3 Months

Last Update: September 18, 2018

Well 3 months has gone by and I am not really sure where all my time has gone. For anyone that has been following me knows I started two niche websites.

Website 1: Started 6/15/18

  • Word count: About 60k
  • Posts: 35
  • Social Media:
    • Instagram: 260 followers
    • Google+: 118 followers
    • Facebook: 15 followers

Website 2: Started 8/5/18

  • Word Count: About 40k
  • Post: 23
  • Social Media:
    • Instagram: 135 followers
    • Google+: 112 followers
    • Facebook: 12 followers
    • Pinterest: 723 followers

In order to keep it fair I have been alotting the same amount of time to each page. If I had 2 hours then it would be an hour on each. If I had 6 then 3 each you get the idea.

As you can probably notice my second website that was started a whole month and a half later is nearly caught up to my first website in terms of content. The reason for this is the niche for the 2nd website I am already knowledgable in so there is a lot less research time involved.

Nothing too exciting when it comes to analytics. The traffic to my 2nd site is better than the first website though, but that is because the first website is in a highly competitive niche. Anyways, I told myself that I was only going to check Analytics once a month. There is no point in checking this frequently at this point.

I have really stopped bothered looking at Jaaxy siterank as well. I just set the auto track for the keywords and the frequency and just leave it. The way I see it here, sure you want that post to get to the first page, but that isn’t the only post you want to be ranked on the first page you need more, so gotta stop looking at it and get to writing.

I actually have one post that is bouncing between page 1 and 2. Funny thing about that is I was just doing some testing on my own, and whenever I request comments and get a few it goes to page 1, after about a week itll drop, comments again, page one again. So i know the system works, I won’t look at jaaxy more frequently until I get around 100 post on each site.

I had originally thought about skipping my 3 month update because I had been so busy, BUT my work really pissed me off today, so i’m sitting here writing this blog on their time.

I do have two cool developments for my sites, my first site will actually be having its first post that is collaborated with another blogger that had reached out on instagram.

For my 2nd website, when I was accepted into affiliates I was reaching out to them asking if they had anything they could send for a review, and today I got my first free item! Super excited about that, the item isn’t even that cool haha but the cool part was that it was free!

Anyways I can’t afford to get fired yet so I better get back to my paperwork.


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Emma06 Premium
Great update, thanks for sharing.
Kerjackie Premium
Hi, Tony, you are highly motivated to succeed, and you will, you have been with WA for only 3 months though! it takes some time to mature your online business, be patient, before quitting your regular job.
I wish you a lot of success.
HuyNLe1989 Premium Plus
Oh most definitely, its going to take quite a bit for me to leave my job.
CravenATAT Premium
This is a great update! Are you able to do another update when you hit the 6 month mark?
HuyNLe1989 Premium Plus
Thanks! I think that will be my planned next update unless something significant happens.
Introverted2 Premium
Wow, Good going! Keep at it! When you're determined, nothing can stop you!
HuyNLe1989 Premium Plus
Thank you! There are more than one reason behind the motivation right now so I think that helps.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Tony and well done on all you are achieving and you are doing awesome with your 2 sites
Keep up the great work and all the very best to you
HuyNLe1989 Premium Plus
Thank you Vicki! I have a long ways to go to keep up with you! Haha