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February 17, 2017
All my dear friends in Wealthy Affiliate. For quite some time I was inactive in WA and finally for some reason I have to leave WA. I could never imagine that parting away from WA would be so difficult for me. Now I can imagine that every morning when I will eagerly open the WA site from tomorrow it will be blank for me. I will be a stranger to this place.But it's only a temporary phase I will come back soon that's how I am consoling myself. I am indebted to all friends for their help, guidance
April 03, 2016
Hey Everyone,Please welcome the new premium member to our awesome community. him a shout out and good wishes so that he may feel at home here.Thank you all and best wishes.Inspiration1
i was wondering whether it is advisable at certain stage to use softwares like 'Socialleadsniper' to convert social contacts.Are those really working and can give boost to our business? Any comments will be highly appreciated.Inspiration 1
February 20, 2016
At the year end, I just could not take the advantage of discounted yearly payment which I did last year. I continued for three months or so by paying monthly installment.One may go anywhere but the end of everything there is a truth that is revealed that WA is the safest place. it is the only place that does not want to squeeze anybody. Success or failure depends on the individual efforts.The only factor that one has to manage is the factor of being overwhelmed. if one learns the things step by
February 20, 2016
Every now and then, we are getting information about security threats to Wordpress sites. Some of those may be real ans some are sales strategy. Recently I came across something like WP security Mastery that helps in protecting from various security threats. I want to share with others, to know if anybody has used anything like that and if so what is the experience. Any info about this will be helpful.Best wishes,Inspiration1
February 09, 2016
Yesterday night I was terrified and traumatized. While I was working on one of my sites, suddenly my site disappeared. All my efforts to login to the site failed. Even as an outsider I could not access my site. The response was that ‘This webpage is not available’.I was frustrated what to do. The frustration was more because I made many inclusions and changes in the site in the last seven days and my backup was 10 days old (A sheer negligence nobody can afford).It took me about half
All the days of life are not same. There are occasions when you may get lost. You may become totally clueless as to where to move and in which direction. In spite of using your best rationality, you may not find the path.It happens with many of us at WA. Being overwhelmed by the enormity of learning materials, it sometimes seems to be unmanageable. We get lost in the labyrinth of knowledge. We question ourselves, what to start, what to ignore and where to start. We fail to understand that the s
February 05, 2016
The experiences of life make us believe that if your attitude is positive, you may find positive lights even in the darkest days of your life. It is always our own choice whether to look for the positive things or negative things in every happening.Recently I have experienced it in my life. In the month of July, 2015 I fell down at my home accidentally. I had a severely fractured ankle bone. I remained on the bed for about four and half months. The leg was plastered and I was advised for comple
November 14, 2015
I am happy to share with my friends that I have published a print book on communication with the title "You are unknown". This has happened with the inspiration that I received from Wealthy Affiliate.I desire to share the video trailer of my book uploaded at YOUTUBE. I am hesitant because I do not know whether I would violate the rules of WA.I will be happy if someone can guide me in this respect.In the end, I must express that WA is a continuous flow of inspiration that can change the course o
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September 19, 2015
It is a matter of pride for all of us, when someone of our friends in this community achieves something. We are complementary to each other because we are learning many things from each other.So, whenever there is an occasion where we can contribute to the growth and development of any of our members, we should try to do it.I was very happy when Moritz S published a blog where he expressed that he has come out with a kindle book. It is a joy for all of us. And also in a way it gives us a direct