Black Holes & Legitimate Online Income Opportunities

Last Update: January 22, 2019

What do Black Holes in space have to do with Legitimate online Income Opportunities?

Possibly more than you can imagine...

If you have ever tried an online work from home opportunity... then this true journey involving Google time travel and black holes should resonate with you, if you are considering joining an online opportunity - then you really need to strap in and get ready to be transported back through time!

It all started between Christmas and New Years eve...

Google time travel and Black holes ... Maybe just to much eggnog you maybe thinking- No, seriously it really happened just this way, truth is stranger than fiction. It was an amazing and revealing ride through time. Like discovering one of those time capsules - full of curious things from the past.

It all began... when I looked down and discovered that my Google gmail account had over fourteen thousand emails that had not been deleted! These emails had been hanging around in my digital space for the last 4-5 years! Not quite so many as stars in the Milky Way galaxy - but still expanding!

It was a new year and I decided to hit SHIFT and SELECT and wipe out a page or two at one time, but as I began traveling back in time - loading up pages of history at warp speed, something very interesting started passing by…Odd looking creations disguised as Online Income Opportunities.

Some were cryptic like:

Crypto ICOs- “this one is going to the Moon”

Some of top 1000+ Crypto companies-ICOs that spun off into a Black Hole:

(along with members money)

  • GEMS
  • DAO … this one alone using crowdfunding & crypto took over $168,000,000 of investors money into a deep Black Hole.

They did said it was going to be one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history!

Passing through this minefield of Crypto Online Offers, there were some spots of light and hope that appeared with weekly regularity, like those mails that said: “Thank you for registering for a spot on this weeks Wealthy Affiliate Training” from Kyle and then a few days later - a note from Jay... Thanks for attending!

Continuing my travels through time, deleting one or two pages of Internet Dust Clusters each time, I entered a real galactic anomaly...

RevShares... Online Advertising Opportunities?

With 10 to 15% Monthly ROI sometimes touted - Plus the opportunity to advertise your business included...who wouldn’t want to ride along?

Here are just a few of the so called Legit Online RevShare Opportunities:

Some snappy names of websites are all that remains of these once shining Stars of intergalactic money making opportunities, while the money and the those holding it seemed to have vanished into a Black Hole so deep that even the SEC can’t seem to find them.

Meanwhile, one online company in particular was sending out payments to their members via Paypal each month while teaching them to build real businesses online and providing the tools to succeed. Thanks Kyle & Carson for creating Wealthy Affiliate!

A few more pages in my gmail space travels passed by and yet another online business craze began emerging like the day star rising, but with strange features - no product to sell, just YOU and your dreams. Of course along with all the copycat clones - and they called it…


Orbiting around the outer limits of business law the concept was so simple and appealing… fund your dreams! Give some money to help others fund their dreams and they would help you collect money to fund your dreams from yet others.

While many promoters of these MLM style Crowdfunding startups gloss over the liabilities associated with ‘docking your ship’ to their platforms, reports “There are three main categories of legal issues that a startup will face with equity crowdfunding: liability, intellectual property, and taxes”

Who in our galaxy really regulates such ‘donated’ funds aside, I will only comment one one of the many Crowdfunders who have disappeared into a Black Hole:

A good friend of mine loved helping people fund their dreams with wesharecrowdfunding...and who wouldn’t at 60K per month earnings!

Like a good business Jedi he worked hard to perfect his skills, but owner/investor greed reared its ugly head after the big money appeared, so did Darth Vader with attorneys and all went down the Black Hole to oblivion.

It’s no fun at all when the rocket you are riding has a flame out!

I am certainly happy that I invested my time and a little money in a company with a 13 year track record of working together for members. Partnerships can be tough, but I am thankful that Carson & Kyle of Wealth Affiliate have proven to over a Million members that they can work well together.

Approaching Earth...

As I neared the end of my journey through time, deleting page after page of Space Junk from gmail, a strange thing happen… I entered a void, a place in time where points of light that used to be shining brightly on one unique spot in the universe - were not. All had gone dark, what had happened, was it an eclipse, a passing phase or something else?

As it turned out - this lights out event was more like a meteor falling 40 miles per second before sudden impact! As I later learned, one company that others had been shining the light on, had not respected universal principles, like “what goes around comes around” and “you reap what you sow”

The strange thing was, it was the same company that Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, had written a review on which lead me to Wealthy Affiliate almost 4 years ago! His review was a tell all warning about a company called…


Even stranger to me was learning that the very same post that introduced me to WA was the cause for Wealthy Affiliate to be sued by MOBE’s owner Matt Lloyd. It takes courage and integrity to stand up for what is right, especially when facing down a Death Star and its team of lawyers.

The universe and the FTC spoke and shut down the threat, putting an end to a lawsuit and all the easy money promises of another well oiled money game.

And what an enlightening journey it has been back through time!

What did time travels with Gmail teach me:

  • Share freely this honest Wealthy Affiliate education - you can be proud.
  • Pause before boarding a shinny rocket heading for the moon!
  • Appreciate what a gift we have with Yoda's like Kyle & Carson...Jay too!
  • Care for others and really try your best to help them succeed online.
  • Earn your pay by the quality and value you bring to the marketplace.

If you liked my first ever post on WA and Time Travels with Timo, then Smash the Like and let me know how many emails you need to delete!

And of course Live Long and Prosper!



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Jessibelle72 Premium
Love this post! It was both fun and clever...and yes, I delete daily...! Keep up the good work!
IMTim Premium
Thanks for you kind words and encouragement Jessibelle!

I will do my best to keep up now,

Donna2018 Premium
Hi Timo,
I really enjoyed your post. It was interesting and fun! :)

IMTim Premium
Thanks Donna, it was a real Odyssey - thanks for traveling along!

MBartley Premium
Great story, I delete mine every day otherwise yikes.

IMTim Premium
That’s a great practice ... they pile up in a hurry! Thanks for your input:)
Villaginger Premium
Nice touch, appreciate your time and clever words!
Emails deleted daily!!
IMTim Premium
Great plan - me too now!
SondraM Premium
I am pleased to say that yesterday I deleted almost 12,000 emails that spanned over 7 or 8 years. It felt great to have it done and to have a manageable email box again.

So, I could relate very well to your story here. I will never let mine get that bad again.
Precisiondig Premium
i need to do this too
IMTim Premium
Happy to know I am not the only one ... hard to keep up! Thanks for sharing!
IMTim Premium
It’s a great feeling to get it cleaned up and to be a part of WA!