July 2023 Earnings $1276.35 + a Quick Update

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I just wanted to provide a brief update so my $200k Exit Experiment.

You can read Part 1 here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/ivetriedthat/blog/200k-exit-experiment

We spent the past week at Stone Harbor in New Jersey.

It was a nice break from the hectic schedule of day camps and keeping kids occupied long enough to not hear the words "I'm bored" for the thousandth time.

So that's why my July earnings update has been a little delayed, but like, this is also the first one I've done and I'm just making things up as I go along. Cut me some slack.

Either way...

July 2023 Earnings: $1276.35

I did start working on the site again in the last week of July so this is the last report before any of my changes, improvements, failures, disappointments, and successes really take effect.

Here's a breakdown:

I added 2 more columns to this chart to help me gauge growth, average daily sessions and average daily earnings. These will be 2 helpful metrics in a few months time.

And, read through to the next section because I couldn't help but take a look at August's numbers so far.

July was pretty much on pace with June and neither were particularly good months for me. Keep in mind, I haven't worked on this site since the beginning of this year. It's sat virtually untouched for the last 6 months.

The week before I left, I did order 60 post updates from my head writer. She completed 10 of those before we went on our trip and I quickly published the updates before leaving.

The first updated article went live on July 27th.

It was nice being able to sit back and let the site work for me while I could relax at the beach. Here's what it did.

10 updates down, +16% growth so far

And here's the same chart with August's numbers plugged in...

Hot damn!

While the total number of sessions and revenue are clearly lower, look at that percentage growth!

Daily users are on the rise and still growing week over week, and with that my daily earnings are jumping up as well.

Keep in mind, I only updated 10 old posts and created my real-life author profile. I have 50 more post updates ordered and I haven't even started to work on my newsletter nor added any new content.

August is already on pace to be my second best month this year and we're only getting started.

Positive Trends in Semrush

Semrush has looked BLEAK for me this year. It's pretty much been a consistent decline since around March.

However, here are the current trends in Organic Search Volume for each article I updated. While not absolute, it shows which direction the site is heading overall.

Article 1: +157%
Article 2: +78%
Article 3: +28%
Article 4: +103%
Article 5: +89%
Article 6: +400%
Article 7: +263%
Article 8: +105%
Article 9: +233%
Article 10: +194%

I'm adding a ton of new keywords and a bunch of my existing keywords have jumped up to the top 3 slots as well.

Here's a screenshot of just one article's growth this past week. Almost all of them look like this too:

August is looking good

Overall, I'm beyond pleased with how quickly some of these updates are taking hold.

I expected to see SOME positive trends, but nothing so dramatic so quickly.

Let's just say, back to school can't come soon enough. I am very much looking forward to being able to sit down and work without constant interruption.

Three. More. Weeks.


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Way to go Steve! Those recent figures are indeed extremely encouraging and are only going to get better in my opinion!

Keep on keeping on my friend! :-)

Thanks Nick! Hoping for an even better update at the end of the month.

You're most welcome my friend and I am sure that it will be!

Great progress, Steve! Keep up the good work.

Appreciate it Dada

Hi Steve, that is awesome news. Its progress. I am glad you are working on it and seeing some growth and improvement. I am glad you did not give up. Thanks so much for sharing. This is encouraging for me.

Thanks Brenda! I'm excited to see where this goes.

Yes, keep us updated. I would appreciate that. Thanks.

Very awesome, indeed, Steve!


Thanks Jeff!

You're very welcome, Steve! 👍

Nice update, congrats and good to see you :)

Thank you Abie!

You're welcome :)

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