Motivation is not just a set of principles or feel good ideas, it is a way of achieving your goals and freeing yourself up for a life that you choose for yourself.

The best way to get rid of procrastination is having something you really want in life. Not just wishful thinking but something that gets you inspired.

A monetary goal is never inspiring because it doesn't look like anything. But a world trip, a house, a car, visiting art galleries, going to a broadway show, visiting an overseas friend - these are tangible and can get you going.

In this tutorial I am going to show you a few ways that I use to get motivated;

  1. What is motivation?
  2. What gets you going?
  3. How to plan for your success.
  4. Starting the journey.
  5. How to stay motivated.
  6. Conclusion and tips.

Let's get this show on the road...

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amgolf Premium
Michale - I am you follower.
1. Thank you for your motivation
2. You article alway give me something new knowledge.
3. I start some success with your advice.
4. I start the journey with happiness.
5. When I am happy, I stay motivated.

Thank you again for your tips.
Ultimateless Premium
I am so glad you are getting so much out of this, Nattawat, and thanks for your lovely compliments.
Swangirl Premium
Very nicely done Michael. You are a model of persistence!

Here is my story of savings paying off and following my dream to get into real estate.

I work for state government in Alaska. We have much higher gross than net salary because so much goes into retirement. I always hoped all the money in retirement would pay off someday. That someday is here hopefully.

If all goes according to plan, my husband and I can use our retirement accounts here to buy a 4-plex. Our offer has already been accepted. When buying a multi-unit property you can (for some loans) use the income from rents to qualify for the mortgage loan. You may need to have 6 months worth of mortgage payments available on your own however in case of vacancies. In our case that is over $20,000! Our retirement accounts meet that need on paper. We will not touch them but they are there and will let the lender know we are "good' for the payments no matter what. The units are already rented so there is no danger of having them all vacant but this assures the lender we will not fail.

So, our retirement accounts are paying off big time right now even without touching them! My husband would get so frustrated feeling like we were broke and worrying that the stock market would crash or something would happen and that money would not do us any good. I kept telling him it would and that we would be successful one day.

Also, the home loan qualification is based on gross not net income and if you live in the building yourself you get lower interest rates, and better financing. We also resisted temptation to get new cars and have been fixing up our old ones. So, no car loans either. All these little things added up to our ability to qualify to buy a property worth over $600,000. Of course this is mostly due to the fact my husband served in the U.S. Marine Corps and has the full value of the VA loan available to use. Alaska is a high cost area so the loan limit is very high. With no money down, seller paying closing costs etc. we are on our way to making this happen.
Ultimateless Premium
That is fantastic, Jessica, I am so glad you have your head screwed on. Of course, it's a risk but a calculated one that in due course will pay off. It's always hard at the beginning but gets so much easier as time goes on.

Thanks for your story.

Michael xx
LouisaB Premium
Thank you for sharing this information. Reaching the finish line is the key towards attaining your success goal.
Ultimateless Premium
Thanks Louisa, love the bird!
kasage00 Premium
thanks for sharing!
Ultimateless Premium
Thanks, Karin.
joshua1999 Premium
Thanks for sharing this Micheal!
Ultimateless Premium
Thanks, Joshua.