Helpful Complaint: WA Mobile App

Last Update: December 05, 2018

Hows it going, I just thought I would bring up a quick issue I found when using the WA mobile app.

I hope to inspire a more user freindly app for all the Wealthy Affiliate users in the future. I started using the Weatlhy Affiliate App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Google Play. I commented on a few posts and answered a couple questions...

Overall, I have two main complaints for the way the current mobile app works now...

Having To Log In Each Time At The Bottom If I Click Back To The Home Screen.

I feel the homepage issue can be fixed easy by adding a log in button to the top but for the sake of the ads, I feel anyone with a premium membership shouldn't have to deal with constant popup ads on each new tap or scroll through the feed. Either take off ads all together or find a way to remove them from premium memberships. The main goal of WA is to give a good user experience, these ads are not a good experience on a mobile app I was excited to use...

I hope this can make it up the ladder to Kyle or Carson to make a fix. My complaint is not against WA, I love this program, I'm just not a fan of pop ups on a mobile app when I'm paying a premium membership fee.

Hope I can find some supporters and make a change or get an answer to why we must put up with ads further...



P.S. I was looking around and some people say this app is a scam, can I get any backup to whether or not this is even a legit app?!

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Dhind1 Premium Plus
Not endorsed by Kyle and Carson, definitely explains the presence of ads on the app.

I will give it a miss.
NickSkellern Premium
It's not legit as far as I can tell and judging by the number of downloads and authenticity credentials, should be avoided. It's permission requirements for Android are horrendous.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
I had no problem with it except the ads.
MarionBlack Premium
That app is not officially endorsed by Wealthy Affiliate. Check with Kyle or Carson.
DebbieRose Premium
I didn't know there was a WA mobile app. I never saw an announcement from Kyle or Carson. Because of this maybe it isn't legit.