Why Do People Criticize?

Last Update: April 26, 2019

Have you recently experienced criticisms in your blogging endeavors but didn't know how to manage them? What do you think you can do to overcome critics and their criticisms? How do you want to press on with your business when you know critics will not do but come your way to find fault with things you do with your blog? That's actually what we need to discuss in today's post.

Why did I decide to write a post on critics and criticisms? I noticed that most struggling veteran bloggers are getting frustrated by critics from day to day. This is because their experience is still little and, thus, needed a lot of help from experts to step up quickly. While in the stage of seeking experts to correct and straighten them up, critics too come along the way and try to divert their goals and aspirations into dumping refuse.

A struggling veteran or newbie blogger is likened to a growing baby that hopefully keeps feeding to grow fast from one stage to another in life without being deprived of all the deserved nourishment at the growing stage of life.

As they grow up gradually, they develop in all ramifications and keep developing until certain stages when they can do things on their own without being fed by anyone anymore. This is the case with the newbie and struggling veteran bloggers.

In today's post, I want to address critics, criticisms, and effects on your progress. Having said, critics come around you for no reason other than to destroy your vision and make things turned upside down for you along your blogging journey.

Having revealed, will you allow critics and their criticisms to stop you from making progress on your way towards financial freedom? What's your own determination about critics and their criticisms? What's your resolution?

Who is a Critic?

A critic is someone who moves around and finds fault with other people's work. He's such a frustrated person who wants other people to become frustrated as he is. Critics just want to confuse or make things go wrong with you.

They're so desperate in making other people fall and wouldn't mind making you stumble from your progress. Is it worth paying attention to critics to make you fall? Is it worth listening to critics to make you slumber from your blogging goal? How would you rate the critics, important or futile sets of people? Please, treat critics according to what and who they are lest you get frustrated by their traps.

What are Criticisms?

Criticisms are desperate or wicked acts of the critics demonstrated with the aim of jeopardizing other people's work or business. Critics, in their heartlessness, wouldn't mind insulting other people in the course of doing their own businesses and possibly provoke them towards misbehaving or giving up.

It entails being ready always to manage critics and their criticisms lest you lose the blogging battle. Critics don't feature in blogging alone, but also in all areas of man's endeavors. They're purposely made to find unnecessary fault with what others do, forgetting that they're the worst when it comes to making mistakes or doing things the wrong way.

A normal/sound person who is not a critic or not mentally unhealthy will never stay anywhere and condemn other people's work but will put one in order in case any mistake or error is found in his work. It's a good sense of dealing with others. It's a good sense of humor; a good sense of respect; a good sense of human relations; and all of that.

How Do Critics Impact Your Blogging Goal?

Critics impact your blogging goal through the following ways:

  • Critics let go of your blogging inspiration
  • Critics let you lose focus on your initial blogging goal
  • Critics let you forget your aspiration for blogging
  • Critics let you lose confidence in your business
  • Critics let you fail in your business.

Critics Let Go of Your Blogging Inspiration

It's unarguable that all bloggers have initial inspiration prior to starting a blog. No one can certainly venture into blogging without getting inspired to start. It's not what anyone can just venture into anyhow. It has to come by inspiration and the same goes to all bloggers out there that works passionately today on their personal blogs.

For the inspiration to continue flowing, a deeply-focused blogger must pretend not to see what the critics are doing but rather focus on the business and plan to become successful.

Critics Let You Lose Focus on Your Initial Blogging Goal

Yes, they come around to find fault with what you're doing in your business as if other people haven't ever found fault in what they do. They are nothing but typical examples of failures who want to forcefully lead so many others into failing.

Why did I refer critics to typical examples of failures? It's simply because no single serious, passionate, focused, reasonable, or mature person can neglect his own work and start looking for what other people are doing for no purpose other than finding fault, condemn, as well destroy goals.

Critics Let You Forget Your Aspiration for Blogging

Every blogger aspired to become something right from the onset and that is part of what pushes a blogger forward in the online journey.

