Amazon Children Under 13 Declaration

Last Update: July 14, 2015

I just received an email from Amazon Associates telling me I need to declare that my websites are not targeting at children under 13. Just in case you have not been informed, I am publishing here the body of the email. It explains what needs to be done and the consequences there will be if we don`t abide by this rule.


Thank you for being part of the Amazon Associates program. We’re reaching out to remind you that sites targeted at children under 13 are not eligible to display links and advertising from the Amazon Associates program. To continue your participation in the Amazon Associates program, you need to declare that none of your sites are directed at children under 13.

Important Dates:
August 31, 2015 – We will begin to withhold advertising fee payments to accounts that have not completed their declaration.
October 31, 2015 – We will close accounts that have not completed their declaration.

To complete the declaration:
1. Sign in to your Associates Central account at:
2. Click on “Account Settings”, then click on “Edit your website list”
3. Ensure 'Your website list’ is accurate – by adding new websites or removing existing ones from the list.
4. Click on “Next” and complete the declaration process.

I hope this helps! Have a blessed day!


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Maxiam59 Premium
as always thank you for the heads up for those who have Amazon as affiliates all the best
Sui_generis Premium
Hmmmm, interesting. I'll have to check my other email and see if I received this. Thanks for the heads up and welcome back, my dear. ~Debbi
bstreet57 Premium
I got this as well :)
DoubleTap Premium
Just got mine, too!
AngelaHall Premium
yep, I got one too and took care of it right away. :)