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November 10, 2019
Apparently there has been a unannounced Google update over the past couple of days. My website traffic took a huge nosedive and I lost 40% of my traffic. Digging into it deeper I found that some of my articles that were once on page 1 had drop 2-4 pages. Has anyone experienced anything like this from this update?
Okay, well I didn’t get it FROM Wealthy Affiliate, But I DID get a free iPad. All thanks to the training provided here at Wealthy Affiliate.How It HappenedLet’s go back a few months.A couple of months ago one lf the merchants in which I was promoting was running a competition. The competition stated that top affiliates would get an iPad and others would get gift cards. I received an email notifying me of the competition and I read it but didn’t pay too much attention to it. I
The day has finally come when I can officially write an income report. When I first got going at WA I found myself reading a lot of peoples first income reports just to see if I could get an idea of when I might be able to see my first dollar. After reading through plenty of first income reports it confirms what many experienced affiliate marketers will tell you, it depends.Some people might see sucess right away through social media, others will see great sucess through YouTube, and some just
Hello everyone I just wanted to drop in and a quick blog. I feel I should blog on here more often but the majority of my time is dedicated to my website at the moment. I just wanted to do a quick blog on my first sale that actually happened 6 days ago on February 4th, but I have been trying to look at my various advertising networks (CJ, Pepperjam, Adsense, etc) less often because who wants to be looking at a goose egg all the time. But, when I started I constantly searched for success stories
Hey everyone, it has been a while since I have posted anything here.Life got a bit crazy on me towards the end of September as I lost my primary job and really have just been hanging on for dear life, but I am trying to keep a positve attitude about it and currently searching for work.But that isn't why I decided to write this blog post. I wanted to remind everyone of the power of having quality images, as well as graphs, or infographics on your websites. While I was reviewing the backlinks to
September 18, 2018
Well 3 months has gone by and I am not really sure where all my time has gone. For anyone that has been following me knows I started two niche websites. Website 1: Started 6/15/18Word count: About 60kPosts: 35Social Media: Instagram: 260 followersGoogle+: 118 followersFacebook: 15 followersWebsite 2: Started 8/5/18Word Count: About 40kPost: 23Social Media: Instagram: 135 followersGoogle+: 112 followersFacebook: 12 followersPinterest: 723 followersIn order to keep it fair I have been alotting th
I just wanted to express my gratitude and give a shout out to our site support team here at WA.I have been literally losing my mind about my sitemap on my 2nd website. I made a sitemap for my first site perfectly fine, and when I made the one for my second site for some dumb reason it was empty. I kept trying to fix it uninstalling the site map plugin, using a different plugin, started messing with the settings on the plugins. Thinking the whole time like I don't remember doing any of this for
August 29, 2018
Hello everyone, I had originally planned to continue to update my progress on my websites on a monthly basis. I figured leaving an update every month would be a good way for me to leave a trail of my progress, so if I were to able look back and see where I was at what point I could. It would also be a good way for anyone that is just starting here at WA to just have an idea of how they could progress. It Hasn't Been a MonthWell it hasn't been a month since my last update, it is barely approachi
To be honest I don’t know how the ads look on anyone elses page, but these things make your site look so ugly.I would much rather use Amazon Native ads if I were to put ads up.Does anyone else feel the same way?
Well today marks the 2 month mark from being back at WA.Just a bit of an update for those of you that are following me. I have been working diligently over the past couple of months. Spending on average 4-6 hours working on my websites a day. This is in addition to my normal 40 hour work week.When I started I told myself I wouldn't start 2nd website until I got to 50,000 words on my first site. Well I was getting a bit tired of writing about one topic, and at around 35,000 words I started anoth