Once critics come around and meet you unprepared, they'll quickly sow one or two seeds of sorrow into your heart and may end up making you lose the battle eventually.

Critics Let You Lose Confidence in Your Business

Generally, every blogger tries to add confidence to blogging on starting out. Those who fail to add confidence quickly give up and quit from their blogging business.

Did you know you can lose confidence within yourself and in the business because of the futile sets of people known as critics and their criticisms? But they're not worth your time if you really want to treat them as such.

Critics Let You Fail in Your Business

You can fail easily in your business if you allow the futile beings called critics and their desperate deeds called criticisms to take preeminence in your business. The best way to deal with a critic is to keep quiet without responding at all while he demonstrates well even to his own satisfaction.

If you simply want to overcome a critic, just refuse to respond to their desperate deeds and treat them as no entity.

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FKelso Premium
Yes, we don't need critics at this early stage of our online growth. However, one thing I notice about WA is that people give far more encouraging comments than critical ones. We are lucky to have this platform.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, FKelso! If there are more critics than contributors, they surely will not impact people who are always prepared for criticisms and have a critical way of dealing with them off their way. Thanks for your contribution!

Israel Olatunji
Tirolith Premium
People in glass houses should not throw stones. We all live in a glass house. We can all be criticized most of the time. Some criticism is important to learn from but 95% is unfounded.
Most of it comes from negative people which are the majority of the World population.
Thanks, Israel for all to learn that we all must use constructive criticism in a positive manner of advice.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your valuable comment, Tirolith! I love this phrase in your comment "It comes from negative people which are the majority of the World population". This is noteworthy, bro. Thanks for your contribution! Really appreciated!

Israel Olatunj!
1signbanner Premium
Good post Israel, do you know Jordan Peterson a Clinical Psychiatrist, I think. He is known throughout the internet. Just go to youtube.

He mentions with conviction, when you are confronted by envious assholes, excuse my Alaskan. He says to avoid them like the plaque. I for one I used to get pissed and then it ruins my whole day and grovel over what that person said to me. I used to dwell and that's no good for it internally ruin hours of wasteful time that I can no longer get back. I must remind you I'm 64 and proud of it.

Anyways my good friend, I laugh at them inside and just 'TRASH THEM' in my mind and AVOID THIS PIECE OF SH/T AS MUCH AS i CAN. I do not show my annoyance, I know I will not talk or see this scum ever again. I make sure of that.

If I get criticism here, I thank them and if he's in my followers I go out of my way to UNFOLLOW THE BUM!!!

Israel, it is good for your well-being and soul. I don't give a rat's ass for any of his comments.

Mahalo Israel, as always great awesome post. Please don't allow anybody to read me, I am embarrassed. =)

frank you fanclub President.
Israel17 Premium
What an awesome comment, 1signbanner! Much impressed! I sometimes, receive harsh comments from critics once in a blue moon but don't hesitate to delete such comments as well as unfollow such folks. Thanks for your great contribution!
marchanna Premium
I'm glad you brought up Dr, Jordan Peterson in this context.

He also says that disagreeable people, who are also conscientious, tend to be more successful than those who are too agreeable and too nice.

I agree, there is a balance between challenging and being an overly critiquing asshole, the latter doing so just for the sake of it, the former to enhance the dialogue and help people learn.

I'm sure you'll agree that Jordan does not hesitate to challenge people all the time.

It's too easy to overlook challenging commentary as being overly critical, and then the one who is missing out is the one who mistook the other person for being envious of them. I think Dr. P. would agree with that perspective.

1signbanner Premium
Marc, yes I too agree with you. There are 2 types of critics, critics(1) and critics(2) both are distinctly different. The first is one who engages in dialogue and makes room for growth between the 2 parties. Critics(2) are scums who I consider Toxic Individuals that don't engage but to degrade just to feel superior.

These are the piece of sh/ts I'm talking about. They're no good for you and I just throw them in the toilet where they belong.

