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July 19, 2015
Hello, everybody. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I am reviewing and trying to come to terms with all the things I need to do this week. Since I have had a lot of "catch-up" work to do lately, I have tried to write to-do lists that will help me keep on track.Being impatient to get on track again and to make up for lost time, I was writing very long and detailed to do lists for each day.I have realized that, in my case, the best thing I can do is to write shorter and more specific lis
I just received an email from Amazon Associates telling me I need to declare that my websites are not targeting at children under 13. Just in case you have not been informed, I am publishing here the body of the email. It explains what needs to be done and the consequences there will be if we don`t abide by this rule.Hello,Thank you for being part of the Amazon Associates program. We’re reaching out to remind you that sites targeted at children under 13 are not eligible to display links and
Hello everybody.I have recently received emails and videos offering ClickBank University as an alternative to make online money. I have also read some thorough reviews written by some of the WA members, in which both pros and cons are explained in detail. What moves me to write this blog is Kyle's recent post about the unfair advantage this program can involve for people who don`t enroll in this program but still want to make money as affiliate marketersMy question is : Have you seen or felt
Hello everybody. It has been a long while since I last wrote a blog here. I have never totally left WA. I have been reading and commenting on a few blogs. I cried with joy after knowing that Kai, Carson's little son is finally cancer-free and back home after such an ordeal. I know there is a new, wonderful website comment system and I have seen members supporting each is usual in this wonderful community.Today, I published a new page in my website and finally used the new system to gi
February 25, 2015
Hello everybody. I am feeling a little stronger and decided to write a well deserved thank you blog. I had the surgery on February 2. I am still recovering from it and from the worst anemia I have ever had. For weeks, I felt dizzy and extremely weak. I could barely do the most ordinary activities. Reading and writing brought me such headaches that I just did not bother for a while. I have been on a protein-rich diet and I am taking an iron supplement. I can feel my mind and body grad
January 29, 2015
Hello everybody. As I had explained in other blogs, I have been facing some health issues. Unfortunately, the tests results I received yesterday were not the ones I was expecting. I will have a surgery on Monday and, God willing, things will be contained. I firmly believe in the healing power of are more than welcome! Thanks a lot and blessings! Hilda
Hello everybody. I hope things are going well for you and your goals. After weeks of struggle and "crawling"....I finally finished Course 5!! This one took longer than the others because, as I learned new things, I need to revise the pages and posts I had already published. For example, writing content with intent and injecting calls to action to my old pages was necessary after learning how important this is for my site. One important lesson has to do with planning what I am going to wr
Hello everybody. I just received an email with the following article and decided to share it with you. What it says is true: As we grow up we lose more and more our capacity to dream. We put more limits to our imagination and then wonder why things don't go the way we would like in our lives. I hope you will enjoy reading this. Blessings! Hilda f there is something that children are good at, and adults never do anymore, it is the practice of giving time to just think and dream. When we were jus
January 18, 2015
Hello everybody. I was just reading the beautiful blog patticakes12 just wrote about the Law of Attraction and the pursuit of happiness. Reading it was a great reminder for me. It reminded me that no matter my current circumstances, my current financial conditions or my current mood and state of mind...I AM PROSPEROUS. My life is full of blessings. Our lives are full of miracles. If we take some time to contemplate what is in front of our eyes and what surrounds us , we will realize how abu
Hello everybody. This is not a post about why it is important to get comments on our site. Kyle and other members have written very interesting articles about it. I have been trying to increase the number of content pages and posts in my site. This has turned me into a frequent visitor of the following thread: Other members also request comments on this one: https://my.wealthya