How to make every work at home day count good.

Last Update: January 06, 2013
If you are looking at or actually working in Internet Marketing at home or in addition to your day job, then one of the key approaches which you will find helps you move forward is consistency of effort. Forget all the quick programs you are offered because Internet Marketing is a business and to make a business work look at any of the really successful ones – they are consistent over time. If you think a quick in and out in this business will work – sorry to disappoint you but it won’t.

Consistency of effort is something you need to get into if you want to achieve success in internet marketing. It is something you need to learn to do. What does this really mean?
Consistency means getting into the business effort every single day (well not every day if you need to take a break). Does it mean spending eight hours a day – no? What it means is focussed effort, following a plan.
If you look at the corporate world up to 85% of projects fail and of these most fail because of changes to direction, growth of scope, unfocussed effort. This leads to project failure and lots of money spent with no return.

You don’t want your home business project to fail like this do you?

So what can you do to avoid this type of trap?

1. Before you start each day or at the end of today, ready for tomorrow set out what you are going to do. In other words have a plan – on a scrap of paper or in your windows notes, or even on the back of your hand!
2. Prioritise those daily items – what you must get done, what you need to get done and what would be nice to get done. Simple and straightforward – just three categories.
3. Start on the must get done list and stick at it – don’t be distracted to the other items or anything new.
4. When you are satisfied with these items being finished take a 10 minute break (if you haven’t already).
5. Go to the need to get done list and work though those.
6. Then on to the nice to get done list.
7. Then plan for tomorrow.

Very soon you will find that you can tailor your daily list to equal the time you have available, or you can make more time available to get more done.

The emotional uplift for you will be exciting. You are actually getting things done, and the time you are spending on your business is totally productive – think of how this will feel.

The change in your daily routine will cost you nothing because you can plan for free. The outcome of sticking to this approach could most probably be more sales and marketing effort – which can translate into more sales revenue - how good is that?

You can learn how to do this to help you become successful at internet marketing. So if you are not consistent in your work at home business efforts now – try putting the seven point approach given above into practice, and gradually you will see the benefits.
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Rick Jantz Premium
Great article. As I read I got thinking about buying a daytimer to use to write my daily routine in. I've also found it helpful to tell my wife and kids when I'm on a call (phone or computer) and how long I'll be. That helps them understand that I will not be available.
WVLadyRebel Premium
Exactly, Rick. Most will work with you for the common good.
Hani Premium
Great advice here Hudson. Something I definitely needed to hear right now :) Thanks.
I can never get any of my plans to work what with the never ending interuptions from phonecalls, text messages, people coming around, to the other half wanting to go here, there and everywhere. To the pets wanting this and that.
Even when I say, please "I need to do this", no one listens.
So I end up working in a haphazard fashion.
The only peace I get is when I'm out fishing.
Would love to know, what else I could do?
Rick69 Premium
Bring a laptop when you go fishing, and create a website about fishing & related stuff... :)
Freedomseekr Premium
Think about if there Is a time of day (or night) that you could work without interruptions? I, myself have the same problem sometimes with my family and our dogs bugging me. As for the phone, I usually just let the answering machine get it and only answer if I hear (as it is recording) that it is an emergency.
I work a full time night shift job and have only so much time to work on my website, so on my nights off I am usually able to work uninterrupted while they are sleeping. Even if you could set out an hour or so of time just for getting your work done you will be able to accomplish a lot! Don't give'll find a way! :)
fol8 Premium
Thanks for the post Hudson, I really need to put your 7-point approach into practice, as have not been too productive so far.....need to get more output soon. Can't wait to experience the emotional uplift you mentioned:)
GregRobs Premium
Excellent post Hudson, I for one will be doing this, Thanks muchly