Still No Sales.But Found a Way to Earn

Last Update: July 01, 2016

I have yet to have anyone make a purchase on my site, despite a ton of work. I love my site though and will keep working on it. I doubt it will ever generate much income, but it has been a great experience. I may try another site and see if I have better luck.

One thing I have found is a site called Upwork, where you can apply to do all sorts of writing jobs. I am writing posts for other people's blogs and getting paid for the them! There are all different topics and I have been writing regular blog entries for a hiking and camping site! And getting paid! I have made almost $500 so far in the last month! I wanted to share in case others are interested in the meantime while they work on building their sites!

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Hollywood603 Premium
hello I'm still trying to find a way... this web site building is very frustrating when you cant decide on a niche,,,
ibmountain Premium
I struggled with deciding on a niche too. Mine is clearly not turning out to be very profitable, but I have enjoyed putting it together. Choose something that you are excited to write about : )
PansyB Premium
A great interest that you have can help you to decide on a niche. Your interest can well be the same of a particular group of other persons who also share your interest but do not have any or much information about it. You can bring these person's interest to life by providing info for them. Secondly, you are always the best person to decide on your own niche, but a way to go is to make some suggestions of what you have in mind and others within the community maybe able to give some suggestions as to how you may approach it. All the best.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
So pleased for you IIyssa, and thank you for sharing this is very helpful, best wishes moving forward.
Swangirl Premium
Good for you! I am glad you found a way to make some money.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
I have hired people from Elance/Upwork (Formerly Odesk) in the past. Some I am happy with and some I am not.
chris71 Premium
Fantastic. This is awesome! Congratulations, keep up the great work.