Need Proof? (Show Me the Money) - A Short Success Story

Last Update: April 03, 2020

What's up guys and gals. I hope you're doing great.

I just wanted to drop a short success story to share and to motivate those of you who are grinding and hustling out there.

I'm not going to flash you here with 1000's and 1000's.

I'm not a guru or anything like that, nor do I wish to brag here.

I want to show you that training at WA freaking works!

But only if you are willing to work on it ;)

Now, let me paint you a picture.

This is my first ever cheque from Amazon.

Do you see what I did there? :)

It was only $8 and some cents.

But in my mind, I created a different picture.

Then this one came in.

This one is from Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate).

The amount suddenly jumped.

I wonder why?

Then this one came in.

This one is from ClickBank.

The amount jumped once again :)

What a hell?

Honestly, I earned those commission by accident.

Those three are the product of learning and testing the training received here at WA.

Actually, those three successes lead me to follow the best line to earning an income online.

I joined WA's Affiliate Bootcamp and started another project.

This time, on a mission, to do a lot more work and therefore, increase those payouts.

I decided to put all my sites on "back burner" and to put all my focus and energy on one thing.

Check it out!

The numbers jumped again!

And they keep dancing.

Now, as I've said, I'm not a guru, nor do I wish to brag.

I want to show you that this thing works.

But once again, only if you are willing to work on it.

As you can see, it doesn't matter which niche you choose, or which affiliate program (those cheques are all from different niches and programs).

You see, as long as you genuinely believe in the product and have passion for that niche, you can sell anything.

And if you apply the training here, your numbers might start jumping too :)

If you need an advice, here's a post where I wrote about creating a habits to help me succed.

I know we all have busy lives and live on busy scheadule.

This post might help you to create some WA habits, if you need them, of course. :)

That's it for now.

I wish you a great day/night, and once again, keep HUSTLING and keep moving forward.

That's the only way to go ;)

Your friend,


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AGoble Premium
Thanks for sharing this! I am just at the point with WA where I need to choose a niche and am going back and forth between choosing a health supplement niche or going with the Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp. After reading your article, I think I will begin with the WA Bootcamp. Like the training video said, I can have more than one niche and by going with WA 1st I believe I will learn more. So thanks again!
IvanBroz Premium
Hey Ann, you're welcome. Both niches are awesome. I have had my first site in health supplement niche (joint health supplements), but it was not good. Then, I created one in the personal development niche and did not achieve any significant success there either. The third attempt was in the affiliate marketing niche (WA Bootcamp) and it worked well, finally.

The choice is yours. I'm glad my experience could help you to make a better decision :)

mbouteiller Premium
OMG Ivan! I definitely have this bookmarked in my Success Stories. Thank you for sharing.

Totally exciting and inspirational success story! A huge congratulations on your hard work and perseverance.

You're on your way to Vegas...!!

Ummm, guess I better hustle more :)

I look forward to more of your success stories so keep em coming!

Take care and stay well!

IvanBroz Premium
Thanks! Yes, I am! :) Feel free to join the journey
MiaL Premium
Excellent work Ivan! Well done to you 😀
IvanBroz Premium
Thanks! :) Best of luck to you too
Carson2 Premium
Wonderful to hear about this.
IvanBroz Premium
Best of luck to you too :)
MariaDale Premium Plus
Congratulations! It's great to see another success story!
IvanBroz Premium
Thanks! Wishing you the same! :)