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Last Update: September 19, 2015

It is a matter of pride for all of us, when someone of our friends in this community achieves something. We are complementary to each other because we are learning many things from each other.

So, whenever there is an occasion where we can contribute to the growth and development of any of our members, we should try to do it.

I was very happy when Moritz S published a blog where he expressed that he has come out with a kindle book. It is a joy for all of us. And also in a way it gives us a direction to branch out to any kind of growth in the online world.

I wish that our friends in the community should at least witness the achievement by downloading his free book (at present) and if possible take a little effort to give a genuine review to his efforts. That would definitely encourage him to grow.

Let us accept it as an achievement for all of us for all of us are sailing on the same boat.

Here is his blog:



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KatieMac Premium
good achievement did have a go at archery was not much good.. have gone over and left a comment and sent a msg
tomtitty006 Premium
Although I am not interested in Archery,I did receive an email and replied by wishing him well.
krazykat Premium
This is so thoughtful of you. Thanks!
Lazyblogger Premium
Very well said.

chengckalex Premium
Very true. Thank you.