Are You a Secret Spammer?

Last Update: December 17, 2019

Maybe your first reaction to that question is shock. Shock that I would even dare to think that YOU could ever be described as a spammer. Maybe you are a reformed spammer (as many of us are) or perhaps you are one of those rare marketers who have never even been tempted to do a little bit of spamming on the side.

We are all taught here at WA that spamming is definitely a big No No and we know almost instinctively that it is not the thing to do. Why then do we find it so tempting?

Its because - when we find something that we think is really great - whether it's an opportunity, a product, even a new platform we can't help wanting to share it with our friends and followers and even our family even if we know they are not likely to be interested in the slightest. Still, we want them to know about our great discovery a.s.a.p.

We can't wait to find our super targeted market, research or check out our competitors. We think everybody we know including the postman and the next door neighbour needs to know about it right now. We want our associates to know before the rest of the marketers jump in and ruin it as they tend to do with most golden opportunities.

Today was one of those days when my spamming genes came to the fore. I was so impressed and excited by a new strategy I had heard about from a mastermind that I found myself doing the dreadful deed. I turned on my Mac - rushed to FaceBook Messenger and before I even realised what happening I found myself copying and pasting like crazy.

It was as if a robot had taken over my mind and all common sense had fizzled out and all that was left was me and my mouse and my urgent need to spread my message as fast as I could.

But.....I had forgotten just one thing - I was on the mighty Facebook and FaceBook had no intention of letting me go on my little spamming spree. In no time at all a message popped up -alas I had been caught red handed!

Back to the drawing board!

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megawinner Premium
A good friendly reminder. It pays to read our posts! Thanks!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, Hilary--that would've freaked me out!

hilarybassak Premium Plus
hi Jeff spend most of my life being freaked out so I'm kinda used to that feeling 😀
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Ouch! That must have hurt but a timely reminder for us all from you Hilary.
Thanks so much for sharing this experience.

Lily 😁🎶
PMindra Premium
Hi, Hilary.
This is such an awesome share.
I Love you.

On our profile page here at WA is where we introduce ourselves and the platform that we represent here within our wealthy affiliate community.

On that same page, we are offered to list some links on "Follow Me ON" or something to that effect.

I firmly believe that if those links are allowed there, then they should be allowed as a reference when any relevant references are made to any topics being discussed here within our community.

I'm not completely sure but I think that if you can keep those links as compliant as ever, then there would never be any need to stop the progress.

Your efforts are priceless.

I, perhaps like you, have not set the price yet.

Nice post.

Thank you.

Let's see if the below is spamming.

Paul Mindra.
FKelso Premium Plus
We do need to know the spamming rules for this platform. If we have not read them, we should do so.