These kinds of people can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I have a skill, I won't go into that, but if I believed those I knew that said, I won't be good enough, I wouldn't be good at my skill.

These toxic people can ruin my dream passion. I chose to hang around positive people and I'm now the best in Hawaii.

These people I'm talking about as said to Israel should be avoided like the plague.

I wanna make this clear Marc, I by no means am a 'closed minded' person. I am open to criticism but must be backed by constructive and thoughtful reasons, but Marc I CAN SMELL SHIT! WHEN I HEAR IT.

Just my humble opinion my brother! I'm closed minded about these people. I rid them from my reality, sorry!

marchanna Premium
I completely hear, understand and agree. It's a good idea to nick the critics(2)!
1signbanner Premium
Yes, just dispose them from your life. Life is to short to dwell on them especially when I can hang around people like you and Israel. The others as said, just waste my time.

Thanks for being there my brother!
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for telling the bitter truth here, 1signbanner! You are uniquely one among the multitude of people, my people. I love and agree with the phrase "Critics(2) are scums who I consider Toxic Individuals that don't engage but to degrade just to feel superior". You've been the most realistic as far as this topic is concerned. You won it all. I chose your opinion first.

You categorized critics properly and no one can dispute your facts and analysis except the critics(2) we talked who wouldn't ever want to accept the facts of this post. It would surely be odd to them.

Thanks a lot, friend! Comment Noted!
1signbanner Premium
Thank you Israel, your post hit a nerve with me.

This is great stuff you brought up. Very important for the
young and innocent to hear and learn from.

Individual dreams and passion is a fragile thing. When I see it in any child's eyes.


A child's dreams should never, to me, be interfered with by an ALL KNOWING ADULT, except when it can endanger the child.

i thank my parents for allowing me to dream! They are both no longer with me but in my heart Israel.

frank your brother
Israel17 Premium
Love your comment, friend! Really awesome! Deeply touched! Thanks!
emarketingguy Premium
Yes finally a post that sticks it to the naysayers! Well done.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your compliment, emarketingguy! Kudos to you! As you build out your site, critics will surely come around but will not successfully impact your business their own way so far you can get prepared. Thanks for your lovely visit!
emarketingguy Premium
I agree. My main concern is what does it mean if I have 100 optimized posts and am still not getting any sales or commissions? Does that mean I should keep going or choose another niche? (This is just a hypothetical question). Thoughts?
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for getting back, Emarketingguy! Never stop posting and never relent your efforts in producing fresh content on an everyday basis. It experientially works fast if it's done every day as this frequently summons Google spider to keep visiting your site over and over again. It leads to improving your ranking in search results. The first thing you'll notice is that there will be a rapid increase in the rate at which Google spider indexes the pages and posts on your site. That will be a clear signal to you in person. Thanks for asking!

You may also go through any of the following resources at your leisure. They provide useful blogging tips to become successful online. Israel Olatunji
emarketingguy Premium
Thanks for the encouragement to continue a daily addition of content, I’m well versed in content publishing and SEO (been at this 10 years) and I’m wildly successful, I just wanted that encouragement to never give up so I can show others who may be looking to quit WA, that if you keep going you have a far better chance of success than if you just quit when the goin gets tough. Cheers.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Israel.
Israel17 Premium
Much welcome, bro! Thanks for stopping by! Critics are nothing but typical failures. They have nothing to offer you except to make you slumber from your blogging goal. Thanks!
bigrog44 Premium
No problem.
TeriCalhoun Premium
Obviously I have not yet experienced this degree of criticism. Thanks for preparing me for it.
Israel17 Premium
Much welcome, TeriCalhoun! Thanks for stopping by! Not that critics are that strong to influence your business, but can succeed in making one derail from his initial blogging goal if care is not taken. They have their numerous ways of killing morale and if they're not prepared for, it's definitely going to impact negatively one's goal.

However, some critics are also useful in the sense that they challenge you to be more practical with your business and come up with better ways of improving your business. Thanks for your lovely visit!