, to a river and now I am in the ocean.All that as happened in the last couple of years and I can still stand strong because of what I have learned RIGHT HERE.Than
2 years at Wealthy Affiliate and still learning so much. YAY.I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate and I am still amazed every day.I have learnt to create my websites from scratch Learnt all about metatags and making my website SEO friendlyLearnt how to find relevant affiliate programs to work with and make the most of them to start generating a ever increasing income.Learnt how to create feature images that pop. YAY.Learnt the power of products reviewsLearnt so much from the Super Affiliate Ch
YAY. This is an offer that I could not pass up again.I am here to stay because since 2018 so many great things as happened with my online business that I am so excited about.This platform is truly amazing and the community is second to none and with all this loveliness and help there is no place like Wealthy Affiliate.Can I just say: YAY. I did it So all you out there that are thinking about it, stop it, just do it.If you are here to build and grow your online business. This is it.Well that is
All in One Platform To Develop and Grow Your Online BusinessWell Black Friday is here again and the excitment is buzzing waiting to the that date...The Date when you can make it happen for you and get involved.Just think how much you will be saving whilst learning and growing your online business.This is truly an amazing opportunity to get involved in Why?Because building a business online is the future trend.Online business is the future...You only have to look around you and see that many of
Super Affiliate Challenge Progress Update Part 4One thing I can say about being on the Super Affiliate Challenge is that it as made me a lot more focused.This is what I have accomplished in Part 4Using Site RankI have not been able to use the Site Rank in Jaaxy. I think that I may need to upgrade first.New Keyword Rich PostsI was able to create 23 new posts for my website. My goal is to attempt to create one a day so I am getting close.FREE Site Feedback Audit WeekGetting the Free Site Feedba
I am really excited to share with you my progress on the Super Affiliate Challenge Part 3.I am learning so much and have accomplished much more than I thought I would. I have surprised myself.Well here it goes.Oh, let me know what you think in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.FacebookI have posted more in Facebook this month than any other month and so far so good. The great this is that every time I post on Facebook it automatically gets posted on Twitter.So two birds with one
Hello EntrepreneursToday I am talking about some house keeping that we should keep in mind when starting out to build successful home based business.Here are some general start-up tips for a Successful Home Based Business.Here’s the first tip is really a word of caution. It is easy to think that because your home based business can bypass the lease or construction aspects of starting a business, and the overhead costs of FurnishingsMaintenanceLandscapingUtilitiesAnd so on….It does
Guess What the Best High Ticket Sale is?My First High Ticket Sale. YAYI did it, I got my first high ticket sale and I feel amazing. YAYI learned more about how important promoting high ticket products are to my affiliate marketing business from Tiffany's training, and you can find the link to her amazing training below.High Ticket ProductsPutting what I have learned about high ticket products together with what I have learned from Grace (aka Littlemamas) amazing training on product reviews whic
One Year at Wealthy Affiliate YAY.My, my how time as flown by.I was just talking to a friend of mine today and she was asking what she could do next in regard to selling more of her art work.I then found myself giving her a list of things that she should be doing before moving forward or changing her original plan.I shared with her about:TwitterLinkedInFacebookPinterestQuoraShe was amazed at how much I knew.I also asked her if she had linked her website to:Google Search ConsoleGoogle AnalyticBi
The Super Affiliate Challenge month 2, my progress thus far.I really enjoyed this month.I have learned a lot not only about affiliate marketing but about myself.Not only am I a Super Affiliate (in the making).I am truly making it happen.I can see it all coming together and I know that if I wasn't here at Wealthy Affiliate, this would have still been only a dream.I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you.Those that I know, Those that I don't know (yet) and Those that I am